The Lost Dragon

Chapter 1

School And Invasion

"Alya! You're going to be late for school! Coral and Jewel are already here!"

If only...I have started this sentence a million times in my life. If only that cute skirt with the sequined hemline were allowed at my school. If only Matt, my ex-boyfriend, hadn't given me the necklace (it's uber-cute but totally against the split up rule). If only my mom came with a snooze button.

This is how everyday of my life begins. Whether it's Coral and Amara, or Coral, Amara, and Jewel, my morning usually consists of throwing on the first thing I see in my closet, stuffing my binder in my backpack, grabbing a croissant on my way out the door, and running to the bus. Today, I happened to grab my homecoming dress, the one with the silver, short front, and low, long back. That got a lot of attention from the pigs in the back of the bus.

Being the only 5'8'', black haired girl in school, I got a lot of unwanted attention. I'm also the only girl in school with my naval pierced.

Ignoring the whistling jocks, I sat in the ratty, green sears with Coral. Jewel and Amara sat in the seat directly beside us. After chatting for about five minutes, we arrived at our school, Arelyshia High School for the Magically inclined. I didn't mention that we could do magic? My bad. After the school bus took off noisily down the street, we walked inside the glass doors, and straight into trouble.

Standing right in the middle of the sophomore hallway was Anora, Matt's girlfriend before me, and her plastic posse. She...may think that Matt and I were together before they broke up. Which we totally weren't! Okay, there's no doubt. She thinks that Matt cheated on her with


"So, Alya, thought today was Dress as a Whore Day?"

"Well, I saw you walking down to the street, and figured that was the theme. Luckily, I changed, huh?"

I don't hate Anora. Okay, maybe a little. She's one of those people that you don't want to hate, but just have to. Luckily, I can hand her crap right back to her.

As she turned to walk away, her perfect curtain of blonde hair caught in a freshman's locker. After being dumped on her butt, she got back up, gave a cold glare to the nerd, and sealed his locker shut with magic.

He looked so pathetic pulling on his locker, I just had to help. When I walked over to the poor guy, and spelled his locker open, he gave me the once over and stuttered a greeting. "A-a-alya Tribiani! Thank you so much! But why?"

"I hate her guts, and I'll do anything to spite the slut." When his face fell, I added, "Plus, you're kinda cute and don't deserve to be treated like that at all."

When I turned to walk away, I pulled out my compact, and saw his jaw hit the floor. Literally, as he had passed out. When I reached Coral and Amara, they looked at me in awe.

"How do you do it Alya?" Coral questioned. "Every time you walk past a guy, we have to pull out umbrellas, they drool so much. Spill child, or we'll tickle it out of you!" She reached forward to do just that.

I jumped back and laughed. "It's all in the hips, ladies. And boys like an aura of mystique. Wiggle the hips, and don't give it all away. Of course, being the only girl with black hair in a sea of blondes doesn't help." The late bell rang, and we all walked through the door to our homeroom, still talking.

"Welcome to another day of school! Again, our three favorite ladies are dressed to kill. Please, take your seats, ladies, so we can begin." The student teacher, Mr. Kenyon, was about 25 and cute. And he has a great sense of humor. Then, the real teacher, Mr. Yarmech, scuttled his 45-year old butt into class with the rest of us. Jake Jamson, the bad boy of the class, wiggled his fingers sarcastically, and Mr. Yarmech's toupee flew off of his head and zoomed around the room. The rug hovered a few inches off of his head and dropped back down backwards onto his previously bald head.

Everyone laughed really hard for a few minutes, and stopped when they saw the look on Mr. V's face. I flicked my fingers cautiously, and his wig flipped around back to his rightful position.

"Thank you Alya. Now that we've had our little fun, would somebody like to explain where my desk is?"

While in the commotion of the flying carpet, someone had made Mr. Y's desk disappear. I nudged Coral, and she waved her fingers to put the desk back.

Just as the desk reappeared, the bell rang and we were dismissed. While I headed off to accelerated English, I heard running coming in my direction. Surprise, Surprise. It was Matt. "Hey, Alya. How have you been?"

"The same as I was yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. What do you want, Matt?"

"I'd really like to get back with you. What do you say, babe?"

"First, Don't ever call me that. You sound like a jerk. Second, I wouldn't get back with you if you were the last guy on Earth. If you would have asked me two weeks ago, I may have said yes. But now, even looking at you makes me want to hurl. Go rot in hell, Matt. I really have to get to English."

"But, Alya!"

"I like you, Matt, I really do. But watching you shove your tongue down Kydria's throat made me wish you were dead. Now, you're blocking the door." (A/n Bitchy much? I was in a bad mood)

He moved to the side, dumbstruck, and I walked into the room with an exaggerated hip swing. Jewel was waiting on the other side of the door, holding out her arms. I let her give me a short hug, and we walked to the two seats between the new French exchange twins. Pierre, the one on my left, had these really pretty green eyes. Jacques had the clearest blue I've ever seen.

"Bonjour, boys!" Coral put her books onto the desk and sat in the attached chair.

"Bonjour, Cherie!" Pierre, having heard the whole exchange, put his hand over mine. (A/n spelling on the cherie? Any frenchies out there that want to correct my poor insolent grammer?)


Before we could speak any further, Mrs. Ludwig walked into the classroom. Silence enveloped the room. By the time class was finished, Pierre had removed his hand, and we left the room.

School finished quickly after that. When I arrived home, Mom was nowhere to be found. After Dad died, Mom promised to be there everyday when I got home. I was really worried about her. Thinking she had gone out for groceries, I went to bed and fell asleep, the stress of the day making me drowsy.

When I woke up, Mom still wasn't home. I searched every nook and cranny of our two story house, yet there was no sign of her. I called the police and filed a report after waiting a few hours.

Suddenly, I heard a breaking sound from the back of the house. Being in the living room, I was out of the door and halfway down the street with a pack in hand when they invaded.

When I say they, I mean the most feared, most disgusting, most infamous people in the city. The Zarbor, the current rulers of Arelyshia, the City under the Sea.

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