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Red Velvet

The raven-haired teen shivered under the pressure that was his dance partner for the night, hard echoes of music playing around his body.

Sasuke was never one for crowds, mind you, but clubs were totally different.

Especially when all eyes are on him.


Envy and Lust.

The youngest Uchiha had been blessed with a gift for movement and a body to match that sultry movement. Every Friday night he'd go to his regular club, Red Velvet, and dance till he couldn't move any more.

To anyone who knew the raven-haired youth, this was extremely out of character to his cold exterior. His peers thought he was an ice prince, unable to thrive in social standards on personality alone.

If he wasn't so beautiful not one person would wish to be in his company.

The red tinted light washed over the dance floor, casting sensual shadows over the young raven's face, a familiar song began to seep out from the speakers, a steady beat with dizzying words. A cool rush ran past Sasuke's back, his stranger of a partner left, leaving him to roll his hips and rock his upper body on his own.

Not that he minded every song was danced with a new person.

Sasuke's body rocked and turned at all the right beats, one could easily say that he was a one-man show; a partner would only spoil the view.

The raven's leather clad hips rolled forward as his hands slid down to his bare midriff, sweat making his body glisten in the red light. Soft lips were parted as his breaths only matched his actions, twisting his touch around the hem of his pants.

The Uchiha's actions only proved to catch the dark eyes of an onlooker as he was soon approached from behind, slender hands placing themselves upon the teen's own. Sasuke smirked, just another dance partner that would roll and rock against him, off beat and clumsy.

Much to his surprise, the one behind him moved exactly in tune with him, slender fingers ghosting over sensitive flesh and up under the shirt that hid his chest. Something about this touch made Sasuke shiver, not the kind of shiver he got with someone pointless, no this was a shiver of some worth. Who ever it was that was behind him was probably worth his company.

The song continued to pound in his ears a he felt soft lips caress the shell of his ear, making him give a soft hum of approval. Every touch felt like fire on the skin, as he was pulled closer, feeling the familiar rolling of hips into his, timed perfectly to Sasuke's motions.

This person knew exactly what Sasuke liked, and what made him moan.

Dark eyes fluttered as his head was tilted back to rest upon a shoulder, the only thing reaching his vision were silky like strands of raven colored hair. Sasuke's mind, however, was too far-gone in ecstasy to figure if these strands were of his own bangs or of the strangers.

Well-placed kisses were trailed from his jaw line down his neck, pushing the tightly fitting collar down so he could kiss along the teen's pulse. Sasuke gave a breath and rocked roughly back into his partner.

This person was worth Sasuke's tender sight.

Carefully the teen turned around in the other's arms, His eyes turned up only to have the very lips that were once ravishing his neck to be placed upon his own in a fierce kiss.

Sasuke shivered under the fire behind the kiss, feeling a knee slip between his own legs. His head became more and more clouded as he rocked harshly against the welcome thigh, searching for that sacred of frictions.

A need for air over took his liking for the stranger's taste as he pulled back with half lidded eyes, panting with a heated whimper.

This person had a hold over him.

Just as soon as it had started, the song came to a stop, the stranger lent down and whispered into the teen's ear.

"My how you've grown, otouto…"

Sasuke's eyes shot open, only to be met with cold black ones that matched his own.


The Uchiha recognized his brother, even after 8 years of separation; he couldn't forget those eyes, those dark haunting eyes. Something lingered behind that gaze though, something that scared the Uchiha for reasons only he knew in this crowd of people.

This was his parent's murderer, his reason for being so cold.

Uchiha Itachi.

Sasuke placed two hands firmly on Itachi's chest and pushed with all his might, but it was no use, the elder Uchiha had a hold around Sasuke's waist, and clearly didn't have plans of letting go anytime soon.

"Is that any way to greet your brother after eight long years? I think I enjoyed your earlier greeting."

Itachi shifted his leg slightly, pushing it into the heat that was apparent between Sasuke's legs.

The younger Uchiha faltered and gripped Itachi's shirt.
"T-Tch…. let go of me!" His words came out in a hiss that was hardly threatening.

The bigger of the two ravens lent down and gave a soft kiss to Sasuke's cheek.

"I've changed since I've gotten 'help' for my…. instability, I think you of all people could understand that."

Sasuke shuddered as he recalled the events, which he so wanted to keep in the past.

He'd come home from school and gone upstairs to work on his homework, as any ten year old would.

Sasuke didn't notice how quiet the house was until he'd glanced at the clock.

6:48 pm.

The youth furrowed his brows at the time. Mother usually got home at five, followed closely by Father at six. They'd eat dinner at six fifteen and retreat to do their nightly routine till bedtime at eleven.

Always the same, the slightest change in schedule made the little Uchiha cringe.

