They set up everything they needed and Dawn was ready. Well to some extent. Emotionally sure, physically...maybe. She sat there and began reciting the words.

"Osiris, Bone, blood, flesh, return to me. Bone blood flesh I beg of you, return to me." Dawn sighed ready for whatever came. As ready as possible. After she recited the words for a while. She could feel some strike of lighting go through her and sear through her body. She let out an unwilling scream and Spike grabbed her away from the alter.

"Pet." Spike held her. "Are you all right?" He asked.

"Spike, you can't pull me away. I need to finish." She hollered.

"No." He hissed. "Not if this is the consequence." He dragged her back into the crypt and tossed her onto the couch. "You didn't bloody tell me about that!" Spike hollered anger filling his voice.

"Spike it's the only way." Dawn whined. "I can't be alone anymore." Her eyes glossed over with tears.

"Your not alone!" He growled still angry.

"Oh really. And who do I have Spike. Not the scoobies, and certainly not you." She sighed.

"Your impossible." Spike hissed looking down at Dawn sitting on the couch.

"Your unattainable." Dawn shot back.

Spike sighed. "Why does it always have to be all or nothing with you broads?" He asked.

"I guess it's just the way I'm made." Dawn frowned trying to smile but failing miserably.

Spike sighed gracefully as always and sat beside Dawn on the couch. He wanted to look at her and promise her love, but he could only promise possibility. And that she would feel the brunt of his possessive nature. He would always keep her guessing. Keep her alive at the same time.

"Dawn, can we just, talk for a second?" The blond vampire asked refusing to look at her.

"You make the rules Spike." She rolled her eyes.

Spike made an annoyed, growling noise low in his throat. "I can tell you I will never leave you." Spike finally looked at her. "Can promise to take care of you as long as I am alive...undead." He smirked. "I'll always protect you, maybe a little too much. And you might get annoyed with my possessiveness. But it's just me." Spike shrugged.

"I guess that's better then most people ever get." Dawn looked at her feet refusing to look at him completely. And it was obvious.

Spike touched her chin and made her look at him. The gesture was forceful but intensely gentle. "Hey," He spoke as she continued to attempt to pull away. "Look at me pet." He said calmly.

"Why?" She said looking at him.

"There is no such thing as a perfect ending." He offered.

"I know." She sighed in defeat.

"But pet thats good cause I don't want it to end at all." Spike smiled mesmerized by her face.

"So what about your promise. You said you loved me and you would prove it by bringing her back. You didn't come through." Dawn sighed dryness in the lining of her tone.

"Pet, I love you. No gimmicks, no facade. No need." He shrugged slyly. "Cause if you really love someone, they can feel it. Pet don't tell me you can't feel it." And there he was again. The same smooth cocky vampire that always got his way. Because he always knew the right words to say to make her fall. Tumbling, into him. And he would catch her., like always. Flawless, breakable words. She knew how to break them, didn't ever want to. Or maybe she didn't have the strength to anymore. Because it was easier to have someone like him. He adored her, protected her from everything. And if she asked anyone. He would do just about anything she asked. Just to keep her. Was lying just to keep her there. Because he loved her. And it was enough. To keep her guessing. It was enough. The way he gave her everything. Would die for her, live for her, Kill, Spare, Steal, Protect, Hate, Love for her. Only her.

"I think I do." She smirked and let out a breath of air. "I think maybe I have a lot of Buffy in me." She sighed once again.

"Why is that pet?" He asked curious.

"Cause I tend to let myself suffer when I shouldn't. Convince myself I can't feel happiness, when it's right in front of me." She admitted. "But no more. This is enough for me. You telling me you love me and you'll be here forever. Is more then enough for me to be happy. So why should I hold back?" She shrugged. She was right. For once she was speaking logic. Instead of insane Summer's babbles. She was right. She should be happy with Spike, could be. And she certainly would be now.

Authors Note: Mmmkay!!! Short but SWEET! Very sweet and mushy! But yeah it's the end I think. Unless someone wants me to continue SO badly that they come up with a BEYOND amazing next chapter for me and then I will continue :). Just to show my LOVE!! hehe! I have been listening to a lot of straylight run lately and I can see some angst in the near future...but angst with an utterly happy ending. Lol!! So like I said if your deeply saddened that this is now over :( then find a magical way to come up with a Fantasmical ending and I'll continue!!! Cause you all rock!!! All right. Oh and by the by the reason this has taken so long is because I was in Florida for an entire week, because it was spring break and my computer was at home so sorry it took so damn long. MUCH LOVE!!!!!