Title: Never be Normal

Authors: Duochan-the-mpregfan and Tiger of the Fire

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Chapter: 1 of we don't know

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Summary: Life seems to be okay, but when you find out you have to mate, it only gets stranger. Isn't a person meant to only have one mate? What does it mean when you've got two? What do you do when only one is the submissive? Well, three people are to find out soon.

Chapter 1

He was starting to be driven mad. It was a month into the school year and he wanted to go and pounce the submissive he had been waiting the majority of his life for. He had been able to ignore the other that was a dominate, but that was the problem, he was a dominate. He couldn't ignore the submissive forever. He paced the space of his room, trying to control himself. The other boy had pushed the submissive match that was apparently to be shared between them away. The pacing man was Severus Snape, and he was obsessing over on Harry Potter, part Fae. Being a Fae made him submissive and it was apparently the perfect match with Severus' vampire half. He wanted to go and take the boy, but there couldn't seem to be any good reason for him to do so.

He had to come up with a way for him to get Harry Potter to him, but how was the question. He paced his room once again, he held his head high and took a deep breath, and there it was Harry's scent. It was intoxicating to his vampire half. Since becoming a Fae Harry had become beautiful. He had watched the young man as he had taken his first flight; his wings were jade green with splashes of royal blue and lavender. He knew that the lavender was the color of his own aura; the royal blue belonged to Draco. The wings were beautiful, they shimmered in the sun. Severus shook his head; he could not think about that at the moment, he needed a plan to seduce Harry.

He could still catch the scent, it was getting nearer to his door and he had to wonder why it was coming towards him. There should have been no way that the scent would come nearer. He had to wonder if there was a reason that the boy would be coming closer to his room. Severus took several breaths, letting the scent waft over him. He was so tired of fighting his vampire nature and was going to give in, however it was meant to happen. A sudden knock on his door brought Severus' attention straight to it. He took slow and careful steps, gliding like always. He thanked that to being a vampire. His long pale fingers reached out and gripped the doorknob. He had to take another breath when he threw the door open. In front of him he saw Harry. The boy was still short compared to him and Draco; Harry would never be all that tall because of his submissive end. His hair was waist length and had a shine to it that was unnatural towards humans. Severus looked at Harry. "Why Mr. Potter, what brings you to my humble housing?"

Harry looked up into the dark onyx eyes of Severus Snape. Blinking several times, he stuttered, "P…Professor." Harry was confused; he was walking past the entrance of the dungeons while he went for a nighttime walk to clear his head before he went to sleep. He had caught a scent that called to the submissive inside of him and followed it. He at first had thought the scent had belonged to Draco, but it was different. He knew it belonged to his potions professor but he had thought the older wizard didn't want him, as he had made no advances towards the Fae wizard. Draco had done the same and told him to go away; it had hurt Harry to be rejected by a dominant.

Severus smiled at him. He moved aside and let Harry into the room. "Come in Mr. Potter. Come right on in." His voice took on a suggestive quality. Harry walked in, like he was in a trance. His submissive self was yelling at him to listen, though he logically knew that something was slightly off. Harry knew why he was like this. He knew his submissiveness was being called by Severus' dominance. He was in the room and heard the door closed. Harry spun around, looking straight at Severus. Severus was just leaning against the door. His teacher looked incredibly sex as his robe was slipping off of his shoulder, revealing the silk green shirt underneath the very robe.

Harry slowly walked towards the dominant wizard. His hand came up and touched Severus' cheek; he gently caressed the pale face, as he looked the man in the eyes. "Not Mr. Potter now, it's Harry," he whispered softly as he removed his hand and placed his head onto Severus' chest, hearing the frantic beating from his heart. Somewhere in his hazy mind he knew it was because the half vampire was calling for his submissive mate. "Do you want me Sir?" He breathed as he smiled at the beating heart below his ear.

