"He tried to do what?!" came the angry tone of Harry Potter, declaiming across several heavens and afterlives. The response to this, among the smarter of the deities that were in charge of the areas that heard this voice was to schedule an immediate vacation. On the other side of the multiverse.

Surprisingly, several demon dimensions allowed these various gods to visit without problem when they heard that Mr. Black was...not in a good mood. This was the one thing that could have the denizens of Heaven and Hell co-operate. Unprecedented really, as many of these beings were on opposite sides, and tended to at least battle whenever they met. The truce was just to preserve their own existences.

"He killed Galatea, and he's done something to Kara." came reply.

"I think I'll have to have a...discussion with him." came a growl.

Kala Inze backed away a bit. She knew her daughter was dating Death, but this intense anger was not something that she expected. It was like a weight had fallen over everything, and was not very pleasant. "I, wasn't able to find Tea, in any of the afterlives. She at least deserves more."

The walking skeleton before her turned and growled back, "Don't worry. She will be avenged. No one hurts a member of my family without paying a steep price."

"And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

In the years that followed, many people considered the confrontation to be the defining moment of the universe. It was the start of a new age, weather of prosperity or not was questionable. It did not, however, start with the meek and peaceful as is so often lauded by the Christian church.

Across the world, where portals opened with a loud boom, beings akin to demons came. The world became engulfed in a war that, for once, was truly not of their own making, nor of the making of any being of the planet, or associated with the planet. As they came, they called, clamoured, and told the masses below them that the time had come to worship the true god, Darkseid.

There was an almost immediate response. In the past, the league had been caught off guard, and they were again, but this time they at least had deployment plans in place. War had been declared and they were not about to let their planet be destroyed.

Darseid was pleased. His attack on this world, the one which was somehow the centre of a many incidents which seemed to affect the cosmos was going well. He was especially pleased with his new Fury as she spread destruction around his own landing zone in Metropolis. She would be the point upon which Superman would be killed, or he would be forced to kill his own family. Either way, he would have his revenge on the so-called "Man of Steel" and if he happened to survive, would be vulnerable enough to fully eliminate with his Omega Beams.

Yes, the future of his new domain, upon which he could finally learn the true secrets of the Anti-Life equation were well in progress.

"Hello, Darkseid," said the dry, emotionless voice that he knew well. "Welcome back to the land of the living."

"Metron. What do you want now?" stated an angered New God.

"Knowledge. However, I thought you should know that your recent actions may have long term consequences. Both for you and your people."

Darkseid snorted and turned towards the seated busybody. "Are you planning something against me, just to observe a reaction, or as an experiment?"

Metron folded brought his hands together just under his chin. "Nothing so drastic as that. I am neutral in all affairs, and am only giving you fair warning and advice, as always."

The dark being laughed at that. "No matter what, you have always said the truth, and you have always admitted that your one true passion is for knowledge. What is your warning."

Metron sat back in his chair, "Events have been happening on Earth recently, ones which involve the one being which may be said to best represent the 'anti-life equation' in all known forms. However, your actions with this war on Earth, and with individuals that you have encountered or targeted this day may lead to your downfall. I would advise you and your hosts to leave before he becomes more than annoyed."

For the first time, since he had been resurrected, Darkseid, the leader of Apokalypse, laughed. To think, Metron, the most neutral party of the New Gods would allow a being which encompasses the Anti-Life equation to escape. "Leave. I will take this under advisement."

"As you wish, Darkseid. As you wish."

Something was wrong.

The plan was going correctly, at least as far as the entity could tell, but

some factor was off, and if not corrected, would delay, or destroy, any hope of reconciliation.

But it had interfered as much as it could.

The plan, which had already been thrown off at least once in the millenia, was again in jeopardy.

The reconciliation would happen. Of that the being had no doubt.

But would it happen as it wanted it to, was now the question.

Metron pondered the inevitable.

He had been around since the First World, as it was called, and it was only after the creation of the Fourth World that he even knew something had gone wrong.

Unfortunately, he had not been able to discover what it was. This was the real reason for his neutrality, and for wanting to find the reason for things. He suspected that a large part of the effort was the Anti-Life Equation, of which he had but a tiny bit of the key.

However, it was a key that he could use to help put a stop to this, and to see where everything led.

To that end, he had put a copy of the piece of the equation inserted within a Mother Box, which he had hidden behind the 'Souce Wall'.

Of course, a lot of the equation, as it was built was false. As far as Darkseid knew, the Anti-Life Equation was the removal of Free Will.

However, that was not, in truth, the real anti-life equation.

However, all plans that he had made to, at least temporarily, take Darkseid out of the universal equation until he could ensure that Earth and the universe in itself would be able to protect itself from the being formerly known as Uxas.

Tiredly, he kneaded his head. His job was to observe and find the missing intelligence, not take care of his 'cousin.' Why, in the source's name, couldn't Mr. Black have gone for a vacation in some other reality?

