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Note: Some of the things here may conflict with the facts of the actual anime, but in this universe things like Sasuke and Naruto's fight and Tsunade's return and Sarutobi still being alive were all under different circumstances. I'm basically doing the story my way. Please bare with me.

Stop! Do not read this story if you have not read Naruto&Hinata: True Strength Revealed. Or you will not understand some of the story.

This is to let you know what the age of Naruto and the corresponding ages of everyone else.

Chps. 1-7 : 13

Chps. 8-10 : 14

Chps. 11-18: 15

Chps. 19 on : 18


Naruto stood from across the Akatsuki members in his 6-tailed form. The pressure from the chakra was so dense everyone could feel it. Naruto drifted his eyes towards Hidan. Upon further inspection, he saw his mother lying on the ground not moving, with Hidan's scythe sticking in her.

The sight caused a deep growl from Naruto.

" Holy shi..." Before Hidan could blink Naruto was right in is face then pounded his fist right into his chest, sending Hidan flying high into the air.

Suddenly a tremendous amount of dust had kicked up behind Naruto. As it cleared, a large trench appeared which was formed from Naruto's path to Hidan, which indicates just how fast Naruto was in that form. He then quickly angled his eyes towards Kakuzu, who just happened to attempt to kill his sensei. Naruto suddenly appeared in front of Kakuzu. He then lifted up his hand and chopped right through his threads. He then struck Kakuzu so hard, he was sent right through a nearby boulder, shattering it. As Kakuzu landed on the ground Naruto was right behind him. He then grabbed Kakuzu by the chest and hurtled him through the air toward the same area as Hidan. Naruto dashed after them at aspeed so fast the Kakashi couldn't follow him even with his Sharingan.

" Wow...Naruto...your father would be proud of you..." Suzaku thought.

Kakuzu hit the ground kicking up much debris. Forming a small crater in the ground.

Hidan, who was already trying to get back up after that thunderous strike from Naruto, tried to call out to him. " Kakuzu you asshole!! Let's get the hell outta here before that freak comes!"

" Too late, the freak's already here." Naruto said right behind Hidan.

Hidan's head shakily turned around, just as he did, Naruto punched him right in the jaw. Hidan went flying across the canvas. Amazing as it was, Naruto was keeping up with Hidan, punching him into the ground, however the force of the attack was so great, Hidan bounced back up, which allowed Naruto to punch him again. After a moment of doing this type of attack, Naruto got bored and kicked Hidan into a nearby boulder.

" SHIT! It won't kill me...BUT IT STILL HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!" Hidan thought.

Naruto turned around to face Kakuzu who was already standing. Beside him was his remaining mask.

" Katon: Zukokku!" Kakuzu shouted, unleashing a devastating flame upon Naruto.

Naruto mere stood there and smiled as the flames engulfed him.

" That baka just stood there and took it...what a moron." Kakuzu thought.

Suddenly, he saw something starnge. There seemed to be a figure walking through the flames towards his mask servant.

" No way...impossible." Kakuzu said.

Suddenly, a hand peered through the flames clasping the mask's mouth shut. As the flames were halted, it was Naruto that appeared. With his other hand, Naruto ounched right through the mask, shattering it.

" No..." Kakuzu said, now having 1 heart left within himself.

Naruto kicked him square in the face. Naruto heard someone grogging. He turned to see it was Hidan trying to get back up. Seizing the opportunity, Naruto dashed to Hidan punching him across the chin. Naruto however inadvertently, opened up a samll cut from his knuckle, allowing a little of his blood to splatter onto Hidan's face. Naruto however, did not notice. Naruto then punched Hidan straight into the air. As Hidan flew, he saw Naruto already up there waiting to greet him with a special attack. Naruto swooped down at Hidan unleashing a barrage of claw attacks ripping through Hidan's flesh. Kakashi as well as the others watched Naruto utterly decimate the 2 Akatsuki men.

" Unbelievable..." Kakashi said.

After the attack, Naruto finsihed Hidan off with a double-fisted slam to the ground. As Hidan hit, it literally shook the ground. Naruto landed on a nearby boulder to survey the damage of his attack.

" He's gotta be dead now..." Naruto thought.

Naruto then looked over to see Kakuzu attempting to get back up. It was then, that Naruto unleashed one of is most feared attacks. Naruto jumped off the boulder high into the air. It was then that he raised up his right hand. Kakuzu saw that in Naruto's hand, a red orb of energy began to form.

" Wha...What the hell is that!?" Kakuzu thought as he saw that the orb of energy in Naruto's palm became bigger and bigger.

