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It had been over two years since Thane and Acacius had been born. Harry had given birth to four more children, one set of twin girls, Severus was their father, and another boy and a girl on separate occasions, Draco was the two boy's father. Harry loved all eight of his children, though he hated the fact that he had been pregnant six times within the last four years and had given birth to eight children, beating the Weasley record. While Ron had another son during that time and was once again pregnant with twin boys. Lucius and Ron were a little down that they still hadn't had any girls yet, but they loved their three sons, and the two up and coming arrivals.

Ginny and Luna had gotten married right out of school and had helped him finish setting up his daycare. It had been up and running for the last three years. If it hadn't been for his mates and family, it would have taken even longer to start up his daycare. Luckily, Harry was receiving a break from being pregnant and that made him happy. His oldest were three. At this particular moment, he was sitting there with Ron, watching him sit with his hand on his stomach. He held onto his youngest, a girl by the name of Inari. She had been a near miss for them. Harry had accidentally been knocked over while at the daycare one day and nearly lost her to where she was born a month and a half early. Everyone had almost had heart attacks when they found that out. After about twenty-six hours, Harry had naturally given birth to the little girl.

Ron's youngest, Eron was playing with some Muggle blocks that Harry had gotten the little boy on his first birthday a week ago. Harry's own children were in daycare, giving him a little bit of a break. The twin girls, Nadie and Esme, were now one and a half, born exactly six months after Thane and Acacius. Jason, was on the same day as Eron, but he had preferred to go with Ginny so he could play with the other children. Raven was seven months old and was with his father, Draco, who doted on him just like he doted on the other seven children. "Looking forward to the twin's birth?" Harry asked as he remembered back to when he first asked this question when Ron was pregnant with Thane and Acacius.

Ron laughed. "Yes, this time I'm actually ready for it." He rubbed his stomach again and watched as little Inari began to try and pull out of Harry's arms, which wasn't working too well. The Fae had a good hold on his little daughter. She made a noise and Harry began tickling her. Severus was in his potions lab and was trying to develop something that would make it ten times harder to get Harry pregnant. Inari had been completely unexpected, as they had been using contraceptives at the time. He wanted to try and figure out a solution that would make it easier for them to have sex without having to worry about getting Harry pregnant. They had no issue with him being pregnant, but Harry did say he wanted some time between his children. He shifted Inari and kissed her forehead, listening to her giggle. Ron smiled. "Glad to have a break?"

Harry laughed and answered with a grin. "I love being pregnant, I love the feel of a little life inside of me. But then again, I hate the bloated feeling, the cravings, morning sickness, waddling around the place. I know people laugh at me at times. Oh and the times when they decided its play time when I am trying to sleep. But when it is over and I hold them in my arms for the first time, I know that I don't care about any of the bad things that come with being pregnant."

Ron smiled. "I feel the same way, but I've also managed some breaks between the children, you haven't gotten very long." Harry nodded in agreement and tickled Inari. She giggled and took a hold of his finger. He watched as she stuck it in her mouth and he smiled. She was purely innocent. Ron looked at her wistfully. He really wanted a daughter. Harry saw the look and handed her to him. Ron smiled and held her. She stared up at him with Severus' black eyes. "She's so beautiful Harry; I still want a little girl." Harry knew that Weasleys were famous for boys; Ginny was the first girl in many generations. She was special, but he understood that Ron wanted a girl in the mix as well.

"You will have a daughter Ron, it may take a couple more sons, but you will get there," Harry said, sure of what he had told his friend and heart brother. "She has Draco and Severus wrapped around her finger and she is only two months old. All she has to do is give a little whimper and they are both there trying to out do each other in what she may want. She doesn't even realise it." Harry laughed as he watched the little girl grab a hold of Ron's finger.

