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Asylum: A Supposed Bullet to the Heart is Only the Beginning

Chapter 1

Dean Winchester looked up through the nearly unbearable haze of pain he was in. Well, one would be in such pain after their baby brother goes and gets possessed by a creepy ghost doctor and then shoots them square in the chest at point blank range.

Speaking of said baby brother…

Sam Winchester loomed over his incapacitated older sibling, a maniacal glint in his eyes. Ellicott's hold on the young man was like an iron bear-trap clamped around Sam's mind, with the younger man screaming and struggling feebly within his own head, unable to do anything but watch as his body moved with Ellicott's manipulation and his own repressed emotions of anger and frustration that had gathered over many long years.

Sam now stood with a handgun in his hands, instead of the shotgun he'd used earlier to blast his brother's chest full of rock salt, the same handgun Dean had held out to him mere moments ago.

Dean swallowed down a wave of nausea as he stared up at his brother, who's nose was still bleeding profusely. The elder Winchester brother watched as Sam slowly raised his arms, with gun in hand, getting ready to fire.

Dean wasn't too worried, after all, the gun was empty. Like he'd give his possessed brother a loaded gun. He was however, worried about what said possessed brother would do with what he thought was a loaded gun.

" You think you can kill your own brother?… Go ahead… Pull the trigger… DO IT!!!" Screamed Dean.

" NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Screamed Sam from where he was trapped in his own mind. The younger Winchester brother began to struggle more frantically and viciously against Dr. Ellicott's vice-like hold.

" Let go of me you twisted old freak." