yo people this is a new fic that i am working on called into the unknown; just a bit of fun so no flames, anyways i claim no rights to the naruto show or its characters.



He equated that to the fact that his headband had been pulled over his eyes.

A horrible taste.

It tasted like leather, he assumed a leather belt had been wrapped around his face where his mouth was. Leaving a strong discomfort in its wake as it pulled against the sides of his face, and locked his head in place against the wooden poll which his back was tied to.

His arms ached.

They had been pulled back and tied back to back behind the post he had come to know, his elbows were tied tightly together, and his middle fingers as well; the rest of his fingers including his thumbs had been tied with a few individual wires to the wrists of the hands which they belonged. Whoever he was at the mercy of, he knew they were no amateurs.

He was left without weapons.

Not even his jounin vest was left behind, his kunai pouch that previously sat on his side was gone, leaving only the tape that was under it on his leg. And, if it wasn't for the irritation of the belt that was latched to his face he would have probably noted how wierd it felt not to have his usual senbon in his mouth.

These were the things he understood.

Genma probed his mind to remember the events that lead to him being in this situation. He remembered the mission that the hokage had sent him and four other jounin on, some wannabe criminal had stollen a few files from konoha. Nothing extreemly problematic, so anbu was not needed; though if they had been the situation probably would have gone a little smoother. They had chased the criminal all the way to the borders of fire country and beyond, truthfully they weren't supposed to, but they were so close to him that against better judgement they didn't turn back and call for anbu.

Hell, they chased the guy so far that they found themselves in the middle of a territory that wasn't even on a map. But, they had caught him, and were on their way back when...that was it... they had been ambushed, he remembered it now. The enemy had suprised them from above whiping out two of them in one swoop; he and the remaining jounin thought they had been trying to save the theif that his team had been tracking; but to their suprise it hadn't been the case. To the contrary and their amazement, the third person to be killed had been the theif and not one of them. Though, what was the most astonishing thing of all had been the fact that not even once did they see their attackers. Not even once.

Suddonly the sound of fabric rustling, and the rythmic crunching of the dirt surrounding the area; jutted him from his thoughts. His body tensed as he listened intently, then as quickly as the noise had come, it stopped.


Whoever was in the room with him didn't make a sound, all he could hear was the insistant banging of his heart in his ears. Now Genma was not a man that would easilly be frightened, he was quite the opposite, but taking into acount his utter helplessness at the moment, and the complete mystery of his captor which lingered in the room with him; he felt he had a right to be a little on edge.

total silence.

Seconds turned to minutes that he and his captor remained in silence, like the calm before the storm, it was unnerving. He wasn't sure what this person was doing in all this quiet, observing him was his best guess, but what he wanted to know was...why? Why was he alive? Why didn't they just kill him instead of taking him hostage? and most importantly what did they want from him? Then he heard it.

scraping noises.

The sound of a blade of somesort dragging slowly across a wooden table met his ears, causing a few small beads of sweat to form on his face. He could swear he also heard his tormentor scoff, but that was the least of his worries.


He listened as they started to move.


the sound got louder.


and louder.


and louder still.


They stopped. The hairs on the back of his neck bristled, he could tell, he could feel it; they were right beside him.