Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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By FireStar

Lost Tribes Of Kobol

Commander Noah read the book of the Word:

After the tribes of man left Kobol they entered a great void. There were Thirteen tribes all seeking a new home world. Kobol the birth place of humanity was a dying planet. It was now dry a dessert world unfit to support human life. The Last Lord had foreseen the fall and prepared his people to leave. Scouts had been sent forth across the void. News of a system of twelve planets had come back. In the other direction came news so several habitual planets. Clusters of planets all ready to be colonized. The Ships from the first 13th tribe entered the void. It great storms tossed the ships. two were separated a tossed far away. They came out in an area unknown to them.

They were the FireStar Kobol's Sword and The Dragon .

The damage to these great warships was grave. They could no longer make light speed and they had lost their but their most basic navigation systems. Reentering the void was not an option. They were forever lost to their brothers and sisters and had to find a way to survive with limited recourses. The two captains of the ships decided to find a world close by and to do repairs. The advanced patrols had found a small system with six planets two of which could easily support human life. The only major deference was the gravity. It was heavier than that of the planet Kobol. The people would at first tire easily this might make life a bit of a challenge but there were no real alternatives. Asteroids surrounded the outer worlds they were rich in minerals and metals these they could use to repair their ships.

The Captains Hera and Zeus knew they needed to settle on at least one of these worlds temporarily and that they would have to find a way to work together.. They came from separate branches of the 13th tribe each who had vastly differing views and societal structures.. Hera was an Amazon and Zeus a Spartan. For the sake of survival they wed forming a single family to glue their crews together. Because of the differences it was decided that equality would become standard. Men and women would be equals. A new idea, but necessary to save everyone we must not fail. The Spartans were a patriarchal and the Amazon were matriarchal the only way to keep the peace was to ensure that neither side was subject to the other. Still some ideas from their own cultures were retained the officers became heads of the clans. Technicians act as the heads of the guilds. This allowed the current leaders to still maintain a voice in the decision making. It let those who were skilled feel valued and a part of the new society they were building. Each person had a voice but ultimate authority rested with the command council. This council was a military tribunal formed of three officers with Zeus at its head. Civil Law was replaced by military law something even the civilians agreed to. All would serve to ensure that there was a clear command structure a clear leadership to get them settled and through the dark times ahead. This would lead to a strong central government based on a combination civilian military alliance. Because orders had to be followed the colony was quick built-In time the techs were able to repair the drives in both ships. By now however, the world was settled and peace was assured. The People prospered under Council rules and they had no desire to once again fall under the old lords control. In a rare move the Council allowed the people to vote. Stay on Azgard and Amazonia or leave and try to find their lost brothers. In the 50 yearns since colonization peace and prosperity had ruled. The planets were lush and held many wonderful things. The colonist having made a new home decided it was in their own best interests to stay. After all the other ships may not have even made it to any place that was better then what they had found. The people feared having to fall under the old Kobaolian laws. Here in this new colony each person rose or fell by their own skill as a warrior or tech. They all knew the old world had been dominated by a few wealthy families with no real chance to advance. . So, the people stayed and in time forgot about the others because they had no desire to be ruled by those they no longer knew or trusted.

Commander Noah closed his book. History or Myth. He wondered. Noah was not a religious man. Yet , he sent a prayer that is was indeed History. Then again he had reason to know it could very well be fact. A fact he could not share with the others just yet. He smiled at this as a certain peace came over him.

At over 100 yearns Noah had seen too much to disregard a greater power. He knew that his people would need more room. They had prospered on their home worlds each had grown to contain populations of over 6 billion people. They needed new worlds with more room and resource. This was clear or soon they are fighting each other. The council asked him to take a task force and find new worlds to colonize and expand their empire. He had been given the book to show that it was possible that there might be others out there looking to be reunited. Noah knew that the colonies on the moons grew as well. He smiled the human race was strong and could do anything. He accepted the task. Noah been given a large fleet. The whole of the First fleet was his to use to go out and explore and the idea was exciting. The Council thought it to important not to send a large force. At first he had worried, but, he knew that the other ten fleets keep the home worlds safe. He was prepared to leave and trust his comrades to look after those who were left behind. Noah was glad his wives and their children were coming along it was a chance to be a family once more. He smiled as this though as it had been hard to convince the council to allow noncombatants to go. In the end he had won out. After all they would need people to start the colonies.

