Eira and Attilica

Table of Contents

Part One: Out of the Ordinary and Tiaren

Chapter 1 Sleeping, A Meeting, and Astral Projection Page 1

Chapter 2 A Weredog, The Royal Family, and A Prisoner Page 8

Chapter 3 Scrying, Prying, and Action Page 14

Chapter 4 A Fight, A Bite, and Mutual Attraction Page 22

Chapter 5 Good News, Bad News, and A Curse Page 29

Chapter 6 Nymphs, Elves, and Angels Page 37

Chapter 7 Fairies, A Drink, and Vampires Page 43

Chapter 8 Ghosts, Unicorns, and Aleiansha Page 50

Chapter 9 Poisons, Queens, and A Sweet Sixteen Page 57

Chapter 10 Coronation, Celebration, and A Big Mess-up Page 64

Part 2: Out of Attilica

Chapter 11 A Birth, A Flower, and New Relationships Page 69

Chapter 12 Confession, Reflection, and A Shocking Discovery Page 73

Chapter 13 Questions, Answers, and Tracking Page 80

Chapter 14 Babysitting, Removal, and a Severe Crisis Page 86

Chapter 15 The Witch, The Snitch, and The Father Page 90

Chapter 16 Roses, Boxes and Shopping Page 103

Chapter 17 Problems, Solutions and a Few Misdemeanors Page 114

Chapter 18 Planning, Plotting and Rocky Road Page 120

Chapter 19 Christmas, Presents and Yet Another Attack Page 133

Chapter 20 The Wedding, The News, and The Barrier Page 145