He ran and ran and ran with the pink haired woman. He wasn't sure what to call her. She has annoyed him when they were genin. She had worried him later on for being so weak. She had surprised him when they met again. She was a girl. Now she was a woman. But who was she to him? She was just Sakura. And she would be gone in only an hour.


Naruto sat bolt upright at the faintest knock at his front door. Something was wrong. He was never a light sleeper. He climbed out of bed cautiously, all of the years or training to be a ninja did not go to waste. There was no sign of an intruder, but the knock at the door, it unsettled him. No one ever knocked. They either broke the door down, or came in through the window. And honestly the window was used more than the door was.

But he still opened the door and there in the hallway was an unconscious Sakura.


She came too slowly and groggily. The sheets crinkled beneath her and the smell of the place told her she was in the hospital. Sitting up too fast all the blood rushed from her head and the needle that had been supplying her with electrolytes was ripped from her arm. As soon as the dizziness passed Sakura launched herself from her hospital bed and made a dash for the door, only to be met with Kakashi's chest when she threw it open.

He seemed surprised she was awake and out of her bed but his mask hid it. "Ah, Sakura, good to see you back." She looked at him and like a bucket of ice water she remembered. Her green eyes looked at her sensei but were focused on a man that wasn't there any more. Tears began to stream down her face.

"Kakashi," She hiccupped, "he," the tears were really coming now. "He left me again!" She wailed. Kakashi could dodge one hundred kunai with out breaking a sweat, he had mastered a thousand jutsus, he had trained three of the most stubborn genins ever, and yet he still didn't know how to deal with Sakura's tears. His one eye softened, ever since the team had been broken up he'd realized how little attention he'd paid her before and regretted it. Now that they only say each other in passing or on the occasional mission they had grown closer. As she continued to cry he pulled her into a hug. Of all the things Sasuke had done, Kakashi hated him the most for hurting Sakura so many times.


Sasuke sat on the edge of his bed. Leaving Sakura at Naruto's door had not been as easy as he would have liked. It was getting harder to go near Konoha too, the pull it had on him was increasing. Orochimaru had questioned him briefly on what he'd done with her, they spy had reported the entire incident with all the details. Sasuke merely said he had disposed of her, she was of no use to him.

And yet that night as he lay in his bed without her on her futon, with out her steady breath and calming presence he found it much harder to sleep. He found his mind recalculating everything. He had just lost a valuable asset. He grumbled, he hadn't lost anything, he'd thrown it away. And he regretted it? He didn't like the question his mind posed. He should never regret anything. He worked out a new battle plan, one that didn't involve a little pink haired woman who could punch craters into the ground.


When Sakura finally calmed down, Kakashi left to get Tsunade. This was all a very curious situation and Kakashi wanted to know everything about it. The fact that she mentioned the Uchiha leaving her was odd too, and he wasn't sure how to fit that bit into the puzzle he was looking at. He came to Tsunade who was actually pouring over paperwork, it was her way of dealing with stress when Shizune hid the sake on her. She looked up when he entered, "Is she awake?" she asked. There were large bags under her eyes and she looked as tired as he felt. He nodded, "go find Naruto." He was already out the door.

It didn't take long to get every one assembled in Sakura's room. Sakura sat with her back to the window as she told them about her time at the Sound base, about Sasuke's rebel forces, the base lay out, she omitted the kiss, but faltered for words as to why he brought her back. Naruto supplied them for her "He cares about you. That's why." The room fell dead silent for a moment and then into accusations and shouts. Sakura ducked her head to hide her eyes, that couldn't possibly be true. The room fell quiet again as the unasked question settled, what did they do now?


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