Title: Twelve Days of Fanfiction 06

Author: Yuggster

Disclaimer: Lord of the Rings is the property of Tolkien Enterprises and New Line Cinema. The song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" isn't mine either...the original, that is.

Summary: Twelve shorties, inspired by the Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas". Ranging from angst to humor, and mostly featuring Legolas and Aragorn.

Author's Note: There are going to be twelve of these, starting now (December 13th) and running until Christmas Eve (December 24th). No offense is meant to those who don't celebrate Christmas...this was something an acquaintance of mine used to do every year (I think she probably still does, but she mostly writes fic for House and Stargate), and I just wanted to pick up the tradition. Anyway, there's no chronological connection between the stories here...just a numerical one.

Don't worry, I haven't stopped working on Fear No Darkness

A Dwarf Stuck in a Tree

"Get me down from here!"

Aragorn shook his head, slowly approaching the blond-headed figure sprawled beneath a tree. "You did it again."

The elf opened one eye to regard the king, then sighed and relaxed a bit more into the grass. "He does it to himself, Aragorn. You know this."

"Blasted elf! Get me down!"

"And you know Gimli does not like to climb trees. Why do you keep making him do it?"

"Make him? I do not make him."

"Then why do the guards keep finding a dwarf stuck in a tree? It is not a natural place for dwarves, Legolas...tell me, what secret is your motivation?"

Legolas gave a snort of laughter. "It amazes me what a dwarf will do when accused of being a coward. Even going so far as to climb a tree which he cannot climb back down."

"Why do you taunt him?" Aragorn asked, lowering himself down to sit by his friend.

"He is such an easy target," Legolas gestured casually. "Besides, Strider, he taunted me first."


"Yes." The elf settled a little more against the ground, resting his hands on his midriff. "He accused me of being afraid to go into his accursed cave."

"Were you?"

Legolas opened one eye again, quirking an eyebrow at the king. "It does not matter."

It was Aragorn's turn to snort in laughter. "Does not matter?"

"No. The point is; I did not get stuck in the cave, but now he is stuck in the tree."

"Help him down, Legolas."

Legolas stretched a bit. "Perhaps later."

Aragorn shook his head. "Now."

"Oh?" the elf propped himself up on his elbows to regard his friend. "And if I do not?"

"You do not wish to see me angry, Elfling."

"Elfling?" Legolas leaned his head back and laughed heartily, bringing a smile to Aragorn's face. "I have seen you angry...I have also seen my father angry and you, Aragorn, cannot compare."

"Perhaps not," Aragorn sighed, climbing to his feet. "But if I were you, I would help him now."


"Because if you do not I will...and word spreads quickly in this city, Legolas. What sorts of rumors would you like Gimli to spread about you?"

Legolas jumped to his feet as Aragorn reached up for one of the branches. "Now, Gimli!"

Aragorn glanced up, catching a full bucket of cold water in his face. He spluttered, blinking and shaking his head as Gimli plummeted out of the tree to land on the ground with a loud crash.

"And that is for letting me think kicking that blasted horse would make him slow down!"

The king coughed, wiping water out of his eyes. "Gimli?"

He heard Legolas laughing, and glanced up to see the elf helping the dwarf to his feet. "You should know by now, Strider...dwarves have long memories."

Aragorn leapt to his feet with a roar as his two friends took off down the path away from him. "So do men, Legolas! I will repay you for this!"

Happy Holidays!