Carefully he got up from his chair and opened the door, a certain chilled feeling coursing through him. It wasn't like anything he'd felt before, as it seemed every cell in his body felt the chill.

Small feet took him gracefully down the stairs till he reached the hallway, walking towards the living room.

"It's a large house, two stories, white on Locust…Yes. Yes. I'm not going anywhere you can rest assured."

It was his aniki's voice that reached the little one's ears; he was on the phone with someone, giving them directions to his home.

"Aniki, who are you--…"

Coal eyes widen as he turned the corner into the living room, blood splattering the walls and furniture.

The raven haired teen turned on his heels, hanging up the phone, covered in sickeningly beautiful splatters of blood.

"W-What happened?!" Sasuke's barely had cried out this question as his eyes had fallen upon the mutilated corpse of his mother.

Her body was sprawled out on the floor, stripped bare of all clothing, save for a pair of underwear. Sasuke began to shake as the sight sank in.

She'd been cut open with the finest precision from neck to the stomach, skin peeled back as though being examined in a lab experiment. Her throat had been quite literally shredded, bits of flesh desperately clinging to muscle, her throat was the deathblow and the other was done after.

The shredded body was hardly recognizable, however, all it took was the child's eyes to fall upon the cold lifeless eyes of his mother, her mouth fallen open in a silent scream to know exactly who it was.

Itachi slowly walked over to his otouto, leaning down and wrapping his arms around the younger Uchiha.

"Father is even worse, Sasuke. Spare yourself the trauma."

Sasuke only shook, he knew very well he was in the arms of a murderer, this was obvious as his muscles tensed under the touch.

Itachi's lips hovered over the little one's ear.

"I won't hurt you. The police are on the way."
Thin fingers grasped the little one's chin as he pulled away and looked into his little brother's eyes. A sensation took over him as he saw the absolute fear that shown so brightly in Sasuke's eyes. He loved it….it was beautiful, however, he also hated it.

Itachi and his brother shared a deep bond, deeper then what brothers should share. He'd confronted his parents about it today, shortly before he killed them so he could keep his dear little raven.

Sasuke would thank him for it later.

It wasn't long that the police had arrived and taken Itachi into custody, sending Sasuke to a distant relative for the time being.

Itachi had been taking mood stabilizers for quite some time, it was as he said, the cause for his insanity. The court sentenced him away to an asylum until he was deemed acceptable for society again.

And that left little Sasuke.

The youth suffered extreme depression at the tender age of 13, he tried to take his life on multiple occasions and was sent to a hospital for a year to get through his problems.
This hospital, however, was eerily close to the ward were Itachi was. As such it was only natural that Itachi knew of Sasuke's condition.

Upon discharge the once very emotional youth, had grown to be a very cold teenager. Sasuke had completely changed.

He moved back to his hometown and lived in the very home his family as well as him lived in as soon as he turned 16.

Nightmares plagued him for the first year he lived there.

Now it was nothing more then ghosts of the past.

There was no doubt that Itachi still had a strong emotional hold over Sasuke, that much was apparent as the teen could only sit in his brother's arms. However, no matter how strong that bond was, Sasuke wasn't going to have it.

He pushed his whole body forward and back suddenly, escaping his grip and running into a tightly packed crowd.

Thousands of thoughts rushed the raven-haired teen's head as he headed for one of the VIP rooms he reserved for himself, seeing as he was a regular and had a large sum of money, it wasn't a difficult thing to attain.

The teen found he was trembling as he took a seat upon a black leather couch. This was a feeling he hadn't had since he was ten. Fear. True, primal fear.

Every month while Itachi was in the asylum, he'd get letters from doctors, telling of his improvement and how completely stable Itachi was. Each gave an estimate on his release. Recently though….Sasuke hadn't bothered to read them. If he had he would've known that Itachi was let out nearly three months ago.

The teen's trembling wouldn't stop, anger had suddenly replaced fear.

How dare Itachi invade his bliss, his sanctuary.

How dare he touch him!

Dancing was his way of escaping the past, losing himself in the beat of the club, Itachi had invaded this…and he'd done it in a way that made Sasuke twist with want.

The heat between the teen's legs hadn't died down, and was growing terribly uncomfortable with every little shift. The impossible tightness of his pants didn't at all help.

Dark eyes drifted closed as he started to think back.

He hated Itachi. Well…he thought he did anyway. He told himself that every day, every time he'd look in the mirror, yet he could never look himself in the eye when he said it.

Not once.

His thoughts wandered to the way his brother touched him, to the gentle motions of his body upon his brother's.

Sasuke hated to admit it but it was the hottest thing he'd ever done in his life.

The thought didn't help his arousal, not one little bit.

Carefully in the private of the room he stripped himself of his shirt, he had a problem that needed to be taken care of. The teen had never been so turned on before in his life, and it was extremely overwhelming, this couldn't wait.

