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As George sits with Fred once again in the common room, listening to the conversation around him he can remember four ultimate moments in his life. He can hear Fred talking animatedly with Lee whilst waving his hands around, his laugh, his tone of voice, his little quirks. There has only been one person to pick up on these things, the first person able to tell them apart without George having to wear a giant 'G' on his usual home knitted jumper.

The jumpers being his mothers idea after a family photo when he was seven, he and Fred finally growing bored as they sat together on a stool, having some man with a moustache that looked to be overtaking his face preen them or tell everyone where to sit. Charlie and Bill standing behind them grinning as they sighed dramatically or kicked the stools legs, the two of them the 'mirror image' of each others movements. Fred pulling at the thread on his second hand shirt and effectively pulling a button loose, only grinning wolfishly at George before ripping his off too claiming they both had to be identical. A slight shove turning into a play fight under the cushioned stool and having his mother yell at them as "You two." for the simple reason that she couldn't tell them apart in such a blur of action.

They had later been told off again as "You two.", something George paid no heed to until later. He can remember only a handful of times she had named them individually, less still not just addressing them as Fred and George together. Hermione seemed capable of identifying him quite easily, greeting him by his name as she walked through the common room, shouting at him as he sold a product from a corner of the room (Fred already making his escape). Even when the two refused to wear the jumpers easily identifying them, she had still said very sternly but spoiling the illusion with a grin "George your mother wouldn't be very happy, she likes everything labelled." She had seen it too, it wasn't a present to the twins but more of a label as their mother couldn't tell them apart, it had started with just the two of them until Christmas when she had knitted one for everyone in the family. He wasn't sure whether it was to not single them out, or not show favouritism.

The next defining moment being when he was twelve, sitting in the great hall and punching Fred lightly in the leg as to keep themselves entertained and their minds off the matter of food. Of course he respected Dumbledore, but my god he did like to talk. The sorting hat already being put away, the notices of a new term being read out when George realised a very irritating tutting noise. Looking up and across the table to look at one of the first years just sorted near enough five minutes ago, a look on her face not unlike his mothers and shaking her head. "Show some respect would you." She had near enough drawled across the table, keeping her voice low as George grinned earning him another shake of the head as she turned her attention back to the headmaster.

He had later found her name out from Ron his brother, Ron didn't seem to like her much. Calling her stuck up along with Fred as George had laughed along, later sitting across from her and 'apologizing' profusely for his rudeness. She had merely smiled at his blatant sarcasm and turned her attention to another first year, talking about the enchanted ceiling with such enthusiasm that he actually listened in too. At one point sitting listening to her calm explanation on her encounter with a troll along with his brother and Harry Potter, she hadn't said much before Ron took over and graphically reconstructed it, Hermione just smiling on and allowing the limelight to pass. Over the years watching as he wasn't the only one to receive her death glare, getting to know her only slightly better with her stay at The Burrow.

His next best memory being when he was fifteen and at The Burrow, spending most of his time concocting new products for their soon to be established joke shop. Keeping it to the confines of their room as to not find out whether or not his mum can turn another shade of red from what he'd already seen. He had been sitting on the bed as Fred had gone to run his hand under the tap after burning his fingertip, the creak of a door therefore not shocking him until he heard a light knock to get his attention. Hermione standing in the doorway and looking warily around at the boxes on the floor, pointing slightly with a thin finger and muttering "Will anything in this room implode at any time soon?" Upon receiving a laugh and a shake of the head she had stepped inside timidly, still looking at the boxes around before addressing him. "George your mother says dinner is ready, tell your brother will you." and she had stepped soundly out again. She hadn't even realised it herself as he joined them downstairs moments later, him grinning foolishly at finally being seen as an individual and not one half of twins.

The last defining moment being a few days back as he had given her the charms, she had identified between the two of them as to who had given them to her. Something very small in the grand scheme of things but meaning a lot to him. Giving him more confidence than usual as he know made his way over to her, sitting in the opposite chair as Ginny went to fetch her scarf from her room. Smiling warmly as she realised and greeted him again as George.

"You do realise you're the only person to tell us apart don't you?" He said as he crossed his hands over his stomach, flicking his fringe with a throw of his head.

"I'm sure I'm not the only person." Hermione answered with a tone of humour, looking up from her parchment mid sentence. Smiling slightly as she noticed his eyes dart down to the again visible bracelet on her arm.

"Near enough to the only person, how?" George nearly muttered as he leaned forward, elbows on his knees and now closer to Hermione as she set down her quill completely. Curling her feet underneath herself and grinning, although at the same time knitting her brow slightly.

"You have your own little quirks." A short silence where George merely raised his eyebrows before she continued, a little rushed and gesturing with her right hand. "Like your voice, you're lower than Fred. You play with your fringe, you talk slower, you stand with your hands behind your back... stuff like that." Finishing a little lamely and returning her gaze to him.

"You've been doing it for years, how very observant you are Miss Granger."

"Not really, just not blind." Again she was quick with the sarcasm, making him smile as he could see her readying herself for something more. "I simply don't understand how anyone who knows you both could confuse you for Fred, the both are you are completely different... yet similar in your own ways."

"Somehow people find it difficult to see what you see." George replied in a voice he would never use in other company, softer and slightly broken from the unused level of volume. "Thanks."

"And thank you." Once again he had just raised his eyebrows, to which she grinned and gestured to her arm. "For the charms." She muttered, keeping her eyes on his as he nodded his head. She averted her eyes from what was fast becoming a staring competition to fiddle with the two charms, George keeping his eyes on her as she muttered more to herself than anyone else "Beautiful."

"Exactly what I though." He said with an air of carelessness but leaning forward even more to join her line of sight, she tilted her head up as to read his meaning. All he did being to grin at her once more as she blushed slightly, before turning her head to the fast approaching figure of Ginny clutching her scarf.

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