Ron smiled at her and let her have his finger. "Well, she is adorable." He watched as she shook his finger; he let her play with it. It was that moment that a very much blue haired Draco came into the room. Little Raven was giggling and holding onto his father. Draco had a scowl firmly planted on his face. It appeared that little Raven had taken after his brother Conner in changing hair colours, though he preferred turning Severus a vivid green colour with purple polka dots. Severus didn't appreciate the little boy's artistic eye with skin colours. Harry couldn't help laughing at how Draco looked with blue hair.

"Once again the little tyke has changed my hair, as of course you can see. We will have to try and dissuade him from this habit, just like we did with Conner. I swear this comes from the Potter gene," Draco grumbled as Raven pulled on his father's blue locks. Harry held out his arms for his son, which Draco handed him over gladly after detangling Raven's hand from his hair. "Now I will have to wait until it fades away again. This is the fourth different colour this week," he complained as he sat down in one of the empty chairs.

Harry giggled and had Raven sitting in his lap, his hand on Raven's back to keep him sitting up. Raven was babbling and looking at Inari. She made a noise and snuggled into Ron more. Raven hugged Harry. The young Fae sighed and shook his head. He never figured that he would have the ability to deal with children fighting over him. That turned out to be untrue as he had gotten quite use to it. He smiled at both of them and hugged them each in their own way. He then looked at Draco and tried not to laugh once again. Draco only glared back in response, he didn't like being laughed at; however he didn't look bad in blue.


Ginny and Luna sat in their living room smiling as Ginny held their first child. They had found a way to incorporate their genes together to make a child of their own. Ginny had carried the baby girl, who still had no name, after being born almost a week ago. They could not decide on a name. They were both twenty, and Ginny was happy working in the daycare centre, while Luna was happy working at the Quibbler. Harry was once again pregnant, with one child. Ron had twin boys nine months ago, bringing his total number of kids up to five. Their baby girl had tuffs of white blond hair like her mother Luna. Her eyes were a bright blue, and looked to stay that way.

Ginny tickled the little girl's stomach, earning a soft giggle from her. She looked at Luna and handed her the little girl. Luna smiled as well, her dreamy, far off smile. She hadn't changed much in all the time they had known each other. Ginny had no problem with that, she absolutely loved the woman next to her and hoped she never lost that quality. She laughed as Luna's finger ended up in the baby's mouth. "How about we name her Paige?" Luna looked at Ginny, her eyes staring at Ginny with all the love she felt towards the red head woman. She smiled a moment later. Ginny could only assume that it meant yes, but she was going to be careful.

"I dread the day when all of our children go to Hogwarts, they will cause trouble, you do know that don't you. Conner and Raven have already shown that they are pranksters." Luna smiled, as she rocked the little girl in her arms.

Ginny nodded in response. "I know." She watched as the little girl fell asleep in Luna's arms. Luna smiled and stood up. She walked over to the room that the little girl slept in and set her in the crib. Ginny had followed and was leaning against the door. Luna smiled at the young woman that she had married. Walking over to her, she pulled her into her arms. People didn't often realize this about Luna, but she was very much the dominate of a relationship. It was obvious why she was a lesbian, she could never be happy with a man dominating her. Ginny gave Luna a long and loving kiss.

"Let's go rest for a while; I know that the next few night are going to be just as hectic as they have been, with late night feeds and changes," Luna said as she pulled her wife towards the door, which joined their bedroom with the nursery. Ginny smiled and joined hands as they walked out of the nursery and into the bedroom, they lay down on the bed and Luna pulled her younger lover close and watched as Ginny slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.


Harry had given birth to a little boy, this one was Draco's. Draco was smirking as the child inherited the Malfoy family hair. Severus only hit Draco over the head at that comment. The little boy had been named Taliesin. This had been a year ago, and Harry had managed to keep from being pregnant again. Ron was the same. The only problem was that Hermione had been released from jail. She was so crazy however, that she ended up only committed to St. Mungo's a week later. Harry currently sat with little Taliesin, playing a little game of patty-cake. Inari was watching them, giggling. Harry admitted that his children were getting older quite fast, but that wasn't a big deal to him at all.

