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Chapter 31

It had been two weeks since they had gone to Diagon Alley and met up with Ginny, who was now living at Malfoy Manor. She loved the manor, but missed her home with her parents; she wished every now and then that her mother wasn't so stubborn. She had taken to hiding in the library most of the day going over the books in there and redoing a lot of her homework because of the information she was finding in some of the rarer books in the Wizarding world. She was becoming a little depressed as Luna had yet to reply to her latest letter.

An owl tapped on the library window, catching Ginny's attention. She looked over at the large window and smiled. She recognized the owl that she had sent out to Luna. She opened the window and watched the owl fly in and land on the table she had been sitting in front of. Ginny watched as the owl haughtily stuck its leg out and waited for her to take the letter. Ginny reached out and took the letter. Before she could even thank the owl, it flew back out. There was a slight breeze coming in through the window, blowing a few strands of Ginny's reddish orange hair. She unrolled the parchment and began to read the words her girlfriend wrote her.

To My Sweet Ginny,

I am glad you are enjoying the benefits of being there, try and see if they have any information on the Crumple Horned Snorlack as well as the Leson Beast, a fierce creature that has a love of honey, it is said to have a body of a bird and the head of a skunk. If you find any information on them please send it as me and my father would like to find them both. Mr. Malfoy has sent me a letter inviting me to stay at the manor with you to keep you company, and I could not be more thrilled about it, I thought that I would not get to see you during the holidays, as we were trying to avoid your mother. Do not worry about her, in time she may get over that we are the way we are nothing can change that. Not even the most stubbiness person in the Wizarding and the Muggle worlds.

I will be arriving a little later today, and I can't wait to see the famed Malfoy Library, is it really as big as they say and that it goes up five floors and takes up an entire wing of the Manor?

Any my love, I will see you a little later.

Love you,


Ginny smiled and stood up. She left her school work on the table, knowing a house elf would put it in her room. She ran out of the room. She had to go talk to Ron or anybody. Ginny was happier than just about anybody around. In her running, she didn't realize that someone got in her path. This caused her to crash into the person. Ginny shook her head to see who she had knocked over. Once she was positive that her head hadn't been hurt, she saw that it was one Professor Snape. He didn't look too thrilled with having been knocked over. In fact, he was scowling at her. She could guess it had something to do with Harry, as the pregnant Fae had been driving both his mates up the wall recently.

"I am so sorry professor, I was a little over excited as you see, Luna just wrote to me, it seems as though Mr. Malfoy has been kind enough to ask her to come over here for a while and to stay with me, I just wanted to find him and tell him thank you. I know he didn't have to do anything, but I am so happy he did. How are you and how is Harry? I know that he is more than likely a handful, but he is so cute now that he is showing. He looks adorable. Congratulations to you all though. I can't wait until the baby is here, same with Ron I know he has began to feel things as well, he looks a little off kilt at the moment, well whenever it happens anyway." The excited witch babbled to the shocked potions master that just stood there looking at her, blinking at the gush of words that spilled from her mouth.

Severus held up his hand, immediately stopping the tirade from Ginny's mouth. "For one thing, calm down. You do not need to babble incessantly. As for Harry's state, he's doing quite well. Yes, he is a handful, more so then the last time." He then shook his head and stepped around her. "Lucius is in the parlour." He then walked off in the direction he had originally been heading. Ginny watched him leave, but quickly took off running once again. She was still excited. Happiness filled her, and she didn't run into anybody else between Severus and the parlour. That helped a slight bit.

She saw that the parlour door was open and that Lucius was sitting in a chair, reading a book that he had gotten at a Muggle market; Harry and Ron had dragged him to one two days ago. She burst into the room and jumped at the older man and continuously said, "Thank you" over and over again. Lucius, shocked at the sudden entrance, had dropped his book and caught the over zealous redhead when she had landed in his lap. He pulled her back so he could see the happiness that was evident with her face. "Thank you Lucius for inviting her here," she added as she came face to face with the older wizard.