What it started with was one angry boyfriend/potential fiancee being angry enough to call down enough power across the planet to call into question certain prophecies. Across the world, where portals opened, came a response. At first it wasn't large, nor was it particularly involved.

Here and there, a few things happened.

In the southern part of the African continent, there was a large cat. The cat was accompanied by a young woman in a bikini who was a bit too enthusiastic with the...weapon she carried. Of course, it did help that her rather large house cat was causing numerous 'para-demons' to die.

In Egypt, a contingent of warriors was being led by a white cloaked woman. Wherever she pointed or directed, these undead, ancient warriors who seemed to revive themselves attacked numerous para-demons and she herself took on the one who led these destroyers.

In Great Britain, a young man, wearing the shield of his mother, but the clothing design of his father, raced into battle with a sword that had twin snakes with what seemed like flames coming from them. This young man fought, but did his best not to kill or take a life. These attackers, however, did not want to be put down alive, but in pain. In order to save lives, he started to take the lives of his opponents, and the people of London cried out as the Thames ran red with the blood of his enemies. It was as if Merlin's Fortunes were happening, and they were seeing the second coming of Arthur.

A dessert in the US was the point many of the parademons were led where a grinning man with a huge battle axe and a leather jacket. The less said of what happened here the better. However, it would be decades before people crossing it would not see blood, or the remains of blood.

As for the boyfriend himself. Mr. Black. He had taken on Granny Goodness and turned out to be the winner. It was doubtful that Goodness would be able to be revived as her body was dissected from the tip of her head to her feet. He also managed to recover his girlfriend, and after casting some specific spells, she joined him in the effort to get revenge for what happened to their family and friends.

Metropolis, it was hoped, would survive the day.

While everyone was fighting, however, Harry noticed a floating chair that held someone and seemed to be waiting. Curious, and wondering if this could be another enemy, he wandered over. "Who are...Metatron, what are you doing here?"

Metron looked over at Harry, not having heard that particular name in a very long time. "I don't know what you're talking about. The name is Metron."

Harry looked at the chair and one particular symbol on it. "Riiiigggghhht. Look, the situation is serious, so I need to know what The Voice is doing here, and if you're going to help."

Metron, or rather Metatron covered his eyes with one hand and groaned to himself, "I'm waiting for Lex Luthor. He should be here soon."

Harry's eyes narrowed, "I believe I owe him a few things."

"He's necessary. Try not to kill him before his function is done?"

Harry grunted and then a light began to burn. Out of it came Lex Luthor, and following behind were others who had disappeared due to Darkseids Omega Beams. One of those was "Tea?!"

Tea smirked, "I owe Luthor one for helping me to get back. But he knows that I'll take care of him if he crosses the line again. Besides, he's carrying the Anti-Life equation to get rid of Big and Ugly there."

Harry's eyes narrowed, and he went straight over to where Luthor was talking with The Voice. "Luthor, I believe I told you the next time we met, it would be the last time on Earth for you?"

Luthor turned around and gulped. Ok, despite everything, this was one being who he couldn't challenge. At least not at the moment. "Wait! I've got to get this to Darkseid. It's absolutely necessary."

Harry looked at the mother box, and grabbed it. "I'll take that Luthor, and you'll have a pass this time. Darkseid has annoyed me more than you have."

Harry turned and walked over to the dark clad being, "Hello Darkseid. I understand that you want whats in my hand."

The Mother box pinged letting them both know that it contained the Anti-Life equation. However, the Mother box also let it be known that it wanted to stay with Harry.

"I will have the equation to bring peace to the Universe!" the ruler of Apokalypse stated.

"You want the Anti-Life equation? What qualifies you to handle it?" Harry now snarled as his scythe came out to block an Omega Beam.

"I would know best how to implement it. I am the absolute ruler of Apokalypse, and soon will be the absolute ruler of the Universe. There is no life without free will, and I will remove it to ensure that there is absolute, unending peace." Darkseid replied to the query as he avoided a swipe of the blades end. If one could hold and contain a mother box with the anti-life equation, then this was one to be wary of.

"Wrong definition, asshole." was the growl.

"Then what is the definition?"

Harry answered, "It's simple. It's an equation that everyone on this world knows, and if you asked properly anyone would be willing to answer. I am it's living representation. I provide it when needed, and hope that all living will never need it. Think. The 'Life Equation's' opposite is the 'Anti-Life Equation'. So, what is the opposite Life? The answer is me. Mr. Black."

With that, Harry's scythe managed to take off one of Darkseids hands.

"By the way." Harry said as he took off Darkseids other hand. "You can call me by my job, Death."

With that, Harry's weapon took off the Head of Darkseid, entrapping his soul within it. "I'll have to make a special hell just for you. Attacking my family makes me very angry."