Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon. These drabbles of Chibi-Usa and Hotaru are written to entertain readers. This does contain shoujo-ai and for those of you who have no idea what that means, shoujo-ai is love between two girls. If this offends you in anyway, please leave now. You have been warned. As for the rest of you enjoy!

Gift giving can be a special way to show someone you really care. Especially around Valentines Day. Though sometimes the gift giving can unexpectedly go a twisted turn. Chibi-Usa finally had enough money to buy a large teddy bear that her precious someone had been eyeing for a few weeks. Hotaru barely had and stuffed animals in her room so why not get a teddy bear to make it seem more cheery?

The pink haired girl was able to fight for the bear from guys who buying it for their sweethearts as a sign of their undying love. Right then though, she didn't really give a damn. After victoriously fist fighting a bunch of mentally five year old men, she slowly walked down the sidewalk panting and silently cursing at how heavy the teddy bear actually was to carry. It didn't look as heavy as it seemed when she saw it with Hotaru one time.

A couple hours she was at Hotaru's house sitting in her bathroom with her eyes red from crying and wrapped in a towel with her hair hanging down dripping with water. Chibi-Usa was walking when a car zoomed passed her splashing her with mud and water including the bear. The taller girl came back in with a hair brush and clean spare clothes.

"Are you alright?" she asked softly.

"Mnn. I'm sorry," Chibi-Usa said sniffing.

"No no! Its okay Chibi-Usa. I love the gift. It really means a lot." Hotaru said holding the smaller girl's hands together with hers. "There is no need to apologize or even cry such tears."

"I just wanted to do something special for you. You've always done a lot for me," The pink haired girl said leaning her head on Hotaru's chest. The taller girl hugged her then kissed her gently.

"Everyday with you is something special to remember. Every moment and second counts for me when I'm with you. We'll go to the kitchen and I'll make some hot chocolate for us after you dress. You'll feel much better then." Hotaru smiled and moved some hair out of Chibi-Usa's face.

"Could we have cookies too?"

"Why not."