Noah smiled as he headed to the quarters. Upon entering he saw his wives Maya and Dara they both greeted him with warm smiles. He loved these women each was special and each was vital to his life. Noah considered their places in his heart with care. Maya had been a political marriage in the beginning. Her sweetness and kindness made him forget this within the first rising. Dara he had meet only a yearn ago. The sparks had flown and he had been caught off guard. She was an officer under his command and this had been a shock to them both neither had been looking for love. . Maya had noticed she knew all that affected him she loved Noah and by her suggestion Dara became Noah's wife as well. Noah knew he was blessed to have two such women. Maya treated Dara as a much loved sister and never minded sharing. Dara loved Maya for her wiliness to share and often made sure she had duties so Noah could spend equal time with her dear friend. Yes, Noah knew he was blessed. His eldest son commanded a squadron of Jaguar fighters and his daughter was a Doctor on board. His youngest twins were now on the FireStar Nova. Everyone was going to enjoy this new adventure. He just hoped Maya had worked out the food issues. Her skill as a grower would be as vital as that of the warriors if everyone was to eat. Well at least not have to eat those horrid emergency rations.

"Ah my favorite Ladies." Noah smiled worries pushed aside.

"Noah ,Dara and I insist that you join us for dinner. You have been so busy lately we rarely see you." Scolded Maya. At 90 years she was still the most strikingly beautiful woman Noah had ever seen. He still recalled the day she had asked him to seal with her. He had been so fortunate she trusted him. She had wanted him for his Military skills and position to protect her from the unwanted advances of the Commander of the people. He had only been a mere Lieutenant at the time but Maya had been engaged to his dearest friend Rory. His death had left her devastated and vulnerable to those who would use her. He smiled it had been a good move for him because he could repay a friend and it was wise politically, he had agreed and promotions soon followed. They came because he skill and partly because he was now the son in law of the Commandant a man known to value family. He forgot that within the first cycle however Maya had made him so happy. The births of their children had only increased his love. He had felt so guilty when he meets Dara. He had resolved to send her to another ship he would not betray the woman who loved and trusted him. Instead he would send away the one he wanted because Maya deserved a loving and faithful husband.

Maya had surprised him once more.

"Marry her love. You are more than enough for us both." She had stopped him from speaking. "She loves you as well my dear. Love is a rare thing and should be enjoyed. I know you would never seek to hurt me. And so, I to can be generous and give. Take her to be your wife. You will love me all the more for it. Besides I love to have more children running around." She had smiled at this and kissed him once more showing she truly did not mind.

Noah had given in and Maya had been right he did love her all the more for this special gift.

"Maya", he chuckled" I am so sorry my dears. Dinner it is. Let me take the two prettiest women in the fleet to dinner." He wrapped his large arms around each of his wives.

Dara smiled. It was always good to see her husband. The fact that she was sealed to this wonderful man still amazed her. When she had first seen him a yearn ago she had been impressed. He had the bearing and physical appearance of a warrior half his age. The attraction on her part had been immediate. To cover she had been sarcastic and rude. Not wise considering he was her commanding officer but she knew he was married and did not want to seem to forward. She allowed her natural self confidence to get the better of her. After all he was sealed he would never act on her flirtation. Because Commander Noah was a man of honor. Yet she could not resist teasing him a little. It was not like she stood a chance anyway. Dara knew of Maya who didn't. Maya was a respected member of the Agro guild her skills made it possible for the ships of the fleet to grow fresh food. Her family was on the ruling council as well. Not only was her Father the commandant but , her brother was the number three councilor. She knew Noah would never cheat on his wife. It had just been too tempting to pull the saber's tail. He was a safe outlet for her childish fantasies. Rumors said that the marriage was political. Dara had seen the way Noah was with his wife, there was genuine caring and love. In addition Maya was very kind and sweet. Once it became clear to Dara that the attraction was mutual she asked to be transferred. The request would have hurt her career but, she honestly had not wanted to hurt Maya. She was a rare and special woman and did not need to be hurt by rumors. Especially since Dara had been the one to fuel the fires with her childish actions.

