By the time they araviered

Chapter #5

Authors note: Chapter 6 of a "New Family Member" will be posted on 5/23/08.

By the time they arrived at Bobby's house Dean ran up to meet them outside and said, " Something is wrong with Sam, Dad." John ran his hand through his messy hair. " O.K. , what's wrong with Sam?''

Dean had a deep thoughtful look on his face. " Well, he keeps asking for water and the really weird thing is a marking appeared on his neck, like gills." Ellen and Jo ran into the house and yelled at John, "You better get in here and take off your collar John Winchester!" John was a seasoned hunter of the supernatural but these two women looking at him like he was evil incarnate scared him right down to his very core. "All right ladies, I'm coming."

When Dean went into Bobby's house he the saw easy going hunter making a furrow in the hardwood floor by walking back and forth. When he saw John, if looks could kill, Dean knew his dad would be dead as a door nail. " John, why did you use that collar. It's inhuman to use black magic on a living creature." John was taken aback by his friends reaction. "Bobby I am sorry but I still don't trust him. His father killed my wife." After the words left his mouth he regretted it. The whole room went silent. John knew it would be unwise to assist Ellen with the collar, so he silently gave the key to his son.

Dean walked off with Ellen and Jo to the bathroom. The bathroom was eerily quiet with drips of water in the sink. Sam was in the bathtub halfway full of water, fully clothed. Dean gave the key to Ellen and she walked over to the tub with determined steps and proceeded to unlock that hateful collar that she planned to destroy after this was over. Ellen took the collar off of Sam's neck. The moment the collar came off the reactions were immediate; the gills were disappearing. Dean was wondering about what was happening to him because he started thinking of Sam like an adopted younger brother. "Why are his gills going away? What's up with the blue skin?"

Ellen gave him a small smile. " Well, Dean the collar holds a demons power in his or her body. The Demon power collar will reflect the demons personality. Sam's skin is blue which is peaceful, calming. The reason why Sam has gills is because the power has to be released like breathing. The gills are the only reason that Sam is still alive. The demons body would shape itself to fit itself in an environment that he could survive in." The whole room was quiet for what seemed like hours but in reality was only a few minutes.

Sam opened his eyes and he was being held by women he did not know and he saw a blonde teen standing by Dean. The teen realized that he was awake. " Hi, my name is Jo. I am really glad to finally meet you, little brother." The woman holding him suddenly started showering him with kisses. Sam looked at Dean with a question in his eyes "Dean, what's going on?" Dean let Sam be tortured with kisses for a little longer but finally helped Sam out. He reached for Sam. " Ellen, lets give him some space. We just saved him from becoming swamp thing." Sam gave Dean a questioning look. Dean just said, " We will explain everything later." Ellen said " Wait. Words can't express the happiness I have by finally finding my son." Then she gave him a bear hug. Sam returned the hug. " I am glad to find you also, Mother." Jo also joined in the hug. Dean left the small family reunion with a heavy heart.