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Chapter 37

A month had passed and little Mirari was growing in leaps and bounds, just like all infants. Harry loved to look at the little girl. Conner and Aislin had just as much attention as Mirari, and that wasn't a hard thing for Harry to accomplish. Draco helped him when Severus was teaching. The young Malfoy had taken to being a father to his own child easily, but he had almost two months of experience before he got Harry pregnant. That made it easier for when his own daughter came around. At this particular moment, Harry sat out by the lake showing Mirari the giant squid. Ginny was sitting next to him. She loved watching Harry interact with his children.

She smiled as Harry rocked little Mirari, the little girl was staring at her 'Mother'. "I can't wait until I have children of my own. I've always wanted kids, me and Luna plan to start our own family in a couple of years, so we have money and that for them. We want to have two or three kids. Though if further down the line we want more we will. Luna hated being an only child, I can't understand why, but then I can, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have all my brothers around," she said as she watched one of the squids tentacles come out of the water waving.

Harry smiled a bit. "Being an only child means that you can get a lot of attention, but that also means you can get the unwanted attention." He tickled Mirari's stomach lightly. She made a giggling noise and looked up at Harry, her big eyes just starting to change from the typical newborn blue to a vivid silver, just like her fathers. Ginny watched him. She couldn't wait for children of her own, but understood the reason why. She wasn't like Harry and Ron, she didn't have someone with the major financial means. It meant waiting, but she figured it would make it all the better.

"I suppose you are right in that Harry." She smiled. "I am not even sure what I am going to be doing after school has finished, I was thinking about going into medi-witchery. I know Luna is taking over from her father at the Quibbler. Do you have any suggestions Harry?" she asked as she watched Mirari reach out to grab something.

Harry took her hand and kept her from grabbing his long hair. He thought silently for a moment. "Well, you should just do what you want. I mean, I was going to be an Auror for a while, but decided that I didn't want to. I then came up with the idea of a Wizarding day care. It would allow parents to get away for a bit, let children interact with someone other than their parents or house elves and even do some schooling. Professor Dumbledore, Severus and Draco helped me flesh this idea out. I'm happiest when I'm with children." He tickled Mirari's stomach and watched her giggle. She shifted in his arms, he was careful to make sure she didn't fall.

Ginny looked out at the lake for a few minutes, thinking about what Harry had said. "Do you think I could work there with you? I could help teach the children. I'm always helping the younger ones at school with their homework." She looked over at him, listening to Mirari giggle as Harry kept tickling her stomach.

Harry looked at her and nodded. "Of course, the more the merrier." He smiled at Mirari and saw her eyes droop. She was beginning to fall asleep. He looked at Ginny and stood up. "Come on, let's go inside. But you can help teach. There might not be many children in the beginning, but you can help in any way." Both Ginny and Harry began their trek back to the school. He looked up and happened to see Draco and Severus already there. He rolled his eyes. It was one of those times that Harry could have said that he was never alone.

"Hey Harry," Draco said as he walked forwards to meet the three of them. "Did Mirari enjoy meeting the giant squid?" Draco had become a little worried about Mirari being outdoors in case something happened to her, while he loved Aislin and Conner like his own, she was his daughter as well and he had almost lost her.

Harry nodded. "She did, for about ten seconds when her attention went elsewhere." He handed Mirari to Draco. He knew that Draco would want to check over everything, make sure all her fingers and toes were there, that nothing had happened. Harry would just roll his eyes and shake his head. It was the truth of the matter, the young veela was overprotective to the extreme, but Harry found it greatly amusing and he loved it about Draco anyways. Draco began to look his little daughter over in every single possible way, short of dressing her on the chilled October afternoon.

"Hello Ginny, how had you been doing?" Severus asked her, he had stopped calling her by her last name as the last time he had did it she had thrown her favorite hex at him, her bat bogy hex. Draco finished looking over Mirari and they began to walk into the school.

Ginny smiled. "I'm fine. Harry and I were just talking about what Luna and I would do after school gets done." Harry quickly followed Draco to keep him from doing something to Mirari. Severus nodded and led Ginny into the building. "They're bad about that, aren't they?" She was referring to Draco's over protectiveness of Mirari and Harry's trying to keep her in sight. Severus nodded, but he knew why and it made sense to him. Ginny had it explained to her, but that didn't stop the likely confusion that would probably ensue otherwise.

"You will be an aunt soon. Looking forward to it?" Severus asked her, he was unsure of how to talk with her, as she was still his student. "I know Ron and Lucius are all excited about it, even though Lucius has gone through this before," he added as they watched Harry walk along side Draco as they talked about Mirari.

