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Summary: Naruto and Hinata are finally together, but many harsh obstacles await them. Such include The Hyuuga clan, the Kyuubi and a dangerous secret about Akatsuki. When Naruto discovers this secret it will change his life forever. Many pains and hardships await the 2 as they take their journeys for greater strength.

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"So it seems he is still here." Sarutobi said.

The Jonin along with a few Chunin were in attendance, with the exception of Kakashi.

" We must find him but we cannot alert the village. If it gets out, the entire village could begin to panic." Sarutobi said.

The ninja agreed.

2 weeks later...

It has been 3 weeks since the Chunin tournament. Some of the remaining genin were training hard, knowing the next Chunin exam in less than 6 months.

On the training grounds Ino-Shika-Cho were aggressively working their techniques. Well Shikamaru was only doing just enough so Ino won't yell at him. Chouji was coming at Shikamaru in his "Meat Tank" technique. Shikamaru was attempting to put the breaks on Chouji with his "Shadow Imitation" technique.

" Damn, I'm outta chakra." Shikamaru said.

With that,Shikamaru ducked over some bushes to avoid Chouji's attack. Asuma came up to Shiamaru slightly disappointed.

" You need to learn to conserve chakra better Shikamaru." Asuma said.

Elsewhere Kiba and Akamaru were practicing the with Shino and Kurenai's assistance.

" I can go faster than this, I am not going to be the only one on my team stuck as a genin." Kiba thought.

Meanwhile on the Hyuuga training grounds, the sound of striking wood could be heard. Neji Hyuuga could be seen attacking imaginary chakra points on the wooden training dummy in front of him. He had been training even harder since the tournament, though it was not for the next exam seeing how it is he had made Chunin. He was really training to reestablish his status as strongest Hyuuga of the younger generation, without equal. Neji took a step back as he breathed heavily.

(((((((( Flashback))))))))))

" What!? What do you mean tied!?" Neji said slamming his fist on the wall while in his hospital bed.

" Your attacks cancelled eachother out. Knocking you both unconcious." Hiashi said calmly.

" It makes no sense!" Neji said. " How could Hinata of all people do this?" Neji asked.

" I don't know." Hiashi said.

((((((((End Flashback)))))))

Meanwhile Motoko was in the Hyuuga's dojo training Hanabi harder than she ever had before. Since the tie with Neji, some people amongst the clan had been rumoring that Hinata was now clearly the stronger daughter which of course did not set well with Motoko one bit.

" Damn you you little whore, you have always been a thorn in my side, why won't you just up and die already?" Motoko thought about Hinata.

Motoko continued training Hanabi.

Hiashi was in his study pondering in thought. He had heard that Hinata was now actually an item with the Kyuubi brat, which he found disgusting.

" Hinata why?...why him of all people?" Hiashi thought.


"Oi, Kiba, that's enough for the day." Kurenai said.

Kiba nodded in agreement.

" I better get a move on, I want to wish Hinata good luck today." Kurenai said.

" Hehe, she's gotta deal with snot nosed punks." Kiba said jokingly.

" Well, she's worked with the best(referring to Kiba), she should be able to handle this."

After wittnessing her defensive technique, the academy ackowledged her baffling chakra control which was at Jonin level and asked for her to be a teacher's assistant to teach the students chakra control.

" Say, where is Hinata-chan anyway?" Kiba asked.

" Oh she's no doubt somewhere with...well you know ." Kurenai said

Eslewhere in the woods, Hinata and Naruto were seen kissing gently under a large oak tree. Naruto was as usual in his orange pants, however his blue long-sleeved shirt was now black along with his headband, and over his shirt he wore his dark green Chunin vest. Hinata was no longer sporting her light purple winter jacket, instead she now wore something similar to what her sensei wears, the torso area was bandaged and the sleeves were a lavender color which matched her eyes, over this she also wore her Chunin vest. Naruto and Hinata unfortunately had to pull away from their kiss due to the fact that they were both on a schedule. Hinata had to get to the academy, and Naruto had to meet with the hokage on an important matter.

Naruto parted Hinata's hair from her eyes to get a better look at them. "Good luck at the school today." He said.

Hinata nodded and took a deep breath preparing for her first day as a T.A.

" Remember, the students give you any crap, you ARE allowed to pop 'em one." Naruto said.

