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Gibbs and Abby were violently shoved through the doorway. Salvador stood with his back to them, staring out of the dirty window. The men slammed the butts of their guns into the backs of their knees causing them to to collapse, kneeling before their enemy. Abby swayed and the loss of blood became obvious to Gibbs. She was going to die if he didn't get her back.

Salvador stood for a long time with his back to them. The men left the room and it was just the three silent souls, each with their own thoughts and motives warming themselves.

Abby was fighting to stay conscious, those shocks had reeked havoc with her nervous system. She was just praying all of this was a dream, or a nightmare. She could feel the oil on her face and the dirt sticking to it. But the sweat and blood coating her skin seemed secondary to her life and that of Gibbs. She would gladly die to save him, but there was no such opportunity.

Gibbs was trying to figure out this mans motivations. But he had already been profiling the man and he had reached the conclusion that he would not listen to reason. He was intent on watching Gibbs suffer and eventually die.

Salvador was holding out on his speech so that the two could sweat a little. He enjoyed the silence, allowed himself to clear his lungs. Finally he turned and faced them.

"Gibbs." he said. Unmoving from his position. "You did try... I expected nothing less." He shut his eyes and opened them, staring at Abby with curiosity. "You didn't leave her behind, i didn't think you would. She's more then expendable to you." Salvador brought his hand down across her face, smashing her to the floor.

Gibbs didn't say anything, didn't even flinch. And if he had of he would have said that no one under him was expendable. But Salvador was right, Abby did mean more to him then that. Gibbs waited. There was no talking his way out of this, he was sitting and waiting to be killed. Like a lamb to the slaughter. Gibbs did not wipe the determined look from his face. He resisted his urge to comfort Abby, Salvador would love that and besides, he knew Abby was barely conscious.

Salvador continued to talk, Gibbs wondered why he bothered. He fiddled with his bindings, flimsy cotton. It came apart at the seams and he was free.

Too easy he thought

"You know, once I've killed you I'm going to kill everyone at NCIS, everyone you hold dear." he didn't smile.

Salvador turned his back again. Gibbs leapt from his painful position on the floor and slammed his elbow down in between his shoulder blades. He fell with a thud and made no sounds. Gibbs prodded him with the toe of his boot and there was no movement. He ripped the bindings from Abby' wrist and threw her over his shoulder again. Flinging open the window he scrambled out and shut it behind him.

There was a large expanse of roof tiles and Abby seemed completely out of it, he wasn't sure he could carry her all the way but he didn't want to leave her. He found the lowest part of the roof and lowered her to the ground, cringing as she fell the rest of the way. Her limp body meant she sustained no real injuries only aggravating her old ones. Gibbs fell and landed like a cat on all fours, bending his knees as he reached the ground. He picked her up gently and after scoping out the scene and seeing no one he ran to the nearest covered truck. Lifting the canvas he found plastic wrapped cubes of cheap tobacco. He threw the cover to the side and placed her on top of the drugs. He took a few seconds to stare at her sweet face, bloodied and yet still beautiful. He kissed her on the cheek and covered her with the canvas, careful to leave a gap for her to breath. Then he ran back to the shade of the building and searched for a lone guard.

As the man fell Gibbs pulled the gun from his shoulder and placed the two grenades in his pockets. He couldn't climb to that window again. He was going to kill Salvador, and anyone who got in his way. Secretly, he hoped that that meant all of them.

He stalked the men, and on finding a large gathering of them he stepped out into their view so that they would fire the first shot. The gunshots deafened him but as soon as he heard the first one he began to fire. The air was thick with yelling and bullets. All manner of shrapnel flew through the air. Gibbs' face was grim. He was deadly accurate and there was hatred behind every shot.

All he could see in his mind was Abby, lying prostate on the filthy bed in that filthy room. She was covered in sweat. Her hair was stringy. She was barely breathing. There were deep cuts all over her pale body. And she could barely move when she did wake.

Suddenly the air was quiet, so quiet that it was deafening in itself. There was no gunfire. Gibbs was left standing. There were bodies upon bodies in front of him. There was not a sound anywhere. Gibbs threw the gun aside and shuddered, he looked down to see the blood soaking into his pants. He hadn't even noticed he'd been hit. Then he picked up a fresh gun and headed upstairs to find Salvador.

Gibbs trudged along, completely set on his goal. Planning his every footstep. When he reached the door he did not hesitate, he threw it open and saw Salvador trying to sit up. He deserved more then to die. He had tortured an innocent girl. Gibbs punched him square in the face. The crack was unmistakably his nose breaking. Gibbs felt a sudden sense of release, a rush of adrenaline to his head. He lifted his gun and brought it down on his skull. The sickening crunch seemed to echo about the room. Gibbs brought the gun to the mans head.

"I killed you father. I killed your brother. And now, I'm going to kill you." He pulled the trigger. "You filthy son of a bitch." the blood splattered on the ground around the corpse. Gibbs lowered the gun and breathed out. He wondered if he had held his breath all that time.

Gibbs let the rest of the men exit in their trucks. Screaming at each other to get out. That Gibbs was a ghost sent to destroy them all. Even that didn't merit a smile from him. He found the truck Abby was in.

Pulling back the covers her put his hand to her face, his eyes were weary, tired, they had seen to much death. She didn't move. Her cheek was cold and clammy. He felt a sudden panic and he jumped into the back of the wagon, his fingers on her neck. There was the weakest pulse there.

"Abby!" he half sobbed half yelled into her ear. Don't let all this be in vain! "Abbby!" he slapped her across the face. He frantically searched the wagon, there was a green plastic bottle of water alone on a nail. He snatched it breaking its cord. Ripping the lid off he trickled some onto her lips. She still didn't move. Tears began to roll down his cheeks. He put one hand under her head and poured the water into her mouth. It ran down without her swallowing. Her breathing was so weak he could barely feel her move.

"Please Abby." he sobbed. It was like de ja vous. She was going to die and it was his fault. His fault that she'd been taken in the first place, his fault she'd been tortured, and again when he'd escaped, his fault she was on the verge of death. He had caused the death of the woman he swore he would protect.

"No." he breathed. "No, no, no"

He bowed his head and rested it on her cheek. "Speak to me..." his voice was unrecognisable. And he lay there, his arms wrapped around her, his tears wetting her face.

Her jaw moved. She had tried to speak. He lifted his head and propped her up against him.

"Water." she signed.

He brought the bottle to her lips and tilted it until she shook her head.

"We're alright." he repeated over and over, rocking her gently.

She closed her eyes and swallowed.

"Thank you." she rasped. He almost laughed aloud. Instead he kissed her on the forehead and cradled her to him. "We have to leave Abby." he said. She nodded, her eyes still closed.

His gun shot would was bleeding out, he had to get to a hospital, his makeshift pressure bandage was already failing.

He found her another bottle of water and placed her in the passenger seat of the truck. Then he jumped in and revved the engine before accelerating out onto the road. Abby looked over at him and smiled ever so slightly. They were free. Gibbs reached out and squeezed her hand and she fell asleep.

He didn't try to wake her, not even when they ran out of petrol. A hundred miles from the compound, on a desert road, with no way to contact anyone. One bottle of water and only a prayer that Tony was doing everything he could to find them.

The End