The raven-haired teen lent back from his place on the couch, sliding a finger down his arousal, stimulating it slowly through the fabric of his pants.

He couldn't wait much longer, carefully he slid out of his pants and gave his forsaken length a light trailing of fingers, earning himself a soft intake of breath. The teen couldn't quite understand why he was so intent on tempting himself even more. No sooner had he wrap delicate fingers around his length did he start to pump it, working out his need.

Sasuke let his head slip back in quiet pants and soft moans, his mind slipping into a fantasy to aid him along.

It was then he made the error of letting a name slip past his lips.


He drew in a harsh breath, that name upon his lips doing an action like this was disgraceful and sickening in his eyes.

…yet he couldn't help but moan it again, this time more intimate.


Sasuke bucked his hips into his hand, his mind growing more and more dazed.
A familiar tightness began to form in his stomach as he tensed up, quickening his pace with loud gasps and harsher moans.

"God, Nii-san!!!!"

"Hai, Otouto?"

Sasuke's eyes opened suddenly to find Itachi hovering over him with that cat like smirk upon his lips, eyes narrowed and filled with lust directed towards his beautiful little brother. The teen must have been too engrossed in his own pleasures to notice the door open and close.

A rough breath echoed past the younger raven's lips as Itachi slide a sultry finger up the underside of the other's arousal, stirring up fluids that so desperately needed to be released.

"Nn…aniki…d-don't stop," Sasuke breathed out, arching himself into the light touch. Damn Itachi for getting him to this point.

The upturn of lips never left the elder raven's lips as he obliged the younger Uchiha, leaning in to trail a heated tongue over heated flesh.

Sasuke felt himself tremble, he didn't try to pull away or get the elder Uchiha off, he wanted this. He'd never admit it but he'd loved his brother more then a brother should when he was younger. Seeing his brother bathed in their mother's blood merely made him fear for his own life, however, when Itachi spared the boy, he felt as though Itachi truly loved him.

Such a twisted way of showing it…

The teen moaned loudly as Itachi's skilled mouth worked over his already throbbing length, so very close to the edge he could almost picture it.

"Aniki….nn!!! I-I'm gonna…I'm…!!!"

Itachi pulled back very suddenly and took Sasuke by the chin, not allowing him the climax.
"I've waited so long for this, otouto…let me savor it as well."

His lips crushed into those of his little brother, a passionate kiss with enough push behind it to nudge Sasuke onto his back, undressing himself in the process.

Sasuke made no effort to struggle as he felt his brother's fingers slide up his arousal again, wetting his fingers for an easier entry.

Itachi parted Sasuke's legs and gently placed on finger into the 'little' Uchiha. One finger soon became two as he worked the teen to a comfortable state, feeling the fire between his own legs grow as he watched Sasuke writhe upon hitting a certain bundle of nerves within him.

"H-Hurry, a-aniki!"

Carefully, Itachi placed himself at Sasuke's entrance, pushing in and letting out a harsh breath. Even after preparing the teen he was still so tight, it almost made him release with just that simplest of motions.

Whimpers left the form below him as Itachi began to move his hips in rough, merciless thrusts. His brother's body was so heavenly, with its warmth and just the right amount of pressure.

The elder Uchiha almost lost himself in his own lust as Sasuke cried out his name.

He'd found that delicate bundle again.

Itachi reached out and gave an intimate gesture, a simple caress to Sasuke's cheek as he began to aim for that spot. Sasuke simple lent into the touch, his whimpers having turned into cries of pleasure.

That was something Itachi enjoyed about Sasuke, his moans were soft but he mostly whimpered, an endearing sound to the elder raven's ears.

The two were locked in heated intimacy, neither one willing to back down until complete, the loud club music still blaring just outside the door filtering into the room. Sasuke gave a loud and desperate cry as Itachi pumped the younger raven's length in time with his thrusts.

The teen couldn't help but related this to the seductive timing of his brother's dancing.

One final cry echoed from the younger raven as his essence spilled out upon his stomach and his brother's hips.

Itachi felt himself leap over the edge as he felt Sasuke's walls tighten around him. Such an intoxicating feeling…

The smell of sex hung strong in the room as the two bathed themselves in the bliss that was the aftermath, panting and shifting to get comfortable once again.

Sasuke wrapped his arms tightly around Itachi's shoulders, the elder Uchiha pulled Sasuke rest atop him, settling his own head at the top of the younger Uchiha's head, breathing in his scent. The teen smelled so wonderfully, even after sex, a certain aroma perhaps only produced when such things occurred…or perhaps something that developed in his absence. In either case….this was a new and alluring scent he wasn't about to give him.

"I still need a place to stay, otouto…"

The teen opened his eyes and slowly sat up.

"Get dressed…"

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