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"Her Name Is Blue" is technically the prequel to "Talbain, Jonathan Talbain". This story is the first part of the "A Talbain Tail" series. that I am writing. Feel free to read either story in whatever order you'd like.

Chapter 1: Blue

Four things you need to know about monsters.

One: They exist and they most definitely do go bump in the night, but they're not always the bad guys. Sometimes all a monster wants is to live out a peaceful life. Sometimes all a monster wants is a chance to live and work like the humans do. Sometimes all a monster wants is a woman to call a wife.

I kept my hands inside of my jacket as I walked down the street during a November evening. I turned a corner and caught a paper grocery bag that was dropped by a nun.

"Thank you, sir." She said as she fumbled the other four large paper bags.

"Need help?" I asked.


I took three of the five bags and helped her carry them as we made our way towards her orphanage.

Two: My name is Jon Talbain: Tall, dark, and handsome enough. I've walked six miles to get here and like most horror stories; this is about a woman. I am what you'd call a monster, a werewolf, not by choice as I was born this way. The world calls me by another name; they dub me a Darkstalker. A Darkstalker is a person with powers; whether that power originates from animals or transformation or anything that a human would call "weird." Being a werewolf had its perks: super human strength and healing abilities, speed, sight, sound... But only while in that form. At the moment I wore human skin, my long black hair lightly flapped with the wind. My loose clothing labeled me more of a homeless than the noble I should be.

The nun opened the gate to the orphanage and I let her lead the way, closing the gate behind me. Children ran left and right, none of them had parents but they had a family and a home. The nun led me to the kitchen and I walked in and placed the bags on the island in the middle of the room.

"Thank you so much, Mr..." The nun started as she placed her bags next to mine.

"Talbain and it's no problem." I replied smiling.

The kitchen was fair in size. It was large enough to be two bedrooms; the outer part of the kitchen was surrounded by two flat top stoves, ovens and sinks, along with several cabinets and shelves. The walls were pearl white, everything was spotless, not a stain to be seen.

A door opened and another nun walked in, hunched with her back first as she playfully told a pair of boys to go play.

The woman smiled and let down her hood. She pulled her extremely long blue hair out from inside of her robe. Her hair waved before falling down by her hips. She sighed and turned to look at me and the other nun. Her face changed to a disappointed frown when she recognized me.

Three: I'm in love with that woman. Her name is Felicia, she does not have a last name, and she was an orphan herself. I looked at the top of her head but only saw hair. Felicia would be a monster to you or anyone that would see her, but to me she was a cat woman and a beautiful one at that. Felicia could hide or show her cat features when she saw fit. We had history, even if it was a complicated one. She had a very outgoing and innocent personality, which might explain why I was so attracted to her.

"Felicia, here's the stuff mother Irene ordered, everything except the mint... They were out." The nun said.

"Thanks Fay, it's my turn in the kitchen." Felicia replied as she stared at me.

The nun walked out quickly when she sensed history between Felicia and me.

Felicia scoffed and quickly moved to take the items out of the nearest paper bags. I took a bag and started removing the items before Felicia took the bag from me.

"What are you doing?" She asked standing still, she didn't look at me.

"I'm just helping out." I replied.

"You know what I mean, what are you doing here? There's a full moon out tonight." She looked at me as she brushed some hair from her face.

"You know why I'm here," I took the bag back from her and removed a couple of juice bottles and placed them on the counter.

"Jon, why do you keep doing this to yourself?" Felicia placed a couple of pans on a stove and turned the knobs on. "You know that the world cannot accept Darkstalkers, that they cannot accept us."

"Nobody has to know what we are." I replied with the same verse I always used.

"Jon... You know I can't do that, you know that we wouldn't be happy."

I walked up to her and placed my hands on her shoulder. "I'd be happy because I would be with you."

We stared at each other for a few seconds as I leaned closer. She didn't move, almost as if she wanted me to kiss her.

The door opened and another nun walked in holding a tray, she gasped when she saw us and quickly placed the tray on the edge if the island then turned and walked out.

I sighed as the moment passed.

"I'm sorry Jon..." Felicia turned and continued unloading the groceries.

I didn't say anything as I opened the door to walk out.

"Jon... Please don't be angry." Felicia said with a sad look on her face.

Four: The monster never gets the girl at the end.

"I'm not, I'm just happy to see you." I replied and made my way out.

A few kids moved aside as I walked passed. I glanced at a group of nuns who turned to look at me. Fay, the nun I helped, waved me good bye and I smiled and nodded slowly as I closed their gate behind me. I made my way back home, it would take me a few hours but I didn't care. I saw the woman I didn't want to love but did and that was good enough for me.