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No-one said a word as the rowed their way to safety and Amy wasn't going to be the one to break the silence. A mixture of the pain of her bruised ribs and stomach, the rocking of the rowboat on the tumbling waves and her own burning guilt was making Amy feel sick. Her eyes flicked up to look at Will and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was looking nearly as bad as Amy felt and Will was sitting so rigidly that Amy thought she could knock him over with a single touch. She didn't try it, though. Looking at their expressions didn't make her feel any better, so Amy stared at her boots for the remainder of the journey, not remembering nor caring where they were actually heading for.

She kept her blue eyes fixed on the scuffed toes of the shoes but a low humming was starting to distract her. Amy frowned, the noise wasn't in her head so she assumed Gibbs or someone else was being annoying. She sighed loudly, her temper, already close to the surface from jitters, was bubbling over again. The hum continued.

"Oh, would you quit..." She snapped, finally looking up, but trailed away as she saw that Gibbs was not the one making the sound. Night had fallen and they were gliding smoothly down the river towards Tia Dalma's hut. Hundreds of mourners were standing in the waist-deep water, each holding a candle and humming that low hum. Either they know about Jack or this is a freakish coincidence, Amy thought. The whole effect was pleasantly eerie, the candles, fireflies and reflection or their tears made a soft glow in the darkness.

As they sailed up to the hut, Tia seemed to be waiting for them, holding a candle of her own. She lead them all inside without a word. They all sat in various places, except for Amy and Gibbs. Gibbs was standing, looking out at the scattered stars in the sky and Amy pacing up and down. Tia Dalma set her candle down along with various others on a tray filled with mugs. She offered one to Elizabeth, who's face with streaked with tears.

"Against the cold...and the sorrow." Tia said and Elizabeth took a mug.

Tia then swept over to Will, who was throwing his knife into the table rhythmically.

"It's a shame," she said to him, "I know you're thinking that with the pearl, you couldda captured the devil and set free your father's soul."

Amy stopped pacing, her back against the wall.

"It doesn't matter now." Will said quietly. "The Black Pearl's gone. Along with it's captain."

A frustrated noise rose up in Amy's throat, something between a choke and a scream. She slid down the wall and sat on the floor, her knees brought up to her chest.

Tia walked swiftly over to Amy and crouched down next to her.

She spoke so softly that no-one else could hear her. "You did what you had to."

Amy stared, how did she...?

Tia pressed a mug into Amy's hands and moved on.

"An' already the world seems a bit less bright." Gibbs said. "He fooled us all right til the end."

Amy lowered her eyes to her drink.

"But I guess that honest streak in 'im finally won out." Gibbs raised his mug. "To Jack Sparrow."

"Never another like Captain Jack." Ragetti whimpered.

"He was a gentleman of fortune, he was!" Pintel added.

"He was a good man." Elizabeth said shakily.

Amy tried to think of something to say.

"He wouldn't...I mean, he didn't..." Amy croaked and cleared her throat. "He didn't deserve...what he got, I the end." Her voice cracked and she didn't continue.

Everyone drank except for Elizabeth. Amy looked over at Will and saw him watching her sadly.

"If there was anything that could be done, to bring him back..." Will asked Elizabeth softly. "Elizabeth..."

Tia moved to him swiftly, "Would you do it? Hmm?" Her voice had lost it's soothing tone she had adopted while speaking to them.

She turned to face Amy and Elizabeth.

"What would you do? What would any of you be willing to do? "

Amy looked up.

"Would you sail to the ends of the eart' and beyond to fetch back witty Jack and 'im precious Pearl?" Tia smiled mischievously.

"Aye!" Gibbs said.

"Aye!" said Pintel.

"Aye!" Agreed Ragetti.

Even Cotton's parrot squawked its approval.

"Yes." Said Elizabeth softly.

"Aye." Said Will even more softly.

"Aye freakin' aye!" Amy said enthusiastically, clambering to her feet.

"Alright..." Said Tia. "But if you're to brave the weird and haunted shores at World's will need a Captain who knows those waters..."

Tia turned her gaze towards the rickety old stairs. At once, heavy footsteps made their way down the stairs. Amy's heart leapt as she recognised the familiar boots coming into sight. Everyone gathered closer together to see who it was, as Hector Barbossa swaggered into view, an apple in his hand.

"So tell me..." he said, as the monkey leapt onto his shoulder. "What's become of my ship?"

He bit into the apple and chucked.

Amy raised her hand.

"Yo." she said weakly but she felt someone pull her backwards, away from the group. Amy turned around and looked into the face of Rose.

"Time to go." Rose said.

"Awww...bu...but...I wanna know what happens!" Amy whined, stomping her foot.

"Tough! You'll have to wait til May 2007 like everyone else."

"But it'd be like...the most awesome pirated copy ever!"

"Mmmhmm, yep it would. Let's go."

Rose took Amy's hand and gave her a little shove. Instantly, Tia's shack bagan to dissolve before Amy's eyes. A bright white light burned Amy's eyes and she squeezed them shut. Then after a few seconds, the light went out and Amy opened her eyes again. She was sitting on the armrest of the sofa in her bedroom. The shock of it made Amy jump and, with a little shriek, she fell off the sofa and landed with a thud onto the carpet.

her bedroom door burst open and Amy's mother walked in, wearing blue pyjamas and a frown.

"Amy! It's 2 o'clock in the morning, what on earth are you doing up?"

"I...well..." Amy stuttered, still lying on her back on the floor. "Y'know...heart of Davy Jones...being the cause of someone's death..."

Her mother stared for a second before snapping "I don't want to hear your rediculous excuses, get to bed right now." She walked out of the room.

Amy grinned as she heard her mum saying to her dad "I think we need to cut off her internet."


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