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Red Velvet:
Chapter Two

Sasuke couldn't be quite sure when Itachi had obtained a car, but by the looks of it, he'd been living in it for quite sometime. A sigh escaped his lips, even in his state of false hate; he wouldn't let his own flesh and blood sleep on the street, or in a vehicle for that matter.

Itachi was only slightly surprised that his little brother had chosen to live in the home that was the root of his depression, though, it also amused him in a twisted manner he wouldn't voice.

The home hadn't seemed to change at all in the last few years, save for the new garden in front of the house.

Silence held tightly to the two newly reunited brothers, even as Sasuke opened the door and began to walk up the stairs.

"Sleep where you wish…" the younger said softly, never once turning to look at his brother.

Itachi glanced for a moment down the hallway that leads to the living room where first blood had been shed. Sasuke's words shook him out of his reverie, turning a blank onyx gaze up at the beauty upon the stairs.

"Is my room still intact?"

With the gentlest turn of the head, Sasuke stole a glance at Itachi. "Yes…the room hasn't been touched. Your things are still there…"

There was a certain hollowness ruling the teen's voice as he slowly continued his trek to the room which he resided.

Itachi didn't fail to notice this, though he didn't address it either. Perhaps a certain understanding for the need of privacy.

- - - - - -

Sasuke had collapsed upon his bed, only a few moments after entering the room. Dancing always took a lot out of him, but the added activities of the night had drained him of any remaining energy.

His eyes slipped open to glance at the digital clock beside his bed, red numbers shinning brightly in his face.

11:06 pm.

A groan left his throat, were it not for the sudden arrival of his brother, he'd be dancing deeper into the night. Four or five in the morning was usually the time, at which he returned home, catching a ride with the bartender getting off from his shift. Gaara was always a close friend of Sasuke's. He was his sober ride home, if the minor felt the need to sneak a drink or two from said bartender.

This night though, was one he would have to make up for next weekend.

Growling cut through the room as the teen's stomach protested for some sort of nourishment. Muttering in protest, he got up and started to the kitchen.

Dark eyes glanced around the halls as he walked, caution in every step. One could never be too careful, after all, even if it appears completely safe.

An icy chill met Sasuke's feet as they padded delicately over the linoleum floor to the counter where a basket of freshly grown tomatoes sat.

Something about this food was such that appealed to his liking, as he bit into the plump red morsel, savoring the acidy bitter sweetness it with held.

And somehow, Itachi had a knack for walking it at just the right time to see Sasuke at his most alluring state.

To say the site before him was beautiful would be an outright lie. Oh no, this site far beyond any earthly word.

Silhouetted by the moonlight pouring in from the kitchen window, it was easy to see Sasuke's feminine features. The slight curve of his waist, the gentle shine of his hair, and those oh so long, delicate fingers curved around his treat. Not to mention the tomato's juices running down his chin, and the seeds it deposited on the way.

Itachi would be damned if he let himself pass this up, however, after some observation, this setting wasn't right. Not yet anyway, Itachi would have to earn a bit more of little Sasuke's trust before he'd be allowed to push him into walls or onto counter tops for that matter.

Slowly, with feline like steps, Itachi entered the kitchen and opened the fridge, earning a glance from the younger raven as he licked the juices from his fingers.

After only a few moments of looking at the empty realm, the elder raven gave a sigh. All Sasuke had in his fridge was milk, eggs, and some butter.

"Otouto….you need to eat more, you're too slender." Itachi spoke softly as he settled on a glass of milk.

The younger Uchiha simply gave a slight snort. "Like you care…."

With that, Sasuke simply turned on his heels and left the kitchen, moving gracefully up the stairs, in a gliding manner.

Itachi only let slip a smirk, Sasuke was arrogant and rude, but only one as close to him as Itachi once was could see through his icy façade.

- - - - - - - -

The night wore on in solitude for Sasuke till close to 3:30 am.

It was then that he awoke to the sound of those feline steps entering his room and as though he were a deer in the headlights, Sasuke did not move.

The elder of the two hovered over the teen with soft eyes and an unreadable expression, reaching out with his hand to cup the younger's cheek in his palm, stoic through out the motion.

Even in this touch, Sasuke did not let his performance falter as he naturally nuzzled into the touch, as one would were warmth suddenly to engulf one's skin.

At this, Itachi could tell by the way Sasuke's eyes fluttered that he was awake, leaning down he let his lips barely touch the younger raven's ear.
"Open your eyes, Otouto…"

That voice.

That accursed sultry voice that drew Sasuke in every time, oh he knew it too well.

Obediently, Sasuke's eyes slowly slipped open to meet the gaze of the elder.

"What is it, Itachi…?" His words came in a groggy manner; after all, he had just woken up.

"Sit up."

Sasuke's brows furrowed in confusion, "Why?" his voice shown equal puzzlement.

