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Chapter 5: Cookies

It was 3:30, the school day was finally over. Except apparently Sam wasn't going to go home and leave Joan well enough alone. Joan pulled her hair out from under her shirt where some of it had decided to reside in the last class. She walked out of the school into the fresh air of Arcadia.

"I guess we're going to have to work together, huh Joan?" Joan jumped slightly and closed her eyes, silently cursing herself for forgetting that he was there.

"I guess, so I think we'll probably have to work on it at my house because we can't go to your house, obviously," she paused and looked at Sam, "You don't have a house that goes with that body do you?"

Sam walked closer to her, he was too close again, way too close. Joan backed away from him. "Notice how I'm not answering the question." Joan rolled her eyes as Sam referenced the first day she met him, right in this area almost a year ago now.

"My house it is then. Just don't act all Godly in front of my family because then they will think I'm crazy." Joan started walking home, not caring that Sam was right beside her. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Sam was opening up a copy of Frankenstein. Joan saw a security sticker still attached to it, one that stores take off before selling it. Her mouth dropped a little and looked from Sam to the book, "You stole that!" He looked up at her and shrugged a little, "Well, technically, everything is mine. So it's not so much stealing as it is claiming my property."

Joan made a raspberry noise with her lips and walked on. Soon enough they were at the front door of her house and she was rummaging around in her bag for her keys. Finding them she unlocked the door and closed it behind Sam. Joan walked into the kitchen and dumped her bag on the table, Sam doing the same. He pulled out a chair and sat down as he shrugged off his jacket, placing it on the back of the chair and continuing to read while Joan opened and closed cupboards.

Joan pulled out a half full bag of Chip Ahoy cookies and pulled them out of the packaging, causing a lot of crinkling. She placed them in the middle of the table and took one, biting into it as she took her copy of Frankenstein out and opened it to the first page. Sam looked at the cookies as though sizing them up and then took one and before biting into it, he smelled it, deciding it wasn't poisoned he bit into it.

Joan laughed as she watched Sam's mouth chew the cookie. "You smell your food?" She asked, barely able to contain her laughter. Sam pointed his cookie at her and swallowed, "Don't laugh at me." He said barely able to contain his own smile.

Half and hour later they had gotten through a few chapters of their book by taking turns reading it to one another. All the cookies were gone save one, which they were both staring at. Joan lunged at the same time as Sam and their hands landed on top of one another. Sam smiled very lightly at the contact, but Joan was just staring blankly at their hands. Sam grasped her hand and lifted it off the cookie placing it on the table and patting it, "Don't worry Joan, we'll share it." He took the cookie and broke it into half and handed one half to Joan, while biting into his own half.

Joan smiled, "You are so weird." Sam smiled back at her, "You have no idea."

"Well then give me an idea just how weird you are, Sam." She said as she placed her chin on her hand.

"I will, but good things come to those who wait Joan, Just be patient, and I'll show you things you've never dreamed of."

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