of the first fan fictions I wrote so it is not broken into normal chapter form.

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Lost Tribes Of Kobol

Thursday, September 27, 2012

By Lisa M.

Part 118Lucky Shots

The Cylons attacked with abandon. They were not trying for being cunning in this attack. This attack was designed to crush the remains of humanity and to cause panic, fear and dissension among the ranks. Sadly their goals would not be met as humanity had been given a kick in the ass. It had been given a second chance and the desire to live was a universal human trait. The humans of the Colonies might be afraid and tired but they also now had hope. Hope was the one thing they had lacked for so long and now it had returned. While many might still have some issues with those that left in the end they had returned and more importantly they had come back with allies. Allies that made the fight a little more even and fair, that small edge energized a wary people and gave them hope. A hope that perhaps the gods had not abandoned them and that perhaps their race and civilization could rise again to walk the stars; humanity was nothing if not flexible and that meant they would fight. The news that people from all the Colonies and beyond had survived was the incentive the survivors needed to push ahead and fight. The knowledge that they had a war fleet once more made them eager to avenge those that they had lost. While they might lose the last of humanity were determined to make any Cylon victory a hallow one. Any ship that could defend them rose to fight. On the ground triage centers were set up to help any wounded. Many more people simply gathered together to pray. It had been many yearns since many had even thought to do this in more than scattered groups. However today the remaining priests and priests regardless of faith led the survivors who were unable to fight in deep heartfelt prayer for their warriors, perhaps some higher power would hear them and send aid. In the end it hardly mattered, what mattered was that humanity was united in its desire to survive and fight.

High above the various planets the Cylons ran into human defenders. Defenders that were determined to never again allow the Cylons access to their homes. The fight was engaged and it was bloody and brutal. Raiders exploded high above the various colonies.

That was not the only battle raging however, Cylons might not bleed as such but they could be damaged and their fluids ran like rivers as humans engaged those that had managed to land. These Cylons had broken through with the intent of killing any humans they came across. The Cylons however were in for a shock asthey were attacked and ripped apart. Many fell to their lasers and swords but for each person who fell two more joined the fight. The Cylons never stood a chance. This time they were not facing a panicked race of beings. This time they were facing fighters who were lean and tough and had nothing to lose but their lives. Lives they gladly laid down to defend their worlds and people. Cylon after Cylon fell sometimes to humans wielding only primitive clubs and their bare hands. So great was humanities rage that they were torn to pieces many not even realizing they were going to die.

Commander Roma moved her ship forward to engage the Cylon Destroyer. It fired its heavy guns at her ship but she was not backing down. That beast of a ship was not getting close to the planet to begin strafing runs. Her own ship fired its main guns. She winced as her ship shook. It was not really designed to slug it out with such a vessel. However she was not backing down. Just then the Kali came in behind the Cylon vessel it began to fire on it. The ancient Colonial destroyer was once more fulfilling its role as a ship killer. Its large main gun fired several angry shots attempting to draw off the Cylon. As it fired the Night Hawk II joined the battle making it three against one and the Cylons ships chances of survival suddenly fell. While Cylon destroyers were tough vessels even they could not stand against such high rate and power as it was fired upon. The ship began to move intent on escaping. It suddenly hit full power and charge the Spartan ship. Roma cursed and dove for the controls as a volley of fire knocked the pilot out of the chair. Damn it. Atraities is going to kill me she thought as she pulled the stick hard to the left hopping to roll out of the way. Even as the ship moved its missile ports opened and fired on the Cylon destroyer. It jumped away firing but it was close almost to close as the Missiles hit. There was a flash and suddenly the Cylon vessel was no more. However taking it out came at a very high cost as the Spartan ship was afire and drifting in space seemingly dead; there was a shock as the battle froze.
Rorke who had been flying off to the left of the larger ships battle cursed loudly and in several languages. Commander Roma was a dear friend of his family and he hated the idea that she and her ship might be lost. More importantly she had acted to defend them all and he ….he swallowed hard and spun his ship around hitting his turbos he raced to scan the ship.

On board there were fires on several decks. The assistant engineer cursed as he stumbled to his feet. Of course the boss would not be here today. Damn it all. He coughed and demanded. "What's the damage? Contact the bridge, Evans get that fire out now."

"Aye Sir, we got no communications sir. Internal scanners are down. Ah, wait I'm rerouting now. Ok we got it. Damn sir Major Kline we got fires on three decks."

"Are fire teams on it?"

"Yeah looks like sir, ah there's a huge hole on the port side. Storage area beta 7, looks like we got lucky sir it was only holding some food no ammo or anything like normal. I mean if it had its normal supplies…."

"Yeah we so would not be having this conversation. Glad Atraties moved the ammo."

"Ok start working on repairs. Evans you are in charge. I got to get to the bridge."

"Major take the back way. Main areas are hit bad some are on fire. Sir it's going to be a fight. I wish…"

"Yeah well he's out visiting the tin heads so we will just have to hold down the fort. Sides I don't want to survive if we lose this ship he would kill us for sure."

There was uneasy laughter at that but the well trained crews began repairs at once. Every crewmen knowing that the repairs had to be done quickly and efficiently because the battle was far from over.

Roma groaned and rolled over her left arm at a strange angle. It was clear she had broken at least several wrist bones as they broke through the skin. She bit back a cry of pain knowing she had no real time to deal with it now. She struggled to her feet and shouted."Status report Lt. Janus?"

"Commander we have taken several really bad hits. We are down to emergency power. We have hull breaches on several decks. Casualty reports are coming in now. So far it appears to be wounded no one was lost as of yet."

Roma sighed with relief but knew that that could quickly change."How are weapons and engines?"

"Light speed generators are on line however we lost port thrusters and weapons. They should back on line in 15-20 centons."

"Tell them to make it quicker. We are sitting ducks here. Recall the Stingrays to cover us on the port side. The Cylons will come in hard when they realize we cannot keep them back."

"Already on it Ma'am," Lt. Janus said "We got calls from the Kobol's Shield they want to know if we need help?"

"Tell Commander Noah it be appreciated but to hold off I think I have an idea. We need cover I want to jump away from here warn our people and the colonials. Maybe we can catch some tin heads in the back wash."

"Yes Commander."Lt. Janus sent the message.

Commander Noah received it and smiled it was a good plan. He certainly did not want a ship that badly wounded to stay and fight if there was an alternative. "Dara tell Roma we will move in to cover their withdrawal."

"Yes sir." Came the reply. Dara sighed with relief and hoped her friend was ok. She also had to admit the plan might just take a few raiders with them. Well they could hope.

"On my mark one, two, three Mark," Roma ordered and the ship jumped to light speed and away from the battle covered by their command ship.

As Roma hoped a dozen Cylon raiders were destroyed by the sudden move her ship appeared on the far side of the battle field and quickly picked up several vipers, stingrays and jaguars to refuel. The long range guns fired on the Cylon Base ship that was hiding behind a phanax of raiders.

The Base ship shook and the IL in charge was shocked. Hathor had planned on staying away from the battle to observe. However the sudden attack caught his ship unaware. However Cylon Base ships are durable machines so they withstood the attack.

"Centurion sound the retreat. " He had made his point and was not about to parish to bloody the human's noses. He frowned and decided his series mate Spectre was at fault for the human colloquialisms that had found their way to his vocabulary. He would need to arrange a purge soon. However for now he had made his point and gathered much data for the Imperious Leader to decipher. It was time to ensure his survival while costing the humans. He ordered the raiders to begin suicide runs. Perhaps they would get lucky and take out these humans.