Severus' hands came up and circled the young Fae. Harry felt a kiss being laid upon his head. "My heart beats for you and no one else," he said as he lifted Harry's head and kissed the soft and yielding lips. Harry brought his arms up around the Potions Master as he leaned into the kiss. They broke apart. Harry looked up once again, his trance like state now gone as the pheromones had changed when the two had kissed, sealing their relationship.

Harry just couldn't fight it any longer. He let himself be picked up by Severus and taken into the adjoining bedroom. Severus' room was done in neutral colours; the bed had lavender sheets on it. Harry's eyes drifted over to the sheets and he noticed that they fit Severus' aura. As a Fae he could see the auras of his mates. He just let Severus gently place him on the bed. Severus smiled at him and Harry could see that the man wasn't as bad looking as he normally let people think. His teeth weren't really yellow, but it was obvious that his eye teeth were pointed into fangs.

Severus leaned over Harry, placing himself to where he was on all fours over the boy. He chuckled deeply at him and lifted a hand, trailing it down Harry's side. The boy could feel the contact through his clothes, but it wasn't until Severus' cool hand went under his overly large shirt that he really noticed it. He shivered at the cool contact and wasn't sure about what was going on. His emerald eyes that were like any Fae's, a beautiful jewel quality, and they looked right at Severus' own onyx ones. Severus breathed Harry's cinnamon and orange scent in. It was enough to drive him into action, but he was determined to make this pleasant for the boy. "You need better clothing." He sat up and sat on Harry's knees. Taking the shirt in his hands, he ripped it right off of Harry's body. He threw the ripped remnants of the shirt over into a corner and took in the site of Harry's slim figure. He could see all the feminine features the boy had.

Severus leaned in and gently kissed the place where Harry's heart laid, beating rhythmically below the delicate skin. He moved up the lithe effeminate body beneath him, kissing as he went. He suckled on the neck as he felt the pulse of Harry's life blood.

Insert Lemon Scene here

Severus propped himself up and kissed Harry's cheek.

Harry's breathing slowly evened out as he came down from the height of his orgasm. He rolled onto his side to face his new lover and softly kissed the inviting lips in front of him. Severus stroked a bare hip as they kissed a few more times. Severus breathed in deep taking in Harry's rich scent. He sniffed the air around Harry again. The scent has changed, it was a subtle change, but it was there. He moved his hand to Harry's flat stomach and opened his vampiric senses wide. He smiled as he sensed the joyful creation of new life within the cavity.

Only part of their bond had taken place. They needed Draco to complete the bond between them all. Harry tilted his head as he sniffed the air around them. He noted a change around them; he dismissed it as the newly formed bond between the two. Severus smiled at Harry, seeing the sniff and the dismissal for what it actually was, he knew the young wizard would not recognize the smell and he did not want to ruin the surprise later. He then smirked as he gave a quick thought to Draco. The young Veela would be able to sense the bond that had now formed between himself and Harry. He wondered if the young Veela would finally join them and complete the bond with himself and Harry.

The Next Day, Great Hall

Harry had left early at Severus' request and was sitting at the Gryffindor table with all his friends. He was talking with them happily and he smiled as Hermione and Ron were talking to him. Neither of them had noticed his absence the previous night, as they had gone to bed before he had left the tower. Now he sat there. He was getting some odd looks from others, as he was quite hungry. Ever since he came into his Fae inheritance, he had been eating more, not that he ever appeared to gain a single pound from it. The thing that made them stare was the fact that Harry was eating quite a bit more food than had grown common for him. He ignored their stares in favour of his food. He was famished, though he didn't have a clue why.

Harry stopped eating for a moment as soon as he sensed Severus entered the Great Hall. Severus sat down at the head table and smiled clandestinely at the young man. He noted the amount of food that was piled on Harry's plate. He smirked to himself as he thought of the reason he was eating much more than he usually did. He watched as Harry turned back to his food and began to eat in earnest, as though he had not eaten in days. Severus looked around the room as he began to eat himself. He saw people watching the young Fae wizard eat, and others that ignored the Boy-Who-Lived. His eyes came to rest on a blonde Slytherin, Draco Malfoy.

