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Chapter 1

The team sat in the common room, watching a slideshow of their trip to Tokyo. After saving the city Robin had let them enjoy them selves and have a real vacation. They had taken dozens of pictures and Cyborg had put together a great slide show for them to watch.

"Awe, Rob and Star's first kiss caught on film," Cyborg chuckled as they all viewed a picture of the new couple sharing a quick kiss as they went sight seeing.

"Did you really have nothing better to do than take pictures of Star and I kissing?" Robin fumed, his cheeks burning.

"Oh, but I enjoy the photographs of our kissing," said Starfire happily.

"I could live without them," said Raven in her monotone voice. She was currently reading a book and trying to ignore the slideshow that was taking place. She, personally, hadn't taken any pictures. It had been quite a boring trip, for her at least.

Cyborg clicked a button and the next picture came up. It was of Beast Boy signing autographs for about two hundred girls.

"Dude, I so wanna move to Tokyo," said Beast Boy, putting his hands behind his head and smiling.

"Yeah, who knew the only girls who like BB live on the other side of the world?" Cyborg mused.

"Hey, I don't see any pictures of fan girls kissing you," said Beast Boy.

Cyborg shrugged and moved onto the next picture. It was of the entire team on a stage doing karaoke. They each had a microphone and were singing away. That had been one of the most enjoyable nights they had had. Well, for everyone other than Raven. She had had the least amount of fun out of all of them.

"Okay, we so gotta go out and do some more karaoke," said Beast Boy.

"Oh, yes, that was quite fun!" said Starfire, clapping.

"Yeah, never knew how tone deaf Robin is," laughed Cyborg.

"Hey, I never claimed I could sing," said Robin defensively.

"And Star was awesome," said Beast Boy. "She was almost as good as me."

"Who said you were any good?" asked Cyborg.

"Uh, about three thousand girls, that's who," said Beast Boy proudly.

"Would you two stop it?" said Robin. "We all had a good time. It doesn't matter who was good or not."

"Only someone tone deaf can say somethin like that," Cyborg grinned, causing Beast Boy to chuckle.

"Hey, at least I attempted to sing," said Robin. "I didn't just yell into the microphone."

"I didn't yell!" said Cyborg. "I was projectin."

"Dudes, calm down," said Beast Boy. "We all know the title of 'Worst Karaoke Singer' goes to Raven."

The whole team turned to Raven, who just seemed to burry herself further into her book. She didn't want to think about that stupid night of karaoke. They had no idea how much it pained her. But, how could they know? She wasn't about to tell them why.

"For the record, I didn't sing," said Raven, not looking up from the pages of her book. "I simply recited the lines on the screen."

"Yeah, but you could have at least had a little more fun with it," said Beast Boy.

"I don't do fun," said Raven.

"But, Raven, we were on the vacation," said Starfire.

"Yeah, you barely cracked a smile once," said Cyborg.

"You guys can take a vacation from being yourselves, I can't," said Raven. "If I can't smile here, where I'm most comfortable, what would make you think I would smile in a foreign land?"

"Well, you didn't have to smile, but you could have at least looked like you were having fun," said Robin. "You just moaned and groaned every day we were there."

"Not to mention beat the snot out of me," said Beast Boy.

"Raven, if you were not comfortable in the land of Tokyo doing the karaoke, then would you be more comfortable doing the karaoke here?" asked Starfire.

"No," said Raven plainly.

"But why?" asked Starfire.

"Yeah, no one'll make fun of ya, if that's what you're afraid of," said Cyborg.

"Look, would you all drop it?" Raven growled, growing uncomfortable.

"Come on, Raven, if I can do it then you can do it," said Robin with a kind smile.

"Yeah, I mean, we all know you can't sing," Beast Boy chuckled.

That was it. That was what pushed her over the edge. That was what caused her heart to clench and a sick feeling to consume her. She gritted her teeth, and slammed her book shut. She swiftly got up and headed out of the common room, forcing her emotions to stay under control. But it was, oh, so very hard.

"Uh… did I say something wrong?" asked Beast Boy, scratching his head.

"What do you think?" said Cyborg, crossing his arms.

"Beast Boy, I believe you have done the hurting of Ravens feelings," said Starfire.

"But I didn't mean to," said Beast Boy, feeling bad. "I mean, she knows she can't sing, right?"

"It doesn't matter," said Robin. "You shouldn't have said it to her face like that."

"Dude, Cyborg said it to you!" said Beast Boy.

"That's because I know he can take a joke," said Cyborg. "You should know better than to say anythin hurtful to Raven."

"But I meant it as a joke!" said Beast Boy.

"Still, I believe you should go do the apologizing," said Starfire.

