In the center of the shimmering clear Ruby-Blue Sea, sits the island of Hentori. From the rocky ground of Birds Head Cliffs in the north to the Fire Flame Mountains and Fisherman's Village in the south, the island is filled with adventure and mystery. It is also filled with danger. With Metoria and Felanorsh in deep turmoil, fighting over who is right and who is wrong, the Goblin Colonies have taken their chance to take over. Building up factories and capturing innocent creatures to be put to work as slaves, the Goblins begin to take down their enemies. With both Metoria and Felanorsh blind to what is happening; Pafortia has already begun to prepare for their departure of the island to escape the war and havoc that will be breaking out soon enough.

Surrounding islands also have noticed what has been happening, especially the Island of Knowledge which is the closest island to the mainland and has the most contact with Hentori as well. The Island of Knowledge is full of scholars and though wish to help the land with the goblins, they do not wish to fight. The Pafortians are suspected to go there to escape, though it is not sure. There are 9 other islands that are close to Hentori; six of which are a part of the '6 Stepping Stones' and are to the north and three to the south of Hentori called the Trentor Islands.

Nothing much is known of these islands, especially the Trentors. Two of the Trentor Islands are inhabitable because of the active volcanoes that sit on them. The center island does of people or creatures on it, but no one comes or goes from there. The only ship that has even venture close enough to see the buildings on the island is the Polly-Suzanne, which is the main ship used to get around. The Stepping Stones have been visited, but no one has ever returned from there. It is rumored that ferocious wild creatures lived there that can never be tamed and should never be approached.

The Island of Hentori is just one big mystery. A mystery, waiting to be discovered and solved.

The mists shall part and the sun shall gleam,

The truth will shine through,

And the stones will break,

Revealing what should and shouldn't be seen.