This is my 4th GA fic that I've uploaded here in Yay me.!. As usual, this is a Mer/Mark fic. No MerDer on this one! Probably just a few indications of MerDer... Cos' honestly, it seems like I can't write MerDer unless it's all that necessary... I wonder why... My other two fics that are WIPs (Going the Other Way & We'll Make It Through This, I Promise otherwise known to me as 'the one with the long title') are on hold as of the moment... At least for this week... I'm still in a rut. As much as I want to finish a chapter and upload it... I'm not satisfied with what I finish... And pressing that backspace key is just so gratifying. -grins-

So here goes another story that came to me during one of my classes... ENJOY!

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It wasn't the shameless flirting that got her to go with him. It wasn't the cocky grin that he threw her way. It was his eyes that were begging for an escape from the world that has gotten them both trapped…

The world that was the Shepherds.

It was a choice she made freely, only slightly affected by the four shots of tequila she managed to drink before she finally let him take her hand and lead her down to his rental car. She was the dirty mistress anyway, and so was he.

It was the moment that they were entangled in each others arms, the moment that both their eyes met in the darkness that they both realized that some lines are never meant to be stepped over. And that some lines are there to keep them on the other side. But this was one line they both stepped over and there was no more turning back.

It was the early rays of the sun the next morning that would make them realize that lines, though stepped over, could always move and be there to be stepped over once again.

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Her nights were his. She was his. No one knew of their continuing rendezvous that happens every night in his hotel room. It's been a week since that night their drink out became something else.

They both knew only time could tell when they would both stop using each other to fill the need that they have for another.

He told her not to drink from the poisoned well that was Derek Shepherd but what he didn't tell her was he was worse than a poisoned well… He was worse than Derek Shepherd…

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She avoided Derek Shepherd like the plague. She knew she wasn't supposed to feel any guilt from what she was doing because he walked away. He gave up his chance. And she already took hers. And there was no turning back.

Or was there?

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