Maya had come to see her. There had been no hard words merely a quiet question. "Do you love my Husband?"

Dara had been struck silent. In the end she felt honor bound to answer truthfully. "Yes Siress, ma'am I do...But---"

Maya had stood there for a moment. Dara had felt about two micro high. She could not believe she had hurt this lovely lady."Ma'am nothing will ...or has happened ...It is just a silly crush." She had blushed deeply looking away ashamed that this great woman knew of her attraction to her mate.

"My dear do not lie. Love a rare thing. Noah cares for you as well and I love him enough to always make him happy. He has been a good husband a wonderful father and has much to recommend him." She winked "he is also fantastic in bed."

Dara was stuck silent. Then squeaked "Ma'am"

"Please calls me Maya. I would like us to be friends. It will make life much smoother. " She paused mind made up. "Well I guess the only answer in honor is for you to seal with Noah. It will stop all these foolish rumors and let us all live in peace."

Dara had been stuck silent for a moment. She could not believe she had heard correctly. " it would be wrong."

"I see I have shocked you. I realize that Amazonians sometimes frown on multi marriages. However I think we could make this work. I can share Noah if you can?" Maya gave Dara a hard look a challenge.

"Maya..."Dara had been reduced to tears shocked at the kindness shown. True she hated sharing , but if a wife of over 30 yearns could be so kind she could as well. Besides it was generous offer and it was a dream come true." I would be honored."

The sealing had taken place three risings latter. Having no family Maya had acted the mother of the bride. In the last yearn they had become good friends. Each respecting the others time with Noah. They found in each other a true friend or perhaps a sister. In fact Dara now considered Maya to be her sister. Her marriage had brought her acceptance and the family she had always longed for. Noah for his part had been stunned to say the least. He did however agree Dara smiled at that memory what man would not because now he had two wives to spoil him rotten. She hugged him as they walked to the officer's lounge for dinner.

"Noah, when does the fleet leave?" Asked Dara.

"In a rising. Maya my dear have you finished loading the seedlings?"

"Yes, Noah all are on board their respective ships. The growing cycles have begun. We will have fresh food stuffs for our trip." She chuckled knowing full well he hated field rations.

Commander Noah was pleased. The trip might not be as bad as he first feared. He swatted hr backside for her impertinence. After all who wanted to eat that cardboard they called field rations. The last time he had eaten them he had been sick a secton and lost over 20 kili. He returned to his explanation.

"Our ship Kobol's Shield will lead the fleet out. The Dragon Star, Nova and Dark Moon will flank us. Thunder and the Lightning will bring up the rear. Pendragon will stay with the civilian ships. The battle cruisers will be mixed in. I want the ships ready for anything."

"Commander do you think there will be a problem?" Questioned Dara now in warrior mode.

"No ...But we are heading out into uncharted space. We know not what awaits us. I would much rather be ready then to be surprised. The fate of our worlds depends on us finding new places to settle. Already small squirms on the outer colonies have been fought over shortages of food and water. We need more room, I was at first worried about sending a whole fleet. Now I realize it the best chance we have to succeed. We have also reduced the population of Amazonian and Azgard enough to lessen tensions. We will find a new home and expand our Nations." Stated the Commander." Now let's forget the worries and eat."

