Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon. These drabbles of Chibi-Usa and Hotaru are written to entertain readers. This does contain shoujo-ai and for those of you who have no idea what that means, shoujo-ai is love between two girls. If this offends you in anyway, please leave now. You have been warned. As for the rest of you enjoy!

"Hmmm. This seems a little childish. What do you think Taru-chan?"

The pink haired girl came out of the dressing room in a pale red night gown with little blue butterflies all around it. She twirled around to give Hotaru a better look. The raven haired girl blushed when she noticed the back of the gown showed more than it should of. The gown itself was almost see through but the back of it showed all to her white underware.


"Huh? Oh s-sorry! Um...that one seems a bit "showy". Maybe something else that will keep you warm enough during the night?"

Chibi-Usa smiled and hugged her arm. "But with you at my side why would I need something warmer?" She kissed her cheek then sprung back to the dressing room to change into a different one. Hotaru touched the place where the soft kiss lingered and almost chuckled with amusement.The other girl came back out a few minutes later wearing a red top with a little white bow on it and some pajama shorts that were a bit too short but the older girl thought it was waay better than the other.

"How about this one? It covers most but does it seem alright?"

Hotaru smiled. "Yes. Its very cute Chibi-Usa. It really suits you."

The smaller girl blushed happily giggled. "Okay! I'll buy this one!"

Hotaru picked up her tote bag and waited for her girlfriend to get dressed again so they could pay for the pajamas. Maybe picking out clothes together wasn't so bad after all. After all its nice to get a second opinion on something.