When Harry had heard the news of her release he had panicked, he had feared that she would try and come after his children. After her release she had been taken to her family, who had her seen to and was found that she had lost her mind while she was in Azkaban, the doctors were hopeful that she might recover one day. Harry hoped that if she did, that she would have a little more sense.

Harry was glad that she hadn't gotten to him though, he wanted his family safe. He looked at Ginny's little girl, the year old child was giggling like mad as she had a colorful toy dangled in front of her. She tried to reach for it, but it kept being pulled out of her reach. Ron had taken to his little niece like nothing else. He absolutely loved the little girl and enjoyed spending time with her. He loved spending time with his nieces and nephews from Harry and he loved little Paige. Harry looked down at Taliesin and noticed his attention had ended up on the door. In the door stood Lucius, Taliesin reached out for Lucius, making noises that he only made when grandpa was around. Harry smiled and stood up.

"Hello Lucius," Harry greeted his father-in-law, as he watched Lucius walk into the room and over to the grunting little boy and picked him up. Lucius tickled the little boy and heard the peals of laughter come from little Taliesin.

Lucius smiled at Taliesin and then looked at Harry. "Good afternoon Harry." Taliesin reached out and grabbed a hold of Lucius' hair and tugged on it. Lucius winced and attempted to remove the little boy's hand from his hair, that was difficult, as the boy appeared to be strong for his age. Harry helped Lucius remove the tiny hand that had grabbed a hold of his hair. Taliesin's eyes began to water as he was made to stop tugging on his grandfather's hair. Harry quickly took him from Lucius and rocked the little boy, attempting to stave off the crying fit that was about to come.

"Sorry Lucius, he has a habit of either changing people's hair colour or tugging on the hair until it comes out." Harry smiled; the little boy had taken after Conner and Raven. "He definitely has the marauders genes like Conner and Raven do, though Esme is getting in on the act and turned Draco's hair bright orange yesterday. It wouldn't have been bad if Conner hadn't helped out and turn his hair a nasty shade of lime green."

Lucius shook his head. "It's okay. He's still my grandson, even if he pulls my hair out." He shook his head and saw Inari reach out for him. He smiled and took her. Out of all the kids, she was the most well-behaved. This made holding her a lot easier. Lucius went and sat down next to Ron and smiled at the little girl. He saw her take his finger and hold onto it, even though she was sitting up in his arms. She looked at Lucius and giggled. Sure she wasn't Draco's, but that didn't stop Lucius from basically letting them all call him grandpa. Nobody could figure out how come Lucius let them do that, when he was so much known as father to Draco.


It had been almost seven years since the scene on Platform nine and three quarters. Molly Weasley had the time to think of her youngest son and her only daughter, and she missed them both. Arthur had left her for a while after he found out what she did, and had tried to get in contact with his son and daughter, but the letters and fire calls were never returned. The two had gotten back together, and agreed not to talk about either Ron or Ginny, but neither could help think about them and how they were doing. The two parents knew that their twin sons, Fred and George were still talking to Ginny and Ron on occasions. But they had never told their mother or father what was going on.

Where as Ginny and Ron did miss their parents, but couldn't go back. They thought their parents hated them for falling in love with who they did. Ron was busy taking care of his children. Ginny and Luna were expecting another, Ginny was carrying this one on the basis that they agreed that Luna needed to spend her time at work. There was a difference in their jobs, and Ginny's was easier to do with a pregnancy, Harry had proved that. This didn't stop the wishing that they could possibly be with their parents, but that was all they could do. Ginny and Ron happened to be out in Diagon Alley alone for the day, not having much time to spend with just each other.

Ron and Ginny were coming out of Flourish and Blots, Harry wanted a few new story books for the day care centre that had just come out. "Ginny? Ron?" a voice said behind them, it trembled slightly in hope. The two turned around and came face to face with their mother. "Oh Ginny, Ron I am so sorry for everything," she said as a few tears fell down her face. "I don't care whom you are with, I know that now. I hope you have been happy. Arthur tried sending you letters, but you returned them unopened," she added as she took a step towards them.

