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Lost Tribes Of Kobol

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Part119 Debriefing

The attack had been repelled but the cost had been high. Many humans on all the twelve worlds had been lost to the Cylon war machine. However it was a wakeup call to all of them. They had become complacent and paid a heavy price for it. This fact was not lost on any of the gathered command staff. They all sat on the Kobal's Shield exhausted but glad they survived. It had been a close thing but in the end the Cylons had only really intended this to be the first volley in a much longer campaign. A Campaign that reminded everyone that the Cylons were not an enemy to underestimate or ignore, they had in fact sent far more forces this time then they had at Scimatar a fact that was not missed by those gathered. However this time Humanity was not caught completely off guard and this time they had been far more ready to fight. This fact had saved them. Adama looked at Noah who had offered to host this meeting due to some lingering hard feelings. Noah knew his elder brother was still not completely off the hook with many for his retreat. While it had been the best choice given the circumstances many had been left behind and they had not all been happy at the return of the Colonials. Noah knew that it would take time for trust to be reestablished even if in the end Adama's choice had given humanity the best chance of survival. He himself would have made the same choice but many would not or could not understand that a leader had to weigh unattainable choices sometimes. If having this meeting on his ship prevented the alliance from shattering he would do so. He also knew that the return of the Galactica with news that they had secured the Hazari shipyards and found survivors would perhaps allow the Colonial people to see that they were making progress.

"Well we survived." Roma said she was clearly tired and her hand was casted showing just how much they had paid to win. "My ship can and will be repaired."

"Yeah, we did." Captain Decker said. "While I will be the first to admit I have some issues still with the Galactica and her return I am glad they were here. Even if you did come to the battle a bit you Commander for standing with us in this fight it likely helped us all survive."

Adama nodded to the man. He knew he was still angry that he had left the Colonies. He had left them at Scimatar and then led the battle to take back the ship yard they needed. He had chosen to leave Commander Cain there to secure the Hazari shipyard to give them a chance to rebuild. In a way Adama did not really blame anyone for being angry and perhaps doubting them. However at Scimitar he had no choice. He regretted it from that day on. In retrospect he often wondered if he could have done something differently. Eve took his hand and gave it a squeeze. 'You led them away Adama. Took resources away from the Colonies it bought them time to hide and rebuild.'

Adama inclined his head; neither, agreeing or disagreeing. He made a choice right or wrong he had to live with it. Now was not the time to debate that issue. It was also not the time to wonder if tthey should have gone on the offensive. The decision had been made and fortunately they had succeeded. "Your people fought well. I think in time we can create protective wings for each planet. With the Hazari Ship yards intact we can begin building Capital ships to keep the Cylons away. Those facilities will be on line even faster than those we have in the Colonies. In fact we have several ships that are partially built. We can also perhaps find lost or forgotten storage facilities which will hopefully have vipers and shuttles we can bring back into service."

"That's a good plan Commander. We have people out searching for more lost storage facilities. Maybe with your return we can find some more?"

"Tigh do we have any locations of such facilities?"

"Yes sir, we have issued some intelligence. I think however that Captain Decker at least on Taurus has found most of their facilities."

"Maybe, unless there are some like we had father." Adamaris said "Surely the doctor was not the only one to make back up plans. I mean we know Commander Cain did as did you and our Aunt."

"Well who would have done that on our world?" Decker asked. He clearly had not considered this. He looked over at his Colonel who seemed deep in thought as well.

Colonel Dancer was clearly thinking about this but he was withholding comment for the moment.

"I am not sure. Has anyone spoken to the Council? Maybe some of them may have an idea?" Athena offered. She seemed to be thinking hard. "Maybe some of the other commanders both those that were active and those that retired, I mean I can't see some of them not keeping at least their personal craft, I mean the Old High Command did let you have a personal Shuttle Father. I also know that Commander Kronos had his own ship as well."

"Athena has a point. I mean how many retired that were command staff or maybe even those in supply." Starbuck said. "I mean those supply guys they could get anything. I mean how many times did they…ah… well I had them find stuff for my ship and sometimes other stuff."

The others looked at Starbuck who suddenly looked everywhere but at the various commanders.

Apollo looked pensive and then said."Yeah know Starbuck has a point. I mean before we shipped out, I ah had asked Sgt. Clayton looking for some parts for me. You all know my hobby working on the Celestial Dome. He had contacts throughout the fleet and was trading for the parts I need. He said something about a retired Warrant Officer he knew who might know someone who could find the parts in his ah…private collections. Then Siress Bellemy had that generator we used to get the seedings in trade from Boralus."

Adama blushed at that reminder it had not been one of his better moments. "Well perhaps we should make a fleet wide announcement. Maybe some of our people here have such collections that are still on our worlds."

