third commentary...cause I can, and they keep my mind on the story, really they do, it's amazing. Besides I can't constantly right fight and torture scenes they hurt my brain. XD


Ashi-kun: Ok we are back with another commentary of the cast! So how is everyone doing today?

Kyoukou: I'm fine...but I still hate you.

Itsumi: Kyoukou that was uncalled for

Senchi: Yes it was

Aikyo: what can you do she's a bitch.


Aikyo: Shut it.

Satou: -shoves pocky in mouth- neh...

Aikyo: -glare-

Ashi-kun: Anyway! We actually have something to get done today!

all except Ashi-kun: We do?

Ashi-kun: My comment on the last chapter probably left some people confused, so I've decided to explain the power over the fan-characters of this story.

Itsumi: Makes sense.

Ashi-kun: I thought so too.

Satou: well then let's get this show on the road.

Aikyo: Didn't I tell you not to talk.

Satou: -closes mouth-

Aikyo: that's better.

Itsumi: Ashi-kun mind if I start?

Ashi-kun: Go for it.

Itsumi: All right. Well starting at the top; the leader of our "organization" is Senchi Damarikomu; commonly referred to as the blind ninja because of the headband covering her eyes. She is the oldest of us at twenty-four, she is an ex-Anbu from the cloud village; in the land of thunder, and is the brain child of Ashi-kun. Making it so that she belongs one hundred percent to the authoress herself.

Senchi: Do you want to give them my phone number too?

Ashi-kun: Shush.

Senchi: -grumble-

Aikyo: Then there is Satou Higashi, she is the youngest of us at twenty and is known most commonly for the flaming pocky stick that is always in her mouth; she is an ex-jounin from the rain village in the rain country, and though she was meant to be the brain child of an ex-friend of our Authoress, she is in fact from Ashi-kun's mind.

Satou: Why is that?

Ashi-kun: she was feeling particularly uncreative that day. Which at the time made me upset because I had to do everything from giving you a name to figuring out your powers without her help, because she liked to go silent on the other end of the line A LOT, but looking at it now, the fact that she was being lazy was actually a good thing. Because if she had made you up, she would have the right to pull you from the story...but she doesn't so I'm happy.

Satou: oooooooh. OK!

Senchi: then we have Aikyo Sonoda who is the third oldest at twenty-two; she is an ex-jounin from the stone village in the earth country; and is known most commonly for the leather whip she carries and her obsessive need to torture men who she deems attractive. She was actually a collaboration, between Ashi-kun and her friend Guardian-Devil-Hawkeye. Now though the both of them worked on her; a big majority belongs to our authoresses friend; though she does not contribute to the writing of the story personally she is one of the first people who gets to read the new chapters sometimes before they are released. And, she owns a good seventy-five percent of Aikyo; while Ashi-kun owns twenty-five percent. Aikyo's colors, general personality, blood line trait, village, and weapons were the idea of Guardian-Devil-Hawkeye; making it so that Aikyo's body type, written personality, clothing and other Jutsu all belong to Ashi-kun.

Itsumi: Wow...good thing they're friends.

Senchi: On the contrary, the fact that they are friends will not have any standing in the story, for the two have already made an agreement that in the off chance that anything were to happen Ashi-kun would be permitted to continue using Aikyo until the story was finished and through the possible sequel; but then her friend would then take Aikyo's full ownership.

Satou: but would Aikyo really make sense outside of this group and setting? She already has a storyline that involves all of us.

Senchi: Not really, but if Guardian-Devil-Hawkeye felt the need to write out her past and such then she would be able to without a problem.

Kyoukou: Makes sense.

Ashi-kun: See not all of my friends are lazy.

Satou: Next we have Kyoukou Hitogoroshi she is the second youngest at twenty-one; she is an ex-jounin from the sand village in the country of wind; most known for her aggressive personality and the knives that she is always carrying. She was supposed to be the idea of another friend of the authoresses but once more turned into the property of Ashi-kun. Our writer owns seventy-five percent of Kyoukou while the other girl only owns about twenty-five percent.

Itsumi: How does that work out.

Satou: Well, when it comes to Kyoukou Ashi-kun thought of her colors, interacting personality, jutsu's, village, weapons, clothing, and name

Itsumi: -quirks eyebrow- then what did the other girl think of?

Satou: her pants, blood-line trait, body type, and general personality

Aikyo: Man that's sad.

Kyoukou: tell me about it.

Ashi-kun: What can I was just a day for creative blocks with those two; but it's cool; just means I don't need their permission for anything. Hell I could kill them off and they wouldn't be able to do a thing about it.

Satou: EEP! -ducks behind chair-

Kyoukou: You wouldn't dare.

Ashi-kun: I was just giving an example jeez.

Kyoukou: Whatever. Finally we have Itsumi Ikari she is the second oldest at twenty-three; and is an ex-medic nin from the mist village in the country of water; she is most known for the black mask covering the bottom half of her face, and the wire like threads she uses to heal wounds. She was a collaboration between Ashi-kun and her friend Kaze; in this Ashi-kun owns about sixty percent of Itsumi and Kaze owns about forty percent. Ashi-kun thought up the outfit, jutsu, previous occupation, hair design, body type, weapons, and personality; while Kaze thought of the Name, village, bloodline trait, colors, mask, and special markings.

Satou: So, even though Ashi-kun thought of the most, Kaze put in a huge chunk of idea?

Kyoukou: Yeah, that's what it seems like.

Ashi-kun: Kaze's an artist; she's just creative like that. well I guess we're done here aren't we?

Senchi: -claps hands together- yep, I would say so.

Kyoukou: Then let's get the fuck out of here.

Itsumi: I second that motion.

Ashi-kun: Third! So see you all next time!