It was disconcerting to say the least, seeing Tris dead. Even if it was in a glass bauble and nothing more, it still bothered Briar enough that he had to look away. What sort of magic was this? "I don't get it; you have some kind of future-sight?" He had heard of those who tried to scry into the future but normally that drove them insane and it was incredibly rare.

Keth had placed the bauble back into his rucksack at this point, wary of Tris seeing it before he returned his focus on Briar. "It's actually hard to explain, if I'm honest. It's something that happened when I first met Tris, she helped me learn how to control my magic that had to do with lightening but somehow my globes were capable of seeing into the future. I can't really elaborate on it more than that." Besides, was that really what was important here? "I set out for Lightsbridge as soon as I saw this. I don't know how it happens but I won't let it." He had a determination in his voice that denoted loyalty to his teacher…or maybe something more. Briar couldn't be too certain.

"How do you intend on stopping it? You don't know how it happens; maybe it happens because of you." Briar was being stubborn for no reason other than he could be, his arms crossed over his chest as he glared at the older man. He didn't need some random stranger's 'help' in protecting Tris.

Keth straightened himself, eyes narrowing at the tone. "Regardless, I am coming along with you."

"I do-" Briar was ready to entangle this guy in vines, he could feel the pull of the plants around him wanting to help out but it was stopped by Tris' sudden appearance. Apparently she was ready to get moving again and didn't appreciate their apparent pissing match. Not that she knew what it was even about but did it matter? She wouldn't let her sisters or master die because these men were acting like little boys. "Get a move on, night will be falling soon and I'd sooner find a safe place to make camp." There was no denying who was in charge of this venture and if either wanted to argue, they wouldn't be given the chance before Tris was off again.

What an infuriating woman…

Briar and Keth both sighed and returned to their horses, setting aside their differences and catching up with the fiery redhead that threatened to leave them behind. Camping was going to be interesting. Kethlun was unwanted and Tris was in a nasty mood. Briar still felt bad about what he had said to her back at the Academy but he couldn't take it back now. He just wanted her to talk to him and not in a snap-ish sort of way.