Hinata laughed, which she was doing more of lately. "Naruto-kun, I'm sure it won't get that bad." She said smiling.

"I know...just as soon as you enter the room just walk up and smack one of 'em in the head just so the class knows not to mess with you." Naruto continued.

Hinata laughed as she hugged her new boyfriend. " I'll be fine Naruto-kun. Have you heard anything from Kakashi-sensei yet ?" Hinata asked.

Naruto shrugged. " Nah, I'm starting to think he just went on a vacation and left me high and dry."

" Oh I hope he's OK." Hinata said.

" He's fine, Sensei can handle himself."

The two gave eachother a peck and went their seperate ways.Off in a distance, two mysteriously cloaked men were watching the two leave.

" It would seem we have just found our bait." One of the figures said.

" Hai." Said the other.

As Hinata was jumping through the woods she was thinking about how things finally seemed to be going right for her. She was now together with her long time crush. She had become a Chunin and was now finally being acknowledged for her talents by the village. Due to these facts, Hinata's confidence had taken a sudden jump. The way Hinata saw it nothing could possibly screw this up.

Naruto was jumping atop the structures of Konohakagure until he saw his reflection in a big plate glass window. He stopped and turned around looking at the glass and adjusted his jacket.

" I look so bad-ass in this jacket." Naruto said to himself.

Naruto still couldn't believe he had made Chunin. He was now a step closer to becoming Hokage. He however was still wondering exactly what the Hokage wanted to see him about.

Meanwhile Hinata had just arrived at the academy. She was about to enter through the doors.

" Hold on Hinata..." said a voice from behind her.

Hinata turned around to see her sensei was standing behind her.

" Kurenai- sensei..." Hinata said bowing.

Kurenai walked up to her student and put her hands on her shoulders.

" Hinata, I want you to know how proud I am of you. You have worked very hard to get here and have earned your new rank." Kurenai said.

Hinata smiled. "Arigato sensei." she said.

" I also wanted to warn you that the minds you will be working with are very young and impressionable. The smallest thing you say or do could have an impact on them." Kurenai continued.

Hinata took a deep breath. Kurenai saw Hinata was already a little nervous, so she gave her a playful punch in the arm.

" But don't worry, I'm sure you'll do great." Kurenai said.

Hinata smiled and bowed before she went inside.

" Good luck." Kurenai said.

As Hinata walked into her assigned classroom she saw Iruka going over his lesson plan. Iruka turned to her.

" Oh Hinata, I didn't see you there, please come in." Iruka said.

Hinata bowed as she came in.

" I was just going over my lesson plan for today, the class starts in about 20 minutes, are you ready?" Iruka asked.

Hinata nodded. " Hai sensei."

Iruka smiled.

" Some of these students are a little rowdy but don't let them intimidate you." Iruka said.

Hinata smiled. "I'll do my best sensei."

" Good, here's the seating schedule so you'll be able to check their names." Iruka said handing Hinata the list.

Hinata read down the list, she noticed Konohamaru Moegi and Udon were on it. Hinata however stopped when she saw a certain name on the list...Hyuuga Hanabi.

Later Naruto had just arrived in the Hokage's office. Jiraiya and Tsunade were in his company.As he walked in he also saw Shino and Neji looking back at him.

" Hey there Hokage, what's up? Ready to put me on an A-class mission yet?' Naruto asked.

Hokage looked sternly at Naruto.

" Listen to you, not even a Chunin for a month and you're already talking about A-class missions." Sarutobi said.

Naruto smiled. " Hey, the more A-class missions I get, the sooner I can become a Jonin."

The 3 elders rolled their eyes. Neji scowled at Naruto while Shino showed no emotion at all.

" Naruto it just so happens we do have a situation of great importance. We are going to need your assistance." Sarutobi said.

" Alright!" Naruto proclaimed.

Just then a few teams of ANBU came in.

" Now that you are all here I will explain the details of this mission.We had a chance to speak with Gaara about his attackers. He told us what he remembered before he was subdued. He said one of them possessed the Sharingan similar to Sasuke."

Naruto was shocked, he knew nothing about that.

" So it was Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi stood up from his desk and walked around to the front of it.

" Naruto...has Sasuke ever mentioned to you anything about his brother?" Sarutobi asked.