Maya smiled. She knew the reason the First Fleet had been chosen. Fear, Fear of Noah and his growing support. Her Father was ill and soon have to step down. Commander Jashua her brother did not have enough support to take over as Commandant. So to protect her and Noah they had sent them away. Commander of the people Paulus still resented that she had taken Noah instead of him. At the last social gathering he had gloated. Believing as many did that Maya was hurt by her husband taking a second wife. Fool, Maya knew that in allowing this she gained more than she lost. Noah loved her all the more for her giving him his heart's desire. In Dara she had found the younger sister she had always longed for. No, she was glad they were leaving the power struggle behind.

Commander Jashua would just have to stand on his own. With Noah gone he too was safer. Jashua commanded the Kobol Sword original Azgard FireStar his crew was loyal he'd be fine. Maya knew in time he make a fine commandant but , for her family's sake they needed to be away. Her Father had agreed and sent his favorite child away for safety. It hurt her that she never see him again but she knew that this was an act of love. Ensuring her families safely from the struggles for power that would surely come after his death.

"The commandant sent the fleet his best wishes. Noah he said to find him a nice Eden to retire to." Maya said her smile did not quite reach her eyes.

"I will my dear... " Noah was sad.

He knew what it was costing Maya to leave with him. He still did not understand why he was being sent. It would cost Maya her last days with her father. He was a good leader if hard man. For 95 yearns he had ruled the world with fairness and insight. Under Commandant Able the people had developed a senate in addition to the councils. Many towns and cities had independent governments. Noah knew that that would change if Paulus took power. He was sorry he would not be there to help prevent that.

The trio sat down at a table. The wait staff brought them drinks at once.
Ambrosia from the best cellars.

"Mmmmm love this service." joked Dara the mood definitely needed lighting. "Relax both of you. We are here to enjoy , work worries can wait."

"Oh course" said Maya" Rowann is wanting to get together as a family before we leave."

"So I take it you want me to order our children to attend this dinner. "Laughed Noah.

"Well yes. There has to be some advantage to having you as a husband." she grinned.

"And here I thought it was my good looks that hooked you."

Dara was laughing. The byplay between Maya and Noah always amused her. They were like children at times. Sometimes she felt like the grown up. Even if she was only 30 yearns old.

"Maya when did we say he was cute? Never did we." Laughing out loud.

"Oh, you are so bad" Maya looked at her amused husband and his wife.

Noah was beyond good looking at a head taller than most men in the fleet he commanded by just being there. His Silver hair made him seem invincible and wise. The deep blue eyes were enough to make any woman drool. Both women however teased him. They knew he liked it when he was treated as just a man and not the Fleet Commander.

A young crewman ran up.
"Excuse me Commander. I have orders for you." Commander Noah took the orders. He ripped open the seal.


To: Commander of Kobol Shield and the First Fleet
you are here by ordered to leave at once. Maximum
speed. You are to remain at radio silence for one

Cycle. Under no circumstances are you to return.
For one yearn.

By order of Commandant Able

Noah reread his orders. He knew the power struggle had begun. The only way he could help was to find more planets for their people.

"My dears we are ordered away at once. Major Dara recall all your people. We leave within a centon. Maya the dinner will have to wait."

He rose headed for the bridge to relay the orders to the fleet.

Major Dara quickly reached for her communicator. She hit the recall button it would insure that all pilots would return to the ship . It was a battle ready code one they used to ensure instant compliance. She frowned worried about what was happening. She hit a second button sending a recall to all Firestar fighters of the First Fleet it would not do to leave anyone behind.

"I will let you know Maya. I am going to the bridge as well. "She squeezed Maya hand as she followed their husband.

All across Amazonian and Azgard communicators went off. The Pilots from the First Fleet returned. Communicators paged Major Dara awaiting instructions. Dara relayed the recall order but gave no further information. She stood on the bridge awaiting the Commanders orders.

Across As guard and Amazonia communicators went off.
Lt. Seth groaned. He was ahead for once He looked at the pile of marks.


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