A slender hand reached out and ran one finger down his otouto's other cheek, face void of any expression.

"Just do it…you'll understand in a moment, Otouto."

The teen merely narrowed his eyes at him in a non threatening manner and sat up, his eyes following Itachi as the elder moved behind him and wrapped his arms at the other's waist.

Itachi's actions weren't making much sense to the younger one, as he felt himself being pulled back to rest against the bared chest of his aniki.

"Remember when I would hold you like this when you were little? You'd have a bad dream and come running to my room or if there was a thunderstorm. I was always your shelter…"

The elder Uchiha's words were hushed, and soft, a tone Sasuke had only heard a few times. Somehow this tone made the teen's eyes drift to a half lidded state as he gave a subtle and hardly noticeable nod.

"I can remember the day before you started school…you were so nervous." The nostalgic tone in Itachi's voice was coupled with an unseen upturn of the lips, as a mother would look back on her son's life at a wedding.

"You came running to my room and demanded I tell you everything there was to know. Books, teachers, what class was like..." Slender porcelain fingers trailed through strands of hair stained like a starless black night, caressing every strand with such care.

One of Sasuke's many weaknesses, as he soon remembered, eyes drifting shut as he listened to Itachi's heartbeat coupled with his words laced with pleasant memories.

"You've changed so much since then….Its nearly hard to believe…."

Sasuke shifted, opening his eyes again; carefully he bent his head back to look up at his nii-san.

"How have I changed?"

One of the elder's eyebrows raised as he closed his eyes for a moment, as though to picture the adoring sibling from his memories.

"Taller, not so….stubby," Itachi ran his hands down Sasuke's arms, halting at his fingers, "They're thinner now, flawless…" His hands moved from the teen's hands to his torso. "You've filled out, grown lean and tone." Finger tips trailed from Sasuke's stomach up to his chest, causing the younger to give light tremors of pleasure. "…and this neck…" Itachi's fingers lightly traced over Sasuke's pulse, making the teen tense for a moment, his breath catching in his throat.

"…This neck has grown to be so much longer…your scent is so much more….defined and your skin is absolutely…perfect."

The elder's head dropped down to the curve of Sasuke's shoulder very slowly, taking in every little scent, the intake of air against the teen's skin only proving to increase his body temperature.

Two soft lips barely brushed the skin of Sasuke's neck, tempting him with a taste of what was to come, though it was enough to earn a gentle gasp.

"Its an amazing change, Otouto…"

Those words fell from Itachi's lips like silk, his breath against Sasuke's neck dancing across his skin to pull him in, making his head spin and his heart pound with anticipation.

Light, seductive caresses of the lips found themselves being placed upon the younger raven's pulse, gentle bites and passing of the tongue topping off those sensations.

"Let me reveal in your change, Otouto…"

Sasuke was all to willing to oblige to his every request and whim.

A smirk could be felt against his skin as skilled lips worked against the overly sensitive flesh, hands fluttering over all the right places upon his toned midriff.

Sasuke let out a harsh gasp as Itachi ran one single nail along his navel, bucking his hips upward as the heat began to show between his legs.

Itachi merely ran his hands up and splayed them along his torso, electric sensations rushing through the younger of the two, shown in a soft moan, only to be stifled with the caress of lips against his own.

Sasuke felt the sudden need to face his brother, pulling away from the bitter sweet taste of his aniki, turning in his arms and pushing himself into Itachi.

The onslaught of passion that took over the two in the fire of their light kisses was one that could drive anyone over the edge.

Itachi's lips only barely brushed over Sasuke's at first, slowly picking up the pace, adding depth and pent up lust into the kiss. The teen did his best to keep up with the elder's ministrations, pushing against the other Uchiha's hips with gentle rocking motions, the only thing keeping them apart being two pair of silk sleep pants.

Naturally with only that thin layer of fabric between the two, the sensations and heat passing between were enough to push Itachi into action.

Carefully, Itachi began to push Sasuke back; a certain wetness pushing against the younger's lips, asking for entry. The teen let his jaw fall open, allowing Itachi access to the cavern of warmth as he was pushed to lay on his back, the elder Uchiha hovering over him.

Their tongues intertwined in a dance of fire and passion, Itachi roughly pushing his hips into that of the younger Uchiha.

Sasuke moaned roughly into the other's mouth, pulling back as his moan echoed through the room.

"A-Aniki…p-please, I can't take much more of this…"

Itachi's sadistic smirk played itself across his features as he gave another tempting nudge, listening to the panting breaths Sasuke emitted.

"Such a low endurance now, Otouto…be patient."
Itachi gave a rougher thrust, causing Sasuke to arch and call out, giving the elder Uchiha the opportunity to continue his skillful work of the tongue.

