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Abby was so tired, so sweaty, so disheveled. But all Gibbs saw was a beautiful pale skinned woman. The doctor and the nurses had cleaned up and left the new family together.

Abby looked down into the face of her little boy.

"Hey there Lee," she had tears running down her face. "Leeroy Donald Sciuto-Gibbs" she said, looking up at Gibbs and sniffing. Gibbs cradled the girl, "Kate Abigail Sciuto-Gibbs" he said.

Abby nodded tearfully. 'Now you'll always be with me Kate.' She thought. 'Always.'

"Everyone is doing well." The doctor informed the group before bustling off to her next patient.

They all congratulated each other not quite knowing what to do. Soon orderly's wheeled a sleeping Abby back to her room. Gibbs followed, smiling at the floor as he walked towards them, removing his cottony mask.

The sparkle in his eyes said it all. The men slapped him on the back and shook his hand and the ladies hugged him in turn. It was an electric moment, bringing them all together with smiles and jokes.

"Out with it Jethro. Girl or boy?" Ducky was the first to ask.

"I think I'll leave that to Abby to answer." He smiled.

A nurse emerged from Abby's room. "She's awake. You can go in and see her."

They all scrambled for the door.

Abby lay beaming, rosy cheeked. She'd put her hair in ponytails and as usual she greeted them with a smile. She was hugged and kissed and congratulated.

The plump nurse from earlier on arrived with Kate in her arms. She handed the baby to her mother and swiftly disappeared.

"Kate," Her mother said, "This is my family." They smiled and cooed and whispered to her.

"She's beautiful." Said Ziva in a hushed voice.

"Just like her mother." Duckie replied and Gibbs nodded too.

It was Tony that seemed the most intrigued by her. "Kate?" he asked Abby in a whisper. Abby analyzed his haunted yet reminiscent face as she nodded. "Would you like to hold her?" she asked. And she passed the girl to Tony who seemed to be caught in her spell.

The nurse returned with another baby. Ducky was the first to notice. The boy was given to Gibbs. "Leeroy." He introduced proudly to his friends. "My son." They gasped with amazement.

"Twins!" Jen announced not sure how much more news she could take in one day.

There was more cooing and congratulations for the both of them and everyone wanted a hold. Except maybe Ziva who was content just to watch and Gibbs who was preoccupied with the mother of his children.

Tony wouldn't give up Kate for any amount of prodding so they passed Lee around.

"Everything you do is perfect." Gibbs informed Abby. She held his stare. "I hope they have your personality Jethro." He leaned forward, sliding his hand behind the back of her head. "I love you Abigail Sciuto." He murmured not taking his eyes from her until their lips came together with a sweet addictive toxicity.

The room fell strangely quiet as they witnessed the kiss. They exchanged smiles and continued marveling over the little ones. They talked of such things as likenesses and features, and; 'oh my, did she just smile?'

Surprisingly Tony was a natural with Kate. The little girl charmed him. And it was him who in the years to come would sit her next to him on the couch to watch old movies together. She was just as taken with him as he was with her and when his car arrived in the driveway she was the first one out the door running down the steps into his arms. He taught her about cars and actors and music. Abby knew that it was her name that initially captured him; Tony wanted her to live up to that name. And in some strange way she was like Kate had been, quick witted, intelligent and always teasing Tony.

Ducky and McGee took turns with Lee. But it was Ducky who the boy liked most. He was as smart as his mother and as logical and straightforward as his father. But he enjoyed sitting in Ducky's lab sucking on a lollypop with wide eyes as Ducky showed him instruments and books. McGee was the one who taught him about computers and games, though Abby was quite capable.

Of course it was the parents that were the most influential on their children. Strangely enough little Kate wasn't in black lace dresses for long and Leeroy grew up so fast. Abby's Goth influence didn't seem to wear off on either of them, and Gibbs didn't know if he was happy or sad about that fact. But then, early in her last year of college Kate dyed her hair black and started to put her hair into ponytails. And then Gibbs was happy, seeing Abby in Kate every day. Leeroy became a computer nut, he spent hours learning codes and creating games. They both made their parents very proud.

Gibbs and Abby bought a house on a huge grassy block of land in the middle of nowhere. Trees dotted the landscape and a river passed by. Marriage was never spoken of; they didn't need a piece of paper to pledge themselves to one another. They had done so many years ago without even realizing. Gibbs had promised he'd stay with her forever, promised to take care of her forever.

He built a new boat eventually, named it Abigail. And he finished it. They go out on it every second day.

The very happy end.

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