"Knocked Up"

Fuu groaned as she rolled over in her makeshift bed, her hand now pausing in order to push the sweat-matted hair away from her eyes to relieve her of her discomfort. It was so damn hot outside, yet there was absolutely nothing she could do besides strip completely naked, and that definitely was not an option. Jin wouldn't say anything, of course, but Mugen would, and for that reason alone she absolutely refused to give in to her distress.

As her eyes roved across the campsite, Fuu became slightly perturbed to find that Mugen's bedroll was lying beside hers completely untouched.

'Where on earth could that idiot have gone?' she wondered, irritably folding her arms beneath her breasts as she made the minor note that Jin was still there. 'Perhaps to some brothel? It wouldn't surprise me at all, but why would he need to do that when I'm right here? Whoa, wait a minute! What am I saying!? Fuu, you are officially revoked of ALL thinking privileges!'

Clapping her hands over her ears as if to stop the disturbing thoughts from invading her mind, Fuu crossly rose from her bedroll and glanced about her at her surroundings. If she remembered correctly, they had passed a stream on the way to their current campsite, so on the plus side, if she actually chose to look for the big hairy jerk, she could at least take a quick swim in the process.

Nodding as if to reaffirm how good her idea sounded, Fuu tiptoed past Jin and carefully made her way toward the narrow path in the woods.

After a bit of absent-minded traveling, Fuu finally reached the river, all thoughts of finding Mugen immediately abandoning her as soon as she disrobed and cheerily hung her kimono on a nearby tree branch. No sooner than she had done so, however, a loud splash caught her completely off-guard. Shrieking, Fuu dove behind the tree before finally mustering the courage to chance a peek, her eyes widening to comical proportions the moment she spotted the man of her recent thoughts completely naked and splashing about like a child.

'Ok, Fuu, just calm down – it's not like you haven't seen all that before' she inwardly reminded herself. 'I mean, it's completely normal to think about your guy friends being naked, so you should be happy that you're seeing – oh, no, no, no, NO, you did NOT just go there, missy! Guh-ROSS! Mugen may be well-endowed and all, but – oh, my God! I can't believe I just thought that! I'd rather French kiss that creepy Nagamitsu guy than admit to such a thing! Eww, wait…no I wouldn't. Ugh, why am I still even arguing with myself? This is SO weird, and it's all because of Mugen and his stupid nakedness! Would it kill him to put some pants on!?"

As Fuu continued to war with herself, she made the foolish mistake of taking a sudden step to her right, a brittle snap now jolting her to her senses as Mugen spun around in what appeared to be his pathetic 'naked attack mode'. Once he realized who it was, however, an evil smile came to his lips before he lowered his arms and lewdly jutted his pelvis forward.

"So you're spyin' on me now, too, eh? I'm awful flattered an' all, but this is a little much – I'm so vulnerable and defenseless" Mugen teased, now mocking Fuu's pose by bringing his arms across his chest.

Fuu childishly stamped her foot at this before growling, "If you even had a full name, I'd so be shouting it right now, Mugen! Have you no shame? I'm trying to take a bath!"

"Well so am I!" Mugen defended, smirking as he flopped back down into the water with an exultant splash. Noting her peeved expression, he added, "If you're not gonna be nice you can just go ahead and leave, but if you are…" he grinned wickedly. "…I'm completely willing ta share."

Fuu gasped. "Oh! The nerve of you! Do you actually think that I'm like one of your common whores!?" When Mugen opened his mouth to speak, she hurriedly corrected, "No, don't answer that – just shut up and move as far away from me as possible so I can come in!"

"Atta girl" Mugen purred, his eyes glinting ferally within the moonlight as he lazily did a back stroke toward the other side of the river. As he did so, a certain body part unabashedly became exposed, Fuu shrieking as she covered her eyes and plowed into the water as fast as her long legs could carry her.

"Mm, someone's eager."

"Shut up!" she hissed, still covering her eyes with one hand as she felt through the air with the other. She knew that she needed to distance herself from the Ryukyuan as much as humanly possible, yet she was completely unwilling to look at him in order to do so. Since this was a foolish idea to begin with, Fuu eventually tripped over her own two feet and went sailing into the water headfirst.

Laughing like a hyena, Mugen lamely remarked, "Well gee, Fuu, I know that most girls tend to fall for me an' all, but this is just gettin' ridiculous!"

"Ugh, shut up, Mugen!" Fuu shirked, her temples pounding as she wiped the river gunk from her flushed face. As far as she was concerned, the next person – aka MUGEN – to royally piss her off would get his nose ripped off and fed to Momo!

When Fuu finally realized that Mugen hadn't retaliated with some sort of washed-up comeback, she allowed her gaze to warily take in her surroundings before conceding that he was nowhere to be found.

'Great' she thought. 'I'm cold, naked, in the middle of a river with muck in my hair, and am most likely being spied on by the biggest perve in the history of Japan. Can this night get any worse!?'

In accordance with Fuu's thoughts, two spindly arms wrapped about her bare waist before submerging her completely, her cries for help immediately becoming muffled by each intake of water that she accidentally ingested. Somehow amidst her terror, Fuu made the sardonic note 'death by pervert' in her mind, her lungs finally being given their desired oxygen the moment she and her attacker resurfaced.

Coughing and sputtering, Fuu moved to give Mugen a nice smack across the face, only to stop short the moment she felt his long, slender fingers brush against her entrance in an act that suggested both vulgarity and innocence.

Biting her lip, Fuu made a motion to pull away, only to feel his grasp tighten about her waist with a possessiveness that dared to be questioned.