" That is one of Naruto-kun's deadliest attacks. It is sheer chakra." Hinata announced to the group. " We're luck we're far away."

" It's over! THIS IS THE END!" Naruto shouted, the energy orb had grown to at least 20 times his own size.

All Kakuzu could do was lay there helplessly, as the orb came down onto him like the fist of God. The explosion was so massive that the Leaf nin had to cover their eyes due to the bright nature of the blast. When it was over, all there was to see was a humungous crater and a few remains of Kakuzu. Naruto stood in the middle of the crater, breathing heavily as he slowly began to revert back to normal form. As he did, he turned his head beyond the edge of the crater.

Naruto jumped to the top and ran towards his comrades.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata yelled running towards him.

Naruto ran to Hinata and hugged her passionately. The rest of the group, with exception to Hiashi because he was injured, ran towards Naruto.

" Naruto..." Sakura said, with her eyes downcast.

" Sakura-chan, what is it?" Naruto said smiling.

" I'm sorry...I wasn't able to save her." Sakura said.

Naruto's face fell pale. He ran over to his mother who lay on the ground.

" 'Kaa-san! "Kaa-san wake up! Please!" Naruto said.

Terumi Uzumaki simply layed there peacefully.

" She just went Naruto...I'm sorry." Sakura said.

Naruto stayed there holding his mother's hand to his face. " 'Kaa-san..."

Hinata came over to put her hands on his shoulders. Naruto's tears fell onto Terumi's hand. As everyone was re-grouping, among the rubble of is impact Hidan crawled out with only one arm. As he pulled himself out, he turned to see in horror that his bottom half was destroyed from the attack.

" No..." Hidan said. He then looked over to see his left arm was missing. " That bastard..."

Hidan then looked over to see what was left of Kakuzu. " were an asshole...but you...were a good shinobi..." Hidan looked over to see Naruto surrounded by his friends hovering over his dead mother.

" You dare you..." Hidan said before feeling something on his left cheek. He brought his hand up and touched it. Bringing his hand back he saw that there was blood on his face, but not his own...he remembered Naruto's blood from his fist splattered on Hidan's face. Seeing that he no longer had legs or an arm, and since Kakuzu was dead, he really had nothing to lose. He licked the blood from his fingers.

Hidan grabbed the pendant around his neck and ripped it from his neck. Underneath the handle of his blade was a circular indentation the exact fit for the pendant. Hidan removed the string and placed the pendant underneath the handle. Suddenly Hidan took on a different transformation, though the same grim-reaper like appearance, bright pulsating veins covered his body and the same circle appeared underneath him. Hidan then raised his blade into the air then thrusted it into his heart.

" GAK!" Was what Naruto said next.

" Naruto?" Sakura said curious.

The entire group was stunned to see blood gushing from Naruto's mouth.

" What happened? Was it the transformation?" Kiba asked.

" No, this didn't appen before." Hinata said, she then used her Byakugan to scan Naruto's body.

Hinata gasped as she saw that there was a puncture in Naruto's heart.

" Naruto-kun!" Hinata yelled.

" What happened!?" Kakashi asked.

" His heart! It's like he was stabbed!" Hinata bellowed.

" She's right." Hiashi said, limping over due to his injuries.

Naruto clasped his hands over his chest as he yelled in pain.

" Won't his healing factor help him!?" Kiba shouted.

" It would have done it by now!" Hinata said.

" My God..." Kakashi said.

" Sakura-chan...can't you heal him?" Hinata said beginning to cry.

" I'll do my best." Sakura said, kneeling down by Naruto.

From afar they could hear Hidan laughing as he gargled blood from his mouth. Shocked that he was still even in the fight, Kakashi and Kurenai appeared before him. Kurenai kicked Hidan out of the circle, hoping it might better the situation.

" Don't...don't you morons get it?...he's gonna die..." Hidan said laughing.

" What did you do?" Kakashi demanded.

" The pendant I was was more than just for fashion...I placed it on my blade...when one in my religion does's a kamakazi move...nothing can survive it. I'll die but so will he. His healing factor won't do shit! Joshin has a hold of his soul..." Hidan said.

" Undo it, NOW!" Kurenai said.

" Heh...stupid bitch...can't be undone." Hidan responded. " I'll be accepted by Joshin as one of his children."

Sparks of electricity flew from Kakashi's hand. The anger and rage apparent in his eyes.Kakashi screamed in rage as he thrusted his hand down on Hidan's head. Hiashi watched from afar as Hidan's head exploded from the attack.