Ginny nodded. "I am." She watched them talking. "And I already am, Fleur. And with Harry's, I semi-am." Severus nodded in reply. They reached the dungeon rooms and watched as Draco tickled his daughter. She giggled and this caused Harry to smile softly at her. Ginny stopped walking. "I'm going to go now; I got my time with Harry. I'll see Ron later, he promised. Bye." She then ran off before anybody could say anything else. Severus joined the three and opened the door to their rooms, where Lucius and Ron had appeared to take up residence. Lucius claimed it was to let Ron and Harry be near each other, they all figured it had something to do with his little granddaughter.

"Severus where has Ginny run off to? She was supposed to come with me for a while. I wanted to talk with her about something," Ron said as both he and Lucius looked at the dark haired vampire. "I know that she has been a little down recently, she doesn't know what she wants to do after Hogwarts. She doesn't have the large family backing her now. She always had that to fall on," Ron added quietly.

Harry looked at him. "Oh, she's found something to do. She's going to help out at my daycare." He smiled and took Mirari from Draco and went to put her down. Draco followed him. Draco had been acting like a Veela in heat with his watching of Harry. Severus only rolled his eyes. He sat down on the couch, waiting for the other two to return; though he got the feeling it wouldn't be for a while. It was one of those moments that having a younger mate could be very much a pain. He loved them anyways, but that didn't stop the annoyance factor.

"How is your pregnancy progressing Ron?" Severus asked the young wizard. Ron very rarely talked about his pregnancy. "How long left to go?" He wasn't sure how long he had left of his pregnancy, he thought the young man to be around seven months, maybe eight. So the baby was due soon. He didn't know the date, as they had never told anyone, except Harry.

Ron looked at him. "Not long, a couple more months." He didn't give much information, even Lucius wasn't too sure. Harry and Draco came back a few moments later, Harry playfully shoving Draco off of him. Severus could only shake his head at their antics. The two were acting like such children. Draco stuck his tongue out at Harry only pulled on it with his fingers and began running as Draco had no choice, but to follow him. He only stopped when Severus reach out and pulled him down. Harry yelped and fell into Severus' lap and Draco spilled onto the ground, much to everyone else's amusement.

"Ouch," Draco said as he sat up and rubbed his nose. "Thank you Severus." He scowled as he looked at the smiling vampire, and the happy little Fae giggling on his lap. He got up off the floor and went over to the couch and plopped down on it. "It was not funny." He scowled at them all as they continued to laugh and giggle at his little spill.

Ron was laughing hard. "Of course it is, it's not often you see a Malfoy fall over so gracelessly." He didn't get a chance to say more as Lucius covered his mouth with his hand. He gave Ron a glare. Ron only gave innocent eyes as Lucius quickly pulled his hand back and rubbed it all over Ron's pants. The pregnant man had licked his hand. Ron smiled widely. Harry started to giggle more at the interaction between the two. Draco crossed his arms like a baby. He was one of those people that didn't like being humiliated as he saw it. Being pulled onto the floor was apparently something humiliating for him.

"So what happened to our dear Lucius Malfoy to make him fall over with his usual grace?" Harry said in between giggles. He had already heard the story from Ron a few days ago while the two were left alone. He knew that Draco hated being made to be seen in a humiliating way, and knew that the story would cheer up his veela mate.

Lucius glared at Ron, telling him not to tell. Ron only smiled and laughed. "Oh, nothing much. Apparently Lucius didn't see the toys that were left on the floor from Conner and Aislin." Draco looked at his father. Lucius had NEVER tripped over a toy before. He began laughing at the very thought of Lucius tripping over something so inconsequential as a child's play toy. Lucius only scowled at Draco's laugh. He did not appreciate being a part of the joke. He scowled darkly at the younger Malfoy. Draco only gave him a cheeky smile.

"I love you too father," Draco said with a cheeky grin on his face. "It made what happened to me so… so trivial after what you did, at least my little trip was cause by Severus, yours was caused by not watching where you were going," he added as he began laughing again.

Lucius continued to glare. "Shut it you little whelp." This just made everyone crack up. They couldn't help laughing, the poor older man was in a bind and out numbered. Sadly, poor Lucius couldn't escape his fate. Ron got up at last and walked off to go rest. He needed a lot of rest recently, though that was normal and nothing to worry about. Harry smiled as Ron walked off. He knew what that was like, so it was nice to see that he wasn't the only one that happened to be experiencing the little problem known as being tired. He felt a little sorry for Ron when his twin boys were born.

"I think I am going to join Ron for a while," Harry said as he got up from Severus lap, giving the older a kiss. He then went over to Draco and did the same, with a smile he left the three fathers alone to talk. "Hey Ron, you don't mind me joining you," he said as he saw Ron lying on the bed in the room Lucius and Ron had taken for their own. Ron just smiled and patted the bed. Harry lay down with his heart brother and watched as Ron fell to sleep. He smiled and then joined him in sleep.

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