Aleiansha, The Ancient Language

Beir Atrica Pired- Be at peace.

Drietna, und fervera.-sleep, and forget.

Feindilt Sumoft, Heirf Merand-Find someone, help me.

Fuerta thoerca iena arboca, lesuth iena toinieis ortioia, lestio murito poxeh arsia tri rias iola actoyna tri rekanu flonia losimo irotono brelk.- From whence it came, let it reside there, and take upon itself the task of removing the strength from its users body.

Gerato Muleit-Great Mother.


Girent, reterno ola-Greetings, respected one.

Hejira Tierra-be healed.

Herasha Luenta-holy land

Hrethen- hello.

Hurilsate-natural knowledge.

Hurilsater-One who knows naturally.

Piero, Lepus Merand- Poison, leave me.

Steren, iunster olas. Dernst minst. Sirunden yiew wioma-stop

insolent ones. Don't move. Surrender your weapons.

Thiourea Mandift Hinslet - my dear friend, pass peacefully.

Tiatra, reterno ola.-Thank you, respected one.

Oly wre dilect- One who will deliver. (Eira's elven title)