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Title: Cotton Candy
Rating: G
Pairing: None.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: OOC.

My first attempt ever at writing Demon Diary so I'm sorry that Raenef and Erutis are OOC.


Erutis grinned, shoving a piece of the fluffy pink candy she held into her mouth. She sighed happily as it dissolved in her mouth, savoring the taste. She loved cotton candy, it surprised her how she was able to find any of it here not that she as complaining.

"Hey... Erutis...?"

She looked down from the boulder she was sitting on to see Raenef crouched down on the ground, eyeing what she had in her hands. She blinked, how did he sneak up on her without her noticing? "Yea?"

"What's that?" The demon lord pointed at the pink ball of fluff.

She gasped. "You don't know what this is?" She shouldn't have been as surprised as she was to find out that Raenef didn't know what the candy she was holding was but she was.


"It's cotton candy," Erutis put a little more of the candy in her mouth.

Raenef's eyes lit up. "Can I try some?" He pouted when Erutis shook her head. "Aww... come on Erutis!"

She pulled the cotton candy closer to herself because Raenef attempted to grab some. "No."

"Erutis!" Raenef whined.

"I said no." She looked away from him before she gave in. "It took me forever to find it."

Raenef pouted for a moment. "Erutis, you're mean." An idea flashed through his mind and he smiled. He quickly pecked the her on the cheek, grabbing the cotton candy while Erutis was in shock, her eyes wide and mouth hanging open. "Thanks Erutis!" He grinned and ran off before she could recover. Who said he couldn't be evil?

"Eh?" Erutis shook her head and looked down to find her precious candy gone. "Raenef!" She screeched taking off after the laughing Demon Lord.

Looking out of one of the many windows of the palace, Eclipse sighed. "Why do I have to put up with such children?" He secretly smiled glimpsing at his laughing master.


Yes, its done. It was just some drabble I came up with when I was trying to get to sleep last night. XD
-Yami Sango