" Sakura! Any progress!?" Kakashi said returning.

" No! It's not having any affect!" Sakura said as a tear came down her eye. " We need more help!"

" The closest hospital is in Konohagakure, we won't make it in time." Hiashi said.

The words merely intensified Hinata's cries.

" Hinata-chan..." Naruto faintly said trying to reach his hand up to her. " I'm sorry..."

" Naruto-kun I love you!" Hinata said hugging him and resting her forehead against his.

" Wait..." Suzaku said, just being able to walk over. " I can get you there quicker..."

" Suzaku-san..." Kakashi said.

" All of you put your hand on me..." Suzaku said.

As the squad put their hands on his shoulders and back, Suzaku knelt down to touch Naruto's shoulder. In a flash, the group appeared in front of Konohagakure gates. Rather than be amazed at a technique not seen since the 4th like some of the others were, Hinata screamed for the medics.

Next thing that could be seen was Naruto on the floor with over a dozen medics surrounding him being led by Tsunade, Shizune ,Sakura and Ino. With all their effort they attempted to close the wound.

" This Hidan bastard knew hat he was doing. We're having too much trouble closing the wound." Tsunade thought.

Hours pass. Hinata is in the waiting room pacing back and forth, biting on her thumb. All the known teams were present, including Konohamaru's.Kakashi leaned against the wall thinking back to Suzaku's last moments.


Suzaku laid down as soon as they appeared before the gates. As the group rushed Naruto in, Kakashi leaned down to hold Suzaku's hand.

" I...never wanted him to get hurt Kakashi...believe me..." Suzaku said.

" I believe you..." Kakashi said.

Suzaku looked up at the sky, he could feel his final moment coming." I don't have much longer Kakashi..." Suzaku said reaching into his cloak. He then pulled out 2 scrolls. " If Naruto makes it...give these to him... they're techniques created by the Uzumaki clan...he may find them useful." he said.

" I will..." Kakashi said taking the scrolls.

Suzaku then looked up at the sky. " I you think I'll go to where 'nii-san and Terumi-chan are?" he asked.

Kakashi remained silent.

" Heh, probably not...oh well... maybe I'll go there...someday. Somewhere where it's nice and sunny..." Suzaku slowly closed his eyes. " Yea..." he said. " I'd like that..." Suzaku then passed away.

" Maybe you will Suzaku-san..." Kakashi said. " Who's to say?"

(((((End Flashback))))

" Hinata..." Iruka said as he entered in.

" Sensei..." Hinata said, her face stained with tears.

Iruka came over to hug her. " I came as soon as I could." Iruka said.

Suddenly, the 5th Hokage stepped into the room.

" Hokage-sama..." Hinata said. All of them stood up to hear the news. Hinata saw Shizune standing next to Tsunade with her eyes slightly downcast.

" We closed the wound..." Tsunade said.

A glimmer of hope shined in Hinata's eyes.

" but..." Tsunade added, tears almost falling from her eyes. " we were...too late..."

Amongst the group was total silence of disbelief.

" No..." Iruka said.

" I'm sorry, we coudln't..." Tsunade started.

" No! Noooo!" Hinata screamed hysterically. Kiba and Shino tried to comfort her, but she tried to shrug them off due to her hysterical state .

She was hugged by Iruka trying to calm her. " I'm sorry Hinata, he's gone...he's gone..." Iruka said tears falling down his eyes.

" No...Naruto-kun No!" Hinata finally breaking down and surrendering. She sobbed uncontrollably into Iruka's shoulder.

Tsunade looked Hinata and saw the utter devastation in her. She remembered the feeling all too well.


" Dan! please! Don't die! Please Don't die!" Young Tsunade said.

But it was too late, Tsunade's healing abilities could not save him.

((((End Flashback)))))

That was when Tsunade made her decision, that she was not going to lose another friend whom she had given the necklace. Tsunade turned around and left the waiting room. Jiraiya stood in the hallway with his hand to his eyes.

" Jiraiya..." Tsunade said.

Jiraiya looked up at her, with a few tears in his eyes.

" Come with me..." Tsunade said. " There's something we need to discuss."

Later, Jiraiya walked into the waiting room where Hinata was being comforted by the others.

" Hinata..." Jiraiya said.

Hinata shakily angled her head up at him.

" Naruto is going to be fine." Jiraiya said.

" n...NANI!?" Hinata cried.

" Jiraiya-sama! Hokage-sama just informed us that he died 2 minutes ago! Are you trying to pull some sick joke!?" Kiba barked.