Ron held onto Ginny. He was mostly protective of his sister. "I don't care what you said to me, it hurt yes, but what you said to Harry and Ginny hurt more." Ginny looked at Molly. She had a hurt look in her eyes. She had been hurt by what her mother had said. It was those words that made her send those letters back. She hadn't wanted to hear it mirrored by her own father. Ron was looking at his sister pressing her pregnant body into his side. She wasn't even able to look at Molly.

"I am sorry my children. I failed, I hurt you like no mother should and for that I beg of your forgiveness. I love you both, and I don't care. I want you both to know that I love you so much, and I made a terrible mistake. Give Harry my love as well. Tell him I am sorry and I hope that his children are well, as are both of yours," she said, her voice trembling and her smile wobbling slightly as she talked to her children.

Ron looked at her. He then looked at Ginny. "We'll talk to you if we've forgiven you. It's not just us that can make this decision, it's Harry." Ginny nodded in agreement. Ron then led her off to leave the tea shop. He looked at his little sister. "Are you going to be alright Ginny?" His little sister looked up at him and nodded.


"Severus! Draco! Where are you both?" Harry yelled as he stormed through Fae Manor, he had just found out he was two months pregnant, with triplets and he was not happy. Severus could have told him that he was pregnant as soon as it happened. But oh no, Severus didn't mention it. He was not happy. "Where are those two idiots? Severus especially," he said as he walked through the place. It was only seven months since Ginny had given birth to her and Luna's second child. He hoped he would not have to deal with this for a little while longer, he was enjoying the break.

Severus and Draco were out back in the yard. It was just the beginning of spring. They had heard Harry yell and Severus looked at Draco with wide eyes. The boy was mad, that much was obvious. Draco looked at Severus. "You deal with it. It's your fault." Draco knew on the basis that Severus had let it slip to him. He had hoped that Harry wouldn't figure it out, not that it wasn't hard with the fact that his pregnancies weren't normal length for a person as it was. Draco smiled and instantly took off for the gardens, right as Harry came out of the house and grabbed a hold of Severus.

Severus Alathian Snape I am going to kill you!" Harry yelled in his face. "I can't believe you never mentioned it to me. Why? Why did you make me have to figure it our for myself?" he added as he pouted. "I'm pregnant with TRIPLETS!" he then shouted as he pushed Severus away and went to go back inside the manor.

Severus caught Harry and wrapped his arms around him. Despite how much Harry wanted to be mad, he couldn't be once Severus had his arms around him. He kissed the top of Harry's head. Severus held him silently for several moments. No words were shared between them, it was just silence. Harry tried not to cry. He didn't like the truth being kept from him; this was like all those years ago. Severus only continued to hold Harry. He rocked him slightly. This caused Harry to begin crying. Severus just held him and rocked him as the young Fae cried.

"Why didn't you tell me Severus?" Harry asked his mate as he was rocked gently. He hiccupped a few times as he stopped crying. He didn't understand why Severus never told him that he was pregnant.

Severus sighed. "I didn't want you mad at me, look how well that worked out. He shook his head and made Harry look at him. "I didn't mean to not tell you, I just figured that you would be happier not knowing." He kissed Harry's forehead, the boy smiled at him. He still loved how much Severus cared for him. He was at least glad that Severus could admit the truth…Eventually. That was one piece that he loved about the man.

"It would have been nice to know, so I could be more prepared. I only have four months now till the birth, which is not long at all. We'll have to tell everyone, and get the nursery set up for three babies this time. There is a possibility that I could have them early, again. Three, I don't know what they are, I didn't ask when she scanned me," he told his mate as he leaned his head against Severus' strong shoulder.

Severus held him and kissed his forehead. He picked Harry up into his arms and carried him into the house. He kissed the Fae on the head. "It will be alright my darling fae." Harry smiled and snuggled into Harry. Draco had walked up to them and followed them inside. He noticed that Harry seemed quite tired. That was likely very normal.