Naruto was puzzled." Itachi? What about him? He did that to Gaara?"

" We have reason to believe so. We in fact believe he may still be in the village." Sarutobi said.

The 3 Chunin showed a little surprise.

" But how? If someone like him were in the village we would've sensed him." Naruto said.

" Itachi is a master of masking his chakra, even the most skilled trackers could have difficulty in being able to find him."

" The Uchiha prodigy..." Neji said to himself.

" We do not know why he is here or what his motives are. All we know is that he could very well be in our village and if that is the case the village may be in great danger."

The 3 Chunin listened.

" Now we thought perhaps we could locate him through standard tracking methods, however that does not seem to be the case. That is why you 3 have been called here. Each of you possess a unique tracking skill that the ANBU can put to good use." Sarutobi said.

The Hokage then looked to Shino.

" Shino, with your clan's ability to communicate with insects, you can easily detect anything from the their point of view."

He then looked to Neji.

" Neji, with the Byakugan you can see from far distances. This will be very helpful to the ANBU."

He then looked to Naruto.

" Naruto, you have a heightened sense of hearing. This skill is very useful in tracking and should serve the ANBU well."

Naruto nodded.

" This will be the first great mission you 3 will have as Chunin. If at any point you do spot Itachi, by all means do not try to engage him yourself. Immediately contact the others and wait for further instructions."

The 3 nodded as they walked off with the ANBU.

" Itachi Uchiha." Naruto thought.


Sasuke: I intend to kill someone.

(((((End Flashback)))))

"He killed Sasuke's entire family." Naruto thought.

Back at the academy Iruka had just finished going throught the roll call of the class.

" Alright class, I would like to introduce my new assistant, she will be helping me through this term and I want you all to show her respect. This is Hinata."

Hinata slightly blushed as she bowed before the students. " It is very nice to meet you all, I look forward to our time learning." Hinata said.

Just then at the corner of her eye Hinata saw her former younger sister Hanabi at the upper right corner of the class, Hinata smiled and attempted to give a slight wave, but Hanabi simply crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. Hinata shrunk back her hand a little, disappointed Hanabi was not happy to see her. Iruka noticed the awkward situation and immediately acted.

" Ok class, now that we're all acquainted let's start today's lecture." Iruka said.

Hinata stood by Iruka's desk.

Later Hinata was out with the class to teach them the basic fundamentals of chakra control. Little did she know Iruka was watching her from the window listening in on how she commounicates with the class.

Hinata showed the basic fundamentals by walking along side a tree.

" ...and walking up a tree is an excellent way to establish chakra contorl are there any questions at all?' Hinata said.

She saw a hand raised from behind the students.

" Oh, yes?" Hinata said pointing to the hand.

When the students cleared it was noneother than Hanabi with her hand raised. She had a somewhat "snooty" look on her face.

" Hai, I have a question. Did you know those pants make your ass look absolutlely HUGE?" Hanabi said.

The students were stunned, they couldn't believe this student would just insult a teacher boldly like that, they all turned back to Hinata wondering how she was going to handle this. Hinata though her face a bit red from embarrassment, maintained her composure.

" Well... Arigato for pointing that out Hanabi-sama I'll be sure to get some new pants today." Hinata said calmly. " But I meant do you have any questions about chakra control?"

Hanabi shrugged and nodded no.

Iruka had overseen the entire event, he was happy Hinata handled it well, but needs to talk to her about how to handle disruptive students.

" Ok are there any other questions?" Hinata continued.

Moegi glared at Hanabi. " What a snob." she thought.

Hinata continued teaching the class.

Later when the class was dismissed. Iruka decided to talk to Hinata.

" Hinata, I can understand she's your sister but in the classroom you must command at least alittle respect Hinata." Iruka said.

Hinata nodded while she had her hands behind her back.

" Now I'm not saying haul off and hit 'em, but lay down a little law. If you let one student treat you like that, the whole class might lose respect for you." Iruka said.

" I understand sensei." Hinata said.

Hinata walked out of the building and looked up to the sky.

" I wonder how Naruto-kun is doing." Hinata thought.


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Neji: You two amateurs stay out of my way, when I find Itachi he's mine and he's dead.

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Naruto: Neji you baka! You think Itachi's that easy to beat?

Naruto: Next Time. The Hunt for Itachi!

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