A.N Well hello to you all, this being my new account as the site has closed down my old one by the name of Modof06. All my previous fictions being deleted along with it and seeing as I'm a complete fool never bothering to back them up. This is probably just going to be a drabble, but I may add on it if I get interest. Enjoy xxxx

He sat in the same overstuffed armchair for the past hour, alternating between gazing mindlessly at the open book in his lap to watching her. He cursed himself for doing it now, the sheer stupidity seeping in the more he thought about it. She sat twirling a strand of hair between her forefinger and thumb, biting slightly on her lip as she sat and read a book. The light of the fireplace catching her bracelet every time she turned a page and once again the stupidity of his actions shocked him.

What was he expecting? That Hermione would catch his eye? Would come over and thank him? How would she even know it was he? No note, no nothing. He had first seen her bracelet at the Burrow as she fiddled with the charms on it, something she did quite often without realising. George had asked later that night about it, the bracelet being a Christmas gift from her grandmother, and her telling him how she had bought her a new charm for each year. She had died two years ago, Hermione herself never buying a charm and merely leaving it as it was.

It was an ordinary muggle bracelet; George had counted five charms on it as he had discretely watched across the Burrow table. The two charms he had slipped into her bag at breakfast being a little less ordinary, two very small ones he reasoned to himself. One being a star which the faintest shine of blue, if you tilted it towards the sun you could just catch its colour. The other being a pixie, the one he preferred as it gave an older look. Its colour being a green, as if antique and has residue from polish of years back. Two charms, one for each year that her tradition had stopped.

What if she hadn't found them? What if they still sat in her bag? What if she simply threw the box in a draw? Or worst still, never found them? God knows she had enough clutter already, it could stay there for years without seeing daylight again. Would that be better? If Fred could hear him now he'd laugh, worrying like this over a simple late Christmas present. He had bought the charms way before Christmas, less than a week after the conversation with her, although with her spending it at the Burrow he couldn't risk the embarrassment.

He tried desperately to turn his attention to the conversation being held around him with his twin and others, spotting Harry, Ron and Ginny all seating themselves around her as she closed her book. Only to return her hand to the bracelet, grinning at something Ron was saying. Was she hinting? Did she think it was Ron? He should have left some note, but even the though made him want to cringe. Although she seemed to drop the idea pretty quickly as Lavender scuttled over, how convenient.

She glanced down and all of George's suspicions were cancelled out as he caught sight of something blue, more or less shining at him as she twisted it slightly in the light. So she had found them, and had assumed it to be Ron. Well of course she would, she spends so much time with him you'd think he'd see something right before his eyes. Which he hadn't. The smallest ghost of a smile on her lips as she went between the two new charms, fingers tilting them towards the light.

She had looked up and straight at him, as if she knew he was watching. The previous smile increasing as she looked at him, frozen as to what she was thinking. She knew. She must of known, did he make it obvious? No. Couldn't have done, he had a book hiding half of his face. She had never looked at him, until now. She pursed her lips as he grin grew and in a flash, she had flicked her hair away and was listening to Ginny talk, joining in seconds later as if she had been attentive all along. No one had even caught the exchange, even Fred had carried on counting up their profit for the day before talking to him once again, she was still smiling slightly when he turned away.

He had been the only one to ask about the bracelet.