Title: Alone in the Dark

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Notes: It's been years since I watched the movies. That said, this is for Nat who said I should write a Zenon fic when I asked her last night. Since it has been years, I didn't think I could do a story dealing with all of the lingo and all the characters… so this is what I came out with. This is a challenge response, to write a story in 15 to 20 minutes. My challenge idea was "Alone in the dark." It is unbeta'd but has been spell/grammar checked and read through.

Summary: Margie Hammond has some regrets during her first night on the spay stay.


Margie Hammond pressed her hand against the window. She could see the imperfect reflection of herself and the disarray of her brand new room behind her. Beyond that was the slowly spinning planet that she had been on just that morning.

Had she really only been up on the 'spay stay' for a day?? Unbelievable! How could she be there for so little time… and feel like she did?

She drew back the hand and slapped the window, able to see a pout on her face. It was a look that was exceedingly familiar on her face – and one she hated. Sure, she used it to get her way around her Daddy, but she was getting tired of playing the perfect little girl to him.

Not that she was going to change that! No way! That would make her life total pancake dust. She could get away with so much, just doing puppy-dog eyes and pouting.

But it still got on her nerves, being treated like a little girl without a brain cell in her head. What was the use of being so completely pampered that no one was willing to be around her?

That was why she'd begged Daddy to take her up to the station.

And the stellar bonus? Zenon Kar was there!

Not that she'd ever admit that to the blonde.

No, it was better that the girl didn't know… But it was one of the major selling points of space. It definitely wasn't the shopping opportunities. Or the scholastic advantages that Daddy had mentioned.

The blonde was one of the first kids in years to not bow down to Maggie, cowing before the power of her father. Yes, she had used the power and money to her advantage, but as much as Zenon's defiance had infuriated her… she had appreciated it.

It was lonely on the top… and there was no disputing that she was on the top of her particular little social circle. It also wasn't all that challenging. Sure, she had to challenge the others to stay there, but what scared her was what she'd seen happen in other groups. That had made her fight even more.

So many times the leader of a group had faltered, being pushed to the side of the group before falling completely out. Forgotten.

That was what scared the hell out of her.

She couldn't be forgotten.

She just couldn't!

So when Zenon had left… she had seen her chance. She could come up on the space station with her Daddy and see just what it was like to have friends who didn't care who her daddy happened to be. She could be just like a real kid.

And then what had happened? Her Daddy had taken a simple request and twisted it. She'd mentioned knowing Zenon from Earth and would have liked her to show her around… And her Daddy made it an order. She'd put a pleased smile on her face, acted just like Zenon Kar had expected her to.

What else could she do?

Now she was trapped. All the way up here on the space station, all of her friends down on the planet before her. The people here didn't even know her well enough to pretend they cared.

She was stuck because of the puppy-dog eyes and the pout.


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