"Mugen" Fuu gasped, "what…what are you doing?"

The Ryukyuan merely bit at her fluttering pulse in return, the warm callouses of his hands palming her breasts before he placed his arousal longingly against the small of her back.

"Mugen…please, I-"

"Shut up, Fuu" he growled, thus silencing her in an instant. "I never got what I wanted from you earlier, and as I recall, you were left pretty darn unsatisfied, too."

Fuu stiffened. "How dare you accuse me of being like some wanton whore when I…when I…" She inhaled sharply as his fingers began to expertly penetrate her slick desire, her cheeks becoming rosy as she tried her damndest to fight off a low moan of pleasure.

"When you what?" Mugen taunted, now darting his tongue out in order to lick at the salty flesh of her neck.

Closing her eyes, Fuu blindly reached behind her and tangled her fingers within his hair, a soft gasp escaping her lips the moment she innocently began to grind her backside against his nether regions.

Releasing a low moan of contentment due to Fuu's actions, Mugen dug his hands into her hips as he began to mimic her motions and grind into her just as vigorously.

Whimpering, Fuu felt the heat of his lips sear across the flesh in between her shoulder blades, her legs growing progressively weaker as he teasingly traced her opening with his fingertips. "Mugen" she panted, "Mugen, please…what if Jin sees us?"

"Who cares? It might actually make 'im a man" the Ryukyuan retorted, his hands drifting up over her torso before grasping and kneading at her breasts. "'Sides, I know you've been achin' for this for a long time, now – I've caught you lookin' at me every night for the past week."

Fuu snorted. "Well that's only because I can't believe how incredibly ugly you are, Mugen! You look like a monkey's ass!"

"Hey! I do not!" Spinning her roughly around, Mugen melded her lower body snugly against his own before placing his lips at her ear. "If I'm so ugly" he countered, "why aren't you able to resist me, huh?"

Fuu blushed. "I-I am! You're the vilest thing on the face of this earth, and…mmph…Mugen!"

Grinning wickedly, the vagrant continued to force her to ride the girth of his knuckles, her hips frantically swiveling about as he felt her try to climax with what little pleasure he was currently providing.

Fisting his hand within her hair, Mugen brought Fuu's face close to his so that there lips were mere inches apart. "Do you want me?" he rasped, his tone soft, yet incredibly husky.

Fuu swallowed. "I…I…"

"Do you want me!?"

"Yes!" she screamed, her arousal so strong that she nearly cried. "Just please don't tell Jin, Mugen – I want you so badly right now, but-"

That did it. Melding his lips feverishly against her own, Mugen plundered her mouth and licked at her roving tongue, his pulsing erection pressing longingly against her torso as he angled his mouth roughly over hers.

"Mugen" Fuu gasped, "oh, Kami…"

Smirking into their kiss, the Ryukyuan cupped Fuu's bottom as he felt them staggering backwards, a low groan of contentment escaping his lips the moment she used her unclothed hips to maneuver him down into the water.

"Fuu" Mugen panted, "oh, fuck…"

Rocking her hips seductively along his enflamed erection, Fuu sucked his lower lip into her mouth before placing several open-mouthed kisses along his cheek and neck. Steadying herself by leaning against Mugen's shoulders, Fuu surprised them both by slipping and accidentally sinking down onto his sensitive member.

Throwing her head back amidst a pleasure-filled moan, Fuu felt her wetness welcome Mugen fully inside her as her fleshy walls parted in order to encompass his entire girth. Panting and gasping for breath, she ignored the pain as his fingernails dug into her hips while she rode him, his angled thrusts driving her over the edge and instilling within her head a deliriously dizzying sensation.

Nipping at Fuu's fluttering pulse, Mugen growled lowly in her ear before latching himself onto her right nipple, her arms wrapping securely about his head as she gasped and abruptly melted into him. It all just felt so good, so…so…

"Mugen!" she cried, by now in tears, "Oh, Kami, Mugen, please! I need you to…to…" She couldn't finish.

Sharing a lustful shout, both Mugen and Fuu felt a tremendous burst of heat coil within their bellies, Fuu seeing small flecks of color beneath her eyelids as her release erupted deep within her in several spasmodic pulses of untamed desire.

Cursing in his native tongue, Mugen gripped Fuu by the hips before emptying his seed deep inside her again and again, her soft lips covering his own in an act to both quiet and satisfy her lover as she fondly cupped his cheeks.

"Shit, girly – I came so much I think my balls are completely flat!" Mugen groaned, wincing once Fuu gave him a rough smack on the arm.

"Ugh, you are so disgusting, Mugen! And here I was, actually thinking that you were going to be romantic!"

Mugen grinned. "Well I guess you learned a valuable lesson then, huh, Fuu? Don't get on the horse unless you're willing to ride it!"



Jin, meanwhile, continued to lie unmoving in his bedroll, his eyes wide and completely bloodshot as he gripped at his blankets in utter exasperation.

'Those sounds were completely unnatural – what kind of animal could possibly make so much noise?' he wondered, shaking his head as he desperately fought to fall back asleep. 'Perhaps I should go and wake the others to get their input on this. At least that way I'll…wait a minute!'

Sitting up with a start, Jin placed his glasses over his eyes as he surveyed Fuu and Mugen's empty bedrolls, his face immediately drooping in disgust as the sudden realization dawned on him as to what was going on. With a snort, the ronin rolled back over in his sleeping mat and placed a pillow over his head, now squeezing his eyes tightly closed as he prayed to Kami that he would be struck both deaf and blind by morning.

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