It had been thirty years since Harry had the surprise triplets. Since then he had another six children, the last was almost seven years ago. Ron had another three sons; the youngest was now entering Hogwarts for the first time. Ron had been a little moody recently and Severus had told the young red head that he was pregnant. Ron had been excited about the prospect of having another child. He had gone to find out what he was having as Severus had mentioned that he was having more than one child.

Ron had discovered, thanks to the new Hogwarts medi-witch that they used, that he was having triplets. That wasn't what shocked him though. It was the fact that he was having three girls. He and Lucius had been attempting to have a girl for years, but it hadn't happened, until now that was. At that particular moment he walked back into Malfoy Manor, attempting to figure out how to break the news to Lucius. It was happy news, yes, but Ron wasn't too keen on the whole idea of getting spun around. In fact, the very thought of it made him sick.

Ron walked into the Manor and came face to face with Lucius. "Well Ron, what did she say? Is it boys again?" he asked as he walked forwards and held Ron close to him. "Well are you just going to stay silent or are you going to tell me if we got our wish yet?" he said a little impatient.

Ron buried his face into Lucius' chest and rubbed it against the upper part. That got Lucius to stop. He then looked up at Lucius. "Why should I tell you? I could just torture you." He kissed Lucius and pulled out of his chest, smiling. He then walked up to the stairs to his and Lucius' bedroom. Lucius followed him, knowing that Ron was being stubborn for a reason. He hoped that the reason was something he wanted to hear. Yet, that could just be him hoping for all he knew.

"Please my love will you tell me the secret you hold so dear, and let me share in the joyous news that you know and I don't," he pleaded as best as he could, hoping it would work and that Ron would tell him if he was expecting boys, or maybe, just maybe a girl in the mix. He kissed Ron gently. "So my precious love?"

Ron appeared to think about his answer. He whistled softly. He then looked at Lucius. "It's triplets." That's all he said. Lucius looked at him, trying to make him say more. Ron rubbed his stomach and let Lucius touch it. He didn't divulge the secret of it being three girls. He just sat there, snuggled into Lucius, and most likely annoying the hell out of him with the hidden information on the gender of their newest additions. He kissed Lucius' cheek sweetly.

Lucius smiled. "Three little boys to welcome into the family soon. We should get the nursery done up again, it has been ten years since it was last used," he said as he held Ron close and kissed the top of the red head.


The nurse came out of the medical ward and smiled at Lucius. "Your husband is perfectly fine, he's healthy and so are your three little girls." Lucius stared at her for several moments. He thought she was stark raving mad. The woman said three little girls. Ron was expecting three boys, not three girls. He stared at the room she had come out of a moment before and then stared at it in silence. Ron would have known the genders, meaning he knew that the woman was right. He looked over at Harry, Draco and Severus. They had all come for the birth of Ron's latest children.

Lucius looked over at his son and son-in-laws; all three were smirking at him. "You knew he was having girls and not boys?" he asked them, getting three nods in return. "Why didn't he tell me?" he whispered as he looked towards the door where his mate and children lay waiting for him.

Harry smiled. "He wanted it to be surprised." Lucius nodded and walked into the room and saw Ron holding one of the three girls, the other two resting on his legs. He smiled at the sight. Making his way towards the bed, he sat in the empty chair. Ron looked at him and smiled. He got Lucius to take one of the little girls. Lucius looked down at her in complete awe. He hadn't expected this, and to him, she looked like the perfect little angel. Then there was the fact that they were three perfect little angels in front of him. He looked at Ron and smiled again, his silent thanks for the beautiful girls. They had tried hard and instead of one girl, they got three.

"I never thought we would ever have three girls. I would have been happy with just one. Three little miracles, the Malfoy curse is well and truly broken. I know Draco and Harry have had a few girls, it just that I never thought we would. I know the Weasleys have the same type of curse, and that a girl is rare in your family. Only four had been born in the last thirty years, not including ours," Lucius said as he smiled down at the little girl he held in his arms.

The End

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