Starbuck looked around trying hard to look innocent. He had to admit he had been a bit shocked that his solution to that problem had worked. Maybe being a bit immature and selfish and had its advantages at times. He began to think about that some more maybe they could use that. Self interest was a strong motivator after all.

"Well it's worth a shot." Noah said."At the worst they may have been found or destroyed but, a private collection might have been missed by the Cylon raids."

"Yeah cause they would be well protected and hidden." Starbuck said thinking about some of his former contacts. "My father might even know some people."

Everyone once more looked at the blonde pilot. Sometimes his less then savory past was useful.

"Perhaps you could ask him?" Adama said not wanting to pressure his son's best friend's father. However he had to agree that given the man's past it was highly possible he did have access to such information. Both as a legitimate business man and as a hustler, he suddenly had another thought. "Maybe ask if he knows anyone from the Hazari?"

"I can, I will. Ah maybe he might know some others as well." Starbuck offered.

"Well we have some contacts too." Captain Decker said. It was clear he did not like the idea of trading with those contacts but it was also clear that sometimes they had no choices.

"Captain while I can see you have some issues you and I both know that some of the raiders/Pirates were not all bad. Some of them did trade fairly and honestly." Colonel Dancer said. He clearly wanted to ease his squadron commander's mind a little. "What about Commander Adrianna's people perhaps they to had hidden catches?"

Adama said nothing he would not judge the survivors harshly because the one thing touring the different worlds showed was that survival had been difficult and that many had made choices that they hated to survive. While a part of Adama hated the idea that some of his people had likely made questionable alliances those same alliances had saved many lives. In the end humanity survived and he was not going to condemn anyone until and unless he had proof they were traitors to humanity and even then….it might not be fair to judge them because after all they had taken Micah back. It was a decision that still troubled his conscious deeply but, he had decided to let the Creator judge the man once known as Baltar because weather he liked it or not Commander Micah was not the same man. He was a hero and he had saved many of Noah's people. He had faced and defeated Iblis chosen warrior in Mortal combat something that Adama himself had not considered doing. Adama wondered if perhaps he should have taken on Iblis, however he was wise enough to know that he would have lost as Iblis was not an ordinary human. Despite his many gifts Adama was not an Angel or a God and he feared that Iblis was evil as a devil if not one himself. No the situations had been different and he and Micah had both made the best choices they could. Each man had done what they could to protect the humans in their care. It was for that reason that Adama was willing to try to forgive Baltar/Micah and let him begin a new life. It was also the fact that he had a family now. It was not something Adama had any desire to destroy. Yes he had lost his beloved wife Illa but his son Zach had been restored to him along with his granddaughter and now his newest children. He would not judge.

"We will find new allies and new sources of the things we need." Adama said."Have faith in our ability to adapt. It is humanities greatest strength along with our compassion. We will rebuild and we will create a society that can and will protect all our people. Adrianna what do you think?"

"Maybe I don't know. It's worth checking into however." She looked at Zan who seemed to consider the possibility and perhaps a few of his old contacts as well. Lord knows the man had once been a true scavenger for their ship.

"I agree with Commander Adama we can make this work." Tigh interjected "We just have to think outside the box. Lord Knows that certain warriors have made a career out of that." He gave Starbuck and Apollo a hard look.

The others began to laugh as this made everyone lighten up. It reminded them all that they had options.


Commander Cain walked along the production lines. He smiled as he noted several ships were almost ready. He looked over at Croft who had secured the facilities for them. "Good work this facility is mostly intact."

"Thank you sir, we were lucky I think. I have some good news sir. We have found a lot more survivors then we thought. In fact we have found out that the last IL was actually trying to help heal the humans he had working for him. He needed them to produce the ships so he began taking better care of them. In fact they have a lot of food and medical supplies stored here as well as ship building supplies. It seems the IL was purchasing them from various pirates. If we can find them maybe they will know if there are more survivors out there."

"Good see what you can find out from the survivors. Do we have any engineers?"

"Yes sir the Chief of the ship yards is alive. He was knocked out in the raid but the docs says he will be ok. She/they said to tell you his head is almost as hard as yours sir. Ah…sorry sir but I ah… well sir you know."

Cain laughed at that. "Well I can see my beloved wife won't let me get a big head."

"Ah sir they both said it."

Cain roared with laughter. "Well then he should be up in no time. If the line can be activated we might have three new ships faster than we hoped for. Send Commander Adama a message about this. We might need to steal Sire Uri back for a bit. Or maybe he can at least send the wish list."

"Yes sir." Croft said. "I know all the Planets want at least a couple of ships in orbit to protect them."

"They aren't the only ones Croft. I love it to because frankly I would rather be hunting Cylons."

"You and me both sir, we owe them some payback."

Cain nodded. He knew that like many Croft had lost someone he loved to the Tin Heads. He would definitely want pay back. It was something Cain understood and would help him achieve. Besides he liked the man even if he was a ground pounder.