The younger of the two writhed in tortured need beneath the older, moaning into his mouth and desperately pushing upwards for that sweetest of frictions. Itachi savored every sound and touch as though it would be his last, giving Sasuke his pent up lust.

Such actions only aided in the dizzy spell the younger was under, finding himself being lifted upright to straddle Itachi's hips. Rocking his hips harshly into the others, Sasuke found a slight satisfaction in the motion, though it only proved to tempt him more. The older raven carefully pulled away from the other's mouth, trailing down his jaw and onto his neck, searching for his pulse.

Sasuke buried his fingers into Itachi's hair, panting at the hovering of lips, tilting his head to the side as his motions became slower, sensual.

Itachi prepped the spot with a soft caress of his lips, then the smooth rolling motion of his tongue, taking a bit of flesh between his teeth and biting down. Sasuke let out a hiss and arched himself into his aniki, feeling the warm liquid of his veins sliding down his neck and pooling at the junction to his shoulder. Itachi closed his eyes and licked carefully up the younger's neck, gathering what little blood there was from such a small puncture.

The teen could only shiver as Itachi nipped and licked at his neck, feeling the other's hands being placed at the top of his back, and nails being slowly dug into his skin, trailing downwards and appealing to the younger raven's uncanny love for such things.

A smirk once more passed over Itachi's features as he felt his Otouto begin to shiver and pant louder at the soft pink welts left upon his back. This feeling of control was a high like no other, and Itachi was going to ride it out for as long as he possibly could.

Itachi once more pushed Sasuke back, stripping him unceremoniously of his silk sleep pants. The air hitting his heated organ made Sasuke's breath catch within his throat, causing him to arch and spread his legs to accommodate the older of the two.

Nails drug along the underside of Sasuke's thighs, sending sparks up the younger Uchiha's spin, his shivering growing worse as his arousal pulsated painfully.


Itachi smirked and lent down, running his tongue over the pulsating member, gathering the needy fluids upon his lips, watching as Sasuke gave a silent cry of frustration.

Lightly, he trailed his fingers up to the younger's mouth, giving him the hint to wet them.
Shakily, the teen took those long fingers into his mouth, running his tongue between and up them, coating them thoroughly before Itachi pulled his hand back.

Preparation felt so horribly slow to the teen as one finger was inserted, then slowly another. "Hmm, you're still a bit loose from before, Otouto..."

Itachi's voice sounded husky and full of lust as he thrust and curled his fingers within Sasuke. The smaller raven called out loudly as his stomach began to turn and tighten, growing ever more needy.


Itachi's breath hitched as he watched Sasuke's hands trail down himself, trying to work out at least one release. Such a sight was so forbiddingly tempting to the older raven, clearly one temptation he wasn't going to pass up.

The elder Uchiha slipped out of his own sleep pants, stroking himself to the sight of his Otouto in such ecstasy, using his free hand to scissor and stretch the passage into the teen.

This proved to be far too much for the younger to handle as his hips jerked into the touch, falling quickly over the edge as a ribbon of pearly fluid began to coat his stomach, his arousal still at full; thanks to Itachi's skillful touch.

A harsh gasp echoed from the elder as he pulled his fingers out of the younger, hooking Sasuke's legs over his shoulders and sheathing himself completely in with little warning.

The teen cried out with little restraint, pushing himself against Itachi with pleasure lacing itself in his voice.

Rough thrusts caused the two sweat glistened bodies to meet in pure ecstasy, cries of passion making the younger Uchiha's throat hoarse as he took each thrust to the fullest.

Itachi's head was beginning to spin as he watched Sasuke aid himself along by self pleasure, panting as he angled himself into that bundle of nerves, watching as the teen coated his stomach and hips in the fluid of their passion. It was growing hotter and hotter in the room as Itachi felt his own stomach tighten, Sasuke's name slipping past his lips in a sharp gasp as he filled the passage in an intense orgasm.

Sasuke writhed for a moment at the sudden heat filling him, relaxing in his euphoric state soon after, watching as Itachi slid slowly out of his Otouto, taking his place beside him.

There was no doubt; Sasuke was wrapped around Itachi's finger.

Gently and in a daze, Sasuke nestled himself into Itachi's arms, closing his eyes. The elder merely shifted and held the other as close as he could, taking in that intoxicating after sex scent that Sasuke gave off.

"Nn…can't believe you made me beg for it….bastard." The teen had a slight pout on his lips, though his words were hushed yet still endearing.

Itachi simply smirked and ran his fingers down Sasuke's spine, "Oh but it was so pretty, Otouto…."

Sasuke simply gave a playful snort "I'll make you beg next time."

Itachi merely smirked and kissed his brother's forehead. "Sure. Go to sleep now….you and I need the rest."

The teen wanted to retort, but the undeniable fact was he was waiting for permission to fall back into his slumber.

Needless to say, falling asleep this time was a lot warmer and relaxing then before.

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