Chapter one: In the darkness

It was the unnatural darkness which woke her. As she opened her eyes and looked into the nothingness, adrenaline sent her synapses into a crazed frenzy. Her breathing quickened, eyes widened and stared into the endless dark. The sensations flooded her mind and were only drowned out by the unmistakable background noise. She could not move from her position, lying on the rough metallic floor on her side, her hands and feet tied, her hands behind her back resting in an uncomfortable position. She tugged at her bindings and began to panic; trying to call for help she found her mouth and throat too dry to make any noise besides a small croak. She attempted to slide across the floor backwards to find a wall and found she was tied to something large, warm, and alive. Panic rose stronger still in her throat, questions ran through her mind. Who or what was she tied to, and more importantly was it dangerous?

She broke into a cold sweat and lay as still as possible but she could not stop herself from shaking, sand on the dirty floor cut into her face and hands. A million thoughts went through her mind, a tear slid down her cheek, She could not remember what had happened, her body was bruised and sore leading her to believe she had been kidnapped in a struggle, her head pounded. There was movement behind her; she stopped breathing, praying that it was not dangerous, praying that this was not happening. Her eyes wide but unseeing as not one ray of light penetrated her prison. She lifted her head and stared continuously willing her eyes to see. The thing tugged at the bindings, and she felt a hand on her own. The hand became two and they stiffened at the realization of the other presence, reflecting her own fears in their behaviour. The hands were rough and tied to her own; the idea that they may have been kidnapped together gave her hope. The person slid backwards towards her, and she lay as still as she could, their heat growing warmer on her back and she chided herself for welcoming the anonymous comfort. The smell was familiar, her heart jumped in her chest. The back of a head bumped into her own, short hair pricked the back of her neck and she drank the air, allowing it to calm her, she awaited the confirmation of his voice. "Abbs?" he whispered in the darkness and as if light had entered the stale back of the truck her mind cleared, "Gibbs?" she said, already knowing the answer. There was a suitable pause in which both of them sighed in relief. "Let's try to sit up." Gibbs suggested. She pulled her body upwards, struggling with her hands behind her and her feet bound, but somehow they managed to sit up back to each other. "Are you hurt?" he turned his head to speak closer to her face. "I haven't had any caffeine for what feels like hours, but apart from that…are you hurt?" "No." After her initial panic had dissipated she sank gratefully into his warmth and smell, feeling safer. 'Everything will be okay. Gibbs will get me out of this.' She imagined what Tony would say if he were here, he would no doubt quote a movie or describe the plot of some obscure film. Gibbs shuffled around trying to feel for his knife, realizing what he was doing she commented, "They took it didn't they." He nodded in the dark, but the question was rhetorical. Gibbs tested the knot, it was well done and he couldn't budge it but he tried anyway. He pulled her wrists about; her squeak warned him that he'd drawn blood. He did not apologize but only stopped his efforts. There was silence between them for a while, the truck continued to amble across an apparently rough road. She squirmed, "

"I don't remember what happened." She said after a while, her head leaned against his back, her heart rate returning to normal. " I do."

She waited but the truck suddenly came to a halt, shuddering into a driveway. The engine cut off and they both listened intently, Abby with fear and Gibbs with intent. There was low talking across from them, on the opposite wall. Abby tensed as the door creaked and was swung open. Unable to shield their eyes they squinted as they adjusted to the brightness. The men wasted no time removing them from the truck and half prodded half shoved them forward "Oy, watch it buddy!" yelped Abby. They stumbled blindly into the building. Gibbs made mental notes of smells, the roughness of the floor and when his eyes had retuned to normal the entire inside of the building. In the murky light the corridors the walls seemed to carry a message of foreboding. A sense of things to come.

They were untied swiftly, Gibbs attempted to break free and appeared to be succeeding until two other men joined the one and pushed him roughly onto he floor, smashing a gun across the back his head. On of the men began to yell at the other, "Not to die!" he screamed and slapped him across the face, "You heard him…don't you realize what he'll do to you…get us all killed!" he yammered as they swung the wounded Gibbs up onto the chair. The chairs were bolted to the concrete floor of the large white room. They were hard metal, welded together, uncomfortable. Abby and Gibbs were tied to the chairs facing one another, their front legs tied to the front legs of the chairs and their arms behind the back of the chair. Gibbs tried to kick out at his captors but his mind was groggy and his feet did not respond. Abby watched everything and everyone in the room. Apparently the leader of this mob was not present, but he was a force to be reckoned with. She held back a screech when they hit Gibbs, deciding that it would be useless for her to help, and would just end in her being injured also. It was up to Gibbs. The men left and were replaced by a solitary guard at the closed door, leaning on the wall cigarette in hand. Though he didn't seem to smoke it much at all, instead he watched it burn down to the filter before tossing it aside. He eyed her lazily from his post and shuffled from on foot to the other obviously waiting for the boss. Gibbs seemed to be more alert now, she hung her head forward and let her hair fall over one side of her face, hiding her expression from the guard, and she looked up through her fringe at Gibbs for some kind of guidance or reassurance. He returned her gaze with his deep eyes, ones which she could stare into for hours, ones which normally held so much emotion and so much pain now were still and hard, unchanging. He gave nothing away, and that worried her more then anything. Gibbs watch Abby's reaction and sensed her fear immediately but there was no reassurance he could give, no way of knowing what was about to happen, only that it was not going to be pleasant. He was worried; he could not protect her from his chair. He eyed the guard and his semi-automatic weapon. So far her had no plan and no way of escape and only one thought plagued him. It was up to him to save her, up to him to get her out.

"I would do anything for a Caff-pow! Right now." She moaned in Gibbs' direction. The waiting had been almost unbearable but now as the door swung open Abby wished that she could return to waiting. Unlike his greasy gun toting guard the man before them was clean shave, tall and wearing what appeared to be a very expensively tailored suit. "She's stunning isn't she." Were the first words emerging from his thin and pursed lips. He stroked her face lovingly, and shot a cold glance in Gibbs' direction. She pulled away and glared at him. 'This is not going to end well.' She thought. Things began to add up, she had wondered why he had had her kidnapped along with Jethro. The pieces came together and she swallowed hard. Gibbs opted not to react to his treatment of Abby, fearing that it would make her a larger target. He eyed the man warily. "What is it that you want?" he asked gruffly, his voice level. The man came at him angrily, pushing his face towards him, Gibbs did not move. "You do not ask the questions! You do not need to know where you are, why you are here." He stood up straight and smiled, smoothing his jacket, "All you need to know," turning his face from Gibbs towards Abby, her eyes widened, "Is that you are going to watch her suffer." She held her breath, it was exactly what she had thought, he was going to torture her. "The hell you are!" Gibbs pulled as far forward as he could, "When I get out of here," he strained at the bindings, "I am going to kill you." The suited man spun on one foot and left the room, leaving the guard with a more interested look on his face. Gibbs' eyes were trained on Abby's face, her demeanor calm and confident. Her pale skin shone with sweat and dirt, hair dangling down her neck and in her face. Her face was calm but her eyes were pools of terror and he did not know how to calm them.