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Summary: Set a few days after Trail and Error. Cute Boy God comforts Joan.

Pairings: CuteBoyGod/Joan, possibly later GothGod/Joan (hey it's the same person, it's not like cheating or anything)


Joan walked through the park thinking about nothing in particular. That was her way of coping with Adam's betrayal, not thinking and reading. She found a tree and sat down against it, opening her book. Soon a shadow covered her light. She looked up to see in was God, in his teen form with the tan jacket. He smiled at her.

"I want you to hear something." God pushed a button on the boom box he was carrying and let the music play.

You're not alone,

Together we stand,

I'll be by your side,

You know I'll take you hand.

When it gets cold,

And it feels like the end,

There's no place to go,

You know I won't give in,

No I won't give in.

Keep holding on,

Cause you know we'll make it through,

We'll make it through,

Just stay strong,

Cause you know I'm here for you,

I'm here for you.

At this God paused the song. He looked at Joan, who had started to cry. God put the boom box down and held Joan. He just held her until her sobs had disappeared. When her tears hand stopped she looked up at God,


God looked into Joan's eyes and smiled,

"Joan, you know I love you right?"

Joan wiped her tear stained cheeks,

"Yeah, but you love everybody. It's your job."

God shook his head,

"No, Joan. You're special, that's why I chose you. I really love you."

God gently brought Joan's forehead forward and kissed it. Then her nose, and then her mouth. It was a light kiss, just brushing her lips. Joan gasped at this and opened her mouth, she returned God's kiss and deepened it. She begged entrance into his mouth, which he gave, and her tongue explored his mouth, as his did hers. They broke away, God was smiling and Joan was a little in shock that she'd just done that.

God stood up and held out his hand for her. She took it and stood up.

"Dance with me?"

Joan took his other hand, "Forever."

God hit repeat on the song he'd played earlier and slowly danced with Joan. When the song had ended he looked at Joan,

"I have one more mission for you, Joan."

Joan looked at God, "Oh yeah, what's that?"

God pulled out a white box from his coat pocket and opened it, showing a sterling silver ring inside, "Marry me."

It wasn't a question it was a statement. Joan looked down and found herself in a off the shoulder white wedding dress. God was still in his trademark jacket. The park was no longer the park, it was a church where nobody was there except God's other forms. As Joan looked at them, Goth God winked at her.

"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" The priest asked.

Joan looked at Cute Boy God, who squeezed her hand smiled at her.

"I…….I-I-I" Joan stuttered,


Joan sat up in bed and exclaimed, "What the hell was that about? Oh you have some questions to answer, buddy."


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