"Awe," Beast Boy sighed and rolled his eyes as he stood up from the couch and dragged himself out of the common room.

He seemed to apologize to Raven more than anyone else. And this didn't make sense since she did more to him than he to her. Like that trip to Tokyo. She seemed to seriously hold something against him on that trip. And she couldn't get enough of slapping him; and slapping him hard, at that.

He reached her door and sighed again as he knocked upon it. "Raven? It's me. Look, sorry about hurting your feelings," he said, rolling his eyes. "I know I shouldn't have said that you can't sing. I just didn't know that was a touchy subject." He listened but didn't hear her respond. Instead he heard… sniffling? "Uh, Raven, you okay?"

Raven wiped her eyes and shook her head; she had never been so disgusted with herself. How dare she cry?! How dare she feel sorry for herself? How dare she think of the past? She had been doing so well. And in an instant she had allowed herself to remember that which pained her every day.

And now Beast Boy was apologizing on the other side of her door. Well, it was his fault she was crying. He had to say that… that… statement. No, he didn't say it out of malice, she knew that. And he didn't know how much talking about her voice hurt her. But, still, it was a mean thing to say.

"I'm fine," she said, her tone never wavering. "Go away."

"You sure?" he asked. "You sound like you're… crying or something."

"I said go away," she said firmly, hoping he'd get the hint.

"Look, I really didn't mean to hurt your feelings like that," said Beast Boy, now feeling bad. "And I really didn't mean to make you cry."

"I'm not crying," said Raven as two more tears dripped down her cheeks.

"Then why are you sniffling?" he asked.

Raven was quiet for a moment. "Allergies?" she offered.

"You don't have allergies," he said. "Even I know that. Now, come on, tell me what's going on. I mean, we are friends. You can talk to me."

"There's nothing to talk about," said Raven. "Now leave me alone."

Beast Boy huffed and seriously considered walking away. He didn't want to be here, arguing with someone who didn't like him anyway, when he could be watching a slideshow of one of the best vacations he'd ever had. But there was something odd about all of this.

Sure, he had said things to her in the pass that weren't exactly… compliments. Like how she wasn't a people person, how she was dark, or how she was… creepy. And whenever he said something like that she would glare at him or give him a good smack upside the head. But this time… she had run out of the room and was possibly crying. All he said was that she couldn't sing. How was that the worst thing he could have ever said to her?

"Raven, would you please tell me what's wrong?" he asked. "You never get this upset over something I've said. So… why are you so upset?"

"It's got nothing to do with you," she said in a somewhat soft tone. "Just… just go back to the others and watch the slideshow. I'll be fine."

"Wait, so you're crying but it's not my fault?" he asked.

"Yes," she said without thinking. "I mean, no! No, I'm not crying. Just go away now."

"Uh ha!" he exclaimed. "You are crying! Come on, tell me what's wrong."

Raven was quiet for a moment then said in a sad voice, "You wouldn't understand."

"What? I wouldn't understand what?" asked Beast Boy, feeling like he was finally getting somewhere.

Raven didn't want to talk about this, and yet at the same time she did. She was sick of keeping everything about herself bottled up inside. She was sick of feeling like no one understood her only because she wouldn't let them. The truth was… she did want to share all of this, if only with one person.

Beast Boy wasn't sure what she was doing. It had grown quiet again and he was wondering if she had fallen asleep or jumped out her window. Then, suddenly, her door swished open and she stood there, the remnants of her tears still visible, even if she had tried to wipe them all away.

"Beast Boy, if I were to tell you something about me, about my past, could I trust you not to tell anyone else?" she asked, the most serious she'd ever been.

"Of course," he said, suddenly realizing this was a serious subject.

"Do you promise?" she asked. "You won't tell anyone, no matter what?"

"Sure, my lips are sealed," he said with an awkward grin and fake zipped his lips.

"Even if Robin was forcing you or Cyborg was going to blackmail you or Starfire was threatening to call you a chlorbag varblernelkagain, you wouldn't tell?" she asked.

Beast Boy had never seen her like this before. "Raven, whatever you wanna say, I promise I won't repeat it to another living soul," he said, going a little closer to her. "You can trust me."

Raven thought this over for a moment then opened her door a little wider. "Come in," she said, a hint of worry in her voice. She still wasn't sure if she could trust Beast Boy with such information, but he seemed sure of himself.

Beast Boy carefully made his way into Raven room, unsure of what was going to happen next. He had only come down to apologize to her, now she was about to reveal something secret about herself. Not in a million zillion years did he see something like this happening. Raven, herself, was going to talk to him… alone… about herself. He hoped this wasn't some horrible prank.