Title: The Boy in the Theme Park

Rating: PG- PG13

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones. I do own the plot to this story and Season 1 on DVD though. I don't own Disney World. Any mentions of things in Disney World are from personal experience and they are owned by the Walt Disney Company.

Summary: When Booth and Parker are in Disney World, a body is found and Booth brings Bones down to Florida to help him solve the murder.

This is my first fanfic ever, so please if you don't like it give me instructive criticism so I can fix some things and hopefully make it better.

Chapter 1

Temperance Brennan walked into her office expecting an easy day identifying bodies from World War II. There were no cases with Booth because he had taken the week off to go to Florida with Parker.

She had just gotten the body out and set it up on her table when she heard the familiar sound of men's shoes hitting the floor. The steps were coming towards her, they were loud and quick. There was only one person she knew that walked like that.

"Bones." he exclaimed.

"Booth, what are you doing here?" she questioned "I though you were supposed to be at some theme park somewhere in Florida"

"Can't I just come and visit my favorite forensic anthropologist?" he questioned with a smirk on his face.

"I can't be your favorite forensic anthropologist because I am the only forensic anthropologist you know." she said, not getting the joke.

"It's a joke Bones." Booth said smiling.

"I don't see how that is funny, but whatever. Why are you here?" she questioned becoming agitated.

"Well, Parker and I were in Disney World, and someone found a body" he said sadly.

"A child's?" she questioned.

"Yeah, that is why it is an FBI case. When the body was found they called the FBI and they knew I was already in Disney World so they called me and told me to fly back up here for the day and get you to come back with me." Booth explained.

"So let me get this straight, you want me to go down to Disney World with you to solve a murder? By the way, where is Parker?"

"Yeah, I mean come on what are you going to be doing while I'm gone? Just identifying bodies from wars a long time ago, can't they just wait another couple of days? To answer you other question, Parker is out in the lab with Zach watching him work on his robot." Booth said.

"Fine." She said getting annoyed. "I'll come with you, just give me a minute to out these bones away. Oh, we will also need to stop by my place before we leave so I can pack"

"Okay, I'll go get Parker and save him from being corrupted into a Squint by Zach." Booth said "Meet me out in front of the lab in five minutes or else I am sending Parker in here to drag you out."

"Alright, I promise. Five minutes." Bones said.

As Booth left and Temperance started putting the Bones away and packing up her stuff she couldn't help but wonder how Booth could get her to do whatever he wanted her to do every time. Not that she minded going places with Booth, but she also enjoyed her other work identifying war victims. She finally put all of the bones away and got the equipment she needed to bring to Florida and exited her office.

As she left she saw Booth and Parker talking to Angela telling her what was going on and why Bones needed to leave. I walked up to them and said "Okay, I'm done packing up my stuff from here. When does out plane leave because we still need to stop by my place so I can pack."

"Bones chill okay. The plane doesn't leave for about another four hours so we have plenty of time to stop by your place." Booth said.

"Hiya Dr. Bones, are you coming to Florida with us?" Parker asked looking up at the Forensic Anthropologist.

"Hi Parker." Bones said kneeling down to Parker's level "You can call me Tempe and yes I am coming to Florida with you."

"Yeah!! Daddy did you hear Tempe is coming back to Florida with us? Parker said enthusiastically.

"Yeah, Buddy I did." He said amazed at how much his son was getting along with Bones.

"Okay then, let's go!!" Parker said as he began to walk out of the doors of the lab with Booth and Bones following him.

"Bye Angela. I'll send information to you once I get it" said Bones waling out the door.

"Okay, bye Sweetie. Remember to have a little fun in Florida." screamed Angela out of the door.

Bones, Booth, and Parker walked out of the Jeffersonian Institute and into the parking garage where they got into Booth's customary FBI issued black SUV. Once they were in the car they had a quiet ride to Temperance's place because Parker had fallen asleep and they didn't want to wake him up.

So once they reached Temperance's place they agreed to have Bones go in her apartment and get her clothes packed while Booth sat in the car with Parker. Ten minutes later Bones emerged from her apartment building holding a suitcase full of clothing. She got into the car and they drove towards the airport.

Once they got to the airport, Parker was still sleeping so Booth was carrying him towards their gate. They were over two hours early for their flight so they decided to get something to eat.

"Hey Bones, want to get something to eat?" asked Booth with Parker still sleeping on his shoulder.

"Sure, I saw a pizza place in the food court." said Bones.

"Here Bones, I get the food if you will just hold Parker until I come back." Booth said.

"Are you sure Booth, I'm not very good with children. What if he wakes up and sees me holding him and gets scared?" Bones said with a worried voice.

"Bones, Parker adores you. Didn't you see how excited he was when he learned you were coming back to Florida with us?" Booth asked.

"Okay, I'll hold him, but if he wakes up and is afraid of me for the rest of his life then I'm blaming you." Bones said.

"Thanks Bones." Booth said while handing Parker over to her. "What kind of pizza and drinks do you want?"

"Just plain cheese and a water please." Bones said.

"Okay, I'll be back in a couple of minutes." Booth said walking off toward the food court.

Now that Bones was alone with Parker she though about how much he actually did like her. She did notice how excited he was when he found out that she was coming to Florida with them. She sat content in her thoughts, when she felt the weight shift in her arms. She looked down and saw huge chocolate eyes looking up at her. "Hey Parker, your dad just left to get some food." Bones said in the most comforting voice she could. "He'll be back soon. Okay?"

"Tempe?" Parker asked.

"Yeah, it's me." She said as Parked snuggled back into her arms and went back to sleep. About five minutes after Parker went back to sleep Booth came back with the food. Bones explained to him that Parker woke up and was a little confused where he was and she told him that she was there and he went back too sleep.

Booth picked Parker up off of Bones and set him on the seat next to him and gave Bones her food and they both ate having a quiet conversation making sure not to wake up Parker. After they ate, Booth woke up Parker because it was almost time to board the plane. Parker was a little grumpy after Booth woke him up, but as soon as he heard they were getting on a plane soon he became excited very quickly.

"Flight 143 to Orlando, Florida is now boarding." said the voice over the loudspeaker.

"Come on Parker, it's time to get on the plane" Booth said.

"Yeah!" Parker said excitedly "Come on Tempe" Parker said while grabbing Temperance's hand. Bones took the boy's hand and got and encouraging nod from Booth. "Hey Tempe, why don't you hold Daddy's hand because then we can be in order by height? I'm the shortest, you're in the middle, and Daddy is the tallest."

"Oh, I don't know Parker. I don't know if your Daddy wants to hold my hand." Bones said nervously not knowing if that was the right thing to say.

"Daddy won't mind, he says that you're good friends. Don't good friends hold hands sometimes?"

"Um, I don't know Parker?" said Bones.

"Okay, its easy" Parker said releasing his hand from Temperance's "You take you hand and put it in Daddy's like this" he said while taking Temperance's hand and putting it in Booth's.

Bones was surprised that once Parker put her hand in Booth's making sure they were holding hands, Parker grabbed Temperance's other hand. After Parker let go of both of their hands, Booth kept a hold on her hand lacing his fingers through hers. The three of them walked though the airport to their gate just like that, like a happy family going on a trip.

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