Draco had been able to sense the partially completed bond between Severus and Harry almost as soon as Severus had entered the room. His silver eyes were narrowed dangerously at Severus. He had believed that the older man would have had the control to not do such a thing. He turned his attention away from Severus and looked at Harry. He had noticed the amount of food the boy was eating and was curious about it. It wasn't normal for him to eat so much food, yet there seemed to be a slight problem with this little factoid. He just continued to watch Harry, trying to see if he could sense anything off. The problem was that, since he was trying to ignore his Veela half, he wasn't able to really sense anything. He shook his head and looked back to his own food, telling himself that it wasn't worth his time to pay attention to Harry's strange eating habits.

Harry felt the eyes on him, and these did not belong to Severus. He titled his head as he sent out his senses in search of the cold eyes that bored into his back...It was Draco, the last part of the bond that had been started with Severus last night flared slightly and then disappeared along with the cold eyes that were once on him. Harry blushed as he thought about what he had done last night. It was his first time with someone in that way. He shook his head and carried on eating what was left on his plate. He felt the need to go for a fly before he went to his classes. The winds called to him for some reason. He finished his breakfast and got up from the table he shook his head saying no to Hermione and Ron when they made to get up and follow him. He looked up to the table and smiled at Severus and shrugged his shoulder showing that he wanted to spread his wings for a while.

Severus watched Harry walk out of the hall. He then looked at Draco and watched the boy glare at him. He finished the last of his food and stood up. He walked out of the hall as well and walked down to the Quidditch pitch. By the time he reached it, Harry had already unsheathed his wings and was flying around the pitch. His wings were flapping every now and then. He could see that the splashes of lavender were brighter on his wings then previously; he figured that it had something to do with their bonding. He enjoyed watching the boy fly. Like for Harry, it was freeing in a way for him as well.

Draco sat there watching Harry and then Severus leave the Great Hall, glaring as they did so. He knew how far they had gone already in their bonding. The part where he belonged was pulling at him; the only way to quench it for awhile was to see them. He just hoped the newly bonded pair wouldn't sense him. He got up from his place at the Slytherin table and followed Severus out into the fresh air and towards the Quidditch Pitch. He stopped a good distance away and felt the pull go slack as he saw Severus look up into the skies above the pitch. He looked up and saw Harry flying; he smiled unwillingly as he saw the beautiful wings flapping occasionally to keep the submissive Fae in the air. He saw the bright jade green, the royal blue that showed to him that he was part of the bond whether or not he liked it. The lavender that belonged to Severus was now brighter than before, showing to all the completion of that part of the bond. At the top of the wings he could now see some red; he knew it was not another belonging to the three-way bond. Draco's eyes went wide, that only left one thing. A child.

Draco couldn't believe what he saw when he saw the red colour. He consciously knew that there shouldn't be any children, not unless the Fae was in a fertile moment. He looked away from Harry and down at Severus. Severus was still watching Harry; he knew that Draco was there. Draco blinked several times. Draco had been taught about vampires and knew that Severus would know that Harry was pregnant the moment of conception. He had to wonder if he chose that time of fertility to make sure that it happened. That was going to be a problem for Draco. He knew that if he didn't bond with them before Harry had the child, there was a chance that he would be driven mad. He wanted to keep it at bay as much as possible, but that didn't appear to be happening.

Harry saw Severus down on the ground, watching him as he flew around the Quidditch Pitch. He felt free at the moment as he let another warm updraft take him even higher into the welcoming sky. He looked around the grounds and saw Draco watching him as well. He smiled slightly to himself; he wanted Draco to join both Severus and himself. He needed them both to make him feel whole. He closed his eyes in bliss as he glided on the updrafts, letting the gentle cares of the breeze soothe something unknown inside of him. He opened his eyes once again looking towards the castle. Red and gold came flying towards him, Fawkes. The phoenix flew along side him singing softly in reverence of the young Fae and what he unknowingly carried within him.

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