Lucius sat there for a moment to remind himself why Ginny would be thanking him. It took him almost no time to realize that she meant Luna. When he did, he nodded. "It was not a problem." Ginny managed to get out of Lucius' grip and give him another hug. Lucius blinked a bit and noticed that a certain other redhead walked into the room, his eyebrow raised at the scene that was taking place in front of him. He was definitely curious as to why his little sister was hugging his husband. Lucius just gave Ron a look saying, 'help me.' Ron shook his head. He enjoyed what was happening.

"Hello Lucius, Ginny," Ron greeted the two. He was smiling, watching his husband squirm as he held Ginny on his lap; it was quiet amusing for the pregnant teen to watch as his baby sister make him uncomfortable. "Ginny may I ask what has got you in such a hyper mood?" he asked the young red headed witch.

Ginny looked at him and smiled. "Lucius is letting Luna come over. She's visiting today." She got off Lucius, knowing that's probably where Ron wanted to sit. Ron walked up, but didn't make a move to sit down. He could only smile and shake his head. He carefully leaned over and kissed Lucius' cheek. Lucius raised an eyebrow. He was wondering why Ron didn't come to his rescue.

"That's nice to hear, thank you for doing that Lucius," Ron said as he looked at his husband. "You know what Ginny, you have never told me how you and Luna got together, would you like to tell me, or do you want to do that another time?" he asked his little sister. He was a little protective of her, but knew that she had to make her own choices in life. Lucius looked at his redheaded husband and frowned, wondering if he had done something to be in the dog house as he was mainly being ignored by the younger wizard.

Ginny laughed. "We got together last year. Luna and I were both in the library studying. I don't really know what happened, but one second I'm sitting working on my transfiguration work and the next I'm being kissed by Luna." She shrugged. Sure it wasn't a glamorous story, but it was how it happened. Ron only nodded and sat down on Lucius' lap. Of course, it was mainly because his back was beginning to feel sore. Lucius took the opportunity to wrap his arms around Ron. He at least had the boy's attention.

"Well at least she knew who she wanted and went after them in a timeless manner of just kissing them to see if they feel the same way," Lucius said with a smile. "As for me and your brother, well it took a while to get him just to come on a dinner date with me, though it turned out to be more than just a dinner date in the end, but I don't mind in the least," he told his sister-in-law as she sat down on the couch opposite them both.

Ron looked at Lucius and shook his head. "Ginny, I need to talk to Lucius for a bit." Ginny got the idea and walked out of the room. Lucius gave Ron a look, wondering what it was the two needed to speak about. Ron was silent, not forthcoming with any information. Ron's hands came to settle on his stomach, almost as if it was upset. He was thinking over the words he had to share with the man he loved. He looked into Lucius' silver eyes and let out a slow breath. "Remember how I had an appointment with Madam Pomfrey today?" Lucius nodded. Ron stopped there and waited another moment. "Well, it turns out I'm having twins."

Lucius' jaw dropped in shock, Ron took that as though the news was not welcome, and he got up off of Lucius lap. "Twins. Never in all the Malfoy history have we had twins, never. This is wonderful news Ron, wonderful," Lucius said as he got up and once again wrapped his arms around his husband waist and laid his hand on the rounding stomach where his children lay. "The Malfoy family has only had one child every generation, when I first found out you were pregnant I could not be happier, with twins, I don't think anything could top this. There is only one curse plaguing the Malfoy family and that is children of my line are always male, there have been no female Malfoy's in 11 generations."

Ron looked at Lucius and smiled. He leaned into him and kissed him. He laid his head on Lucius' shoulder. "I'm glad you're happy. But…I am a Weasley, and they seemed to be cursed with fertility." He chuckled slightly at that. Lucius only shook his head and continued to hold onto Ron. He liked how well the younger man fit into his arms. This was one of those moments where happiness just rolled off of them in waves. He kissed Ron on the forehead and let himself be held in the loving embrace.

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