" Kiba, I assure you, I would never do anything so terrible. But it's true. Tsunade used a special jutsu to bring Naruto back." Jiraiya said.

" Really?" Hinata said almost hyperventilating." Can I see him?"

" Hinata yes, but first calm yourself." Jiraiya said.

Hinata quickly got her breathing under control, she then straightened herself up.

Later, Naruto was in the recovery room where Hinata hugged him tightly. " I thought I lost you forever..." Hinata said.

" Hinata-chan..." Naruto said returning the hug. "But the Kyuubi was revived with me."

" That's fine Naruto-kun I love you..." Hinata said.

" I love you to Hinata-chan..."

Hinata then turned to Jiraiya. " Jiraiya-sama, where is Tsunade-sama? I would like to thank her personally." Hinata said.

" Me to." Naruto said.

It was then that Jiraiya motioned his head towards the medic nin waiting by the door. With a simple nod, he gave the medic nin the signal to tell the others waiting in the hallway.

" Ero-sennin? What's wrong?" Naruto said.

Jiraiya then pulled up a chair to deliver the news. " Naruto...the technique Tsunade used to revive you, this was a special technique, one she developed some time ago after losing her fiance'. This technique allows the user to revive a person recently deceased. However, in order to do this, the user gives their own life in exchange."

Naruto and Hinata were silent.

" You mean,'baa-chan...she's..." Naruto started.

" Hai..."

" She...she gave her life for me?" Naruto said.

" Hai..."

" ...why? Why would she do that?" Naruto asked.

"You should know Naruto, it's because you were like family to her. Like an annoying little brother." Jiraiya said.

Naruto looked down at himself. Hinata wrapped her arms around him as they mourned together.

" I see, Tsunade gave her own life to save Naruto's." Kakashi said.

" Hai." Said the medical nin.

" Very well, Arigato." Kakashi said.

" Sir." The medical nin then bowed and walked away.

Suddenly an ANBU appeared by Kakashi's side.

" Kakashi, we have surveyed the area." The ANBU said.

" Arigato." Kakashi said.

" There's a problem though."

Kakashi looked at him interested.

" We found the remains of 2 men, no doubt the Akatsuki. However...there was no sign of a woman's body anywhere." The ANBU said.

Kakashi was surprised. " Nani?...did you check the coordinates I gave you?"

" Of course. We checked everywhere. The was no sign of any woman." The ANBU said.

" I see...carry on." Kakashi said.

" Hai." The ANBU then vanished.

" Terumi-san...are you still alive?" Kakashi thought.

One Week Later...

Naruto woke up in his bed with Hinata sleeping by his side, her arm stretched over him. Naruto kissed her forehead then got up to go to the bathroom. Upon returning, he saw an envelope on his coffee table marked " Naruto" on it. It was odd considering he didn't remember ever seeing there before. He went over and opened it.

Naruto, first let inform you that I am alive and well. I found a way to survive. That being said I want to say how sorry I am for the pain I've caused you.Know I only wanted the best for you. If you never forgive me, I would understand perfectly. For now I cannot face you again until I feel I have earned the right. For now, I will be checking up now and then. And Please make sure you treat Hinata well. A woman like her comes along once in a lifetime. You have come very far in your life Naruto, I know for a fact your father would be very proud of you. Goodbye for now, and know that no matter what, I will always love you.

-Terumi Uzumaki

Naruto smiled as he put the letter in his dresser drawer. Later Naruto is seen wearing a long black jacket while he walking up a flight of stairs. As he opens the door he is greeted on a platform by a group of some of his closest friends. As he walked across he was greeted with a bow by each one, including Iruka, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Shizune, Sakura, Chouji, Ino and of course, Hinata.

As Naruto walked up to Hinata, she bowed proudly. Refusing such a formality, Naruto closed her in for a hug.

" Where would I be without you?" Naruto whispered into her ear.

Hinata happily returned the squeeze." Don't keep your public waiting." Hinata said.

Naruto nodded then walked up to the front of the guard-rail where a crowd consisting of nearly everybody in town attended. It is shown that Naruto is in fact standing in front of Hokage Mountain. Much of the crowd seemed excited. One face amongst the crowd that seemed impartial as usual was Hiashi Hyuuga.

Naruto then pulled the Hokage adornment off his head.

" I am Naruto Uzumaki, your 6th Hokage!"

The crowd cheered. The one who perhaps cheered the loudest was Konohamaru. Hinata looked on smiling, smiling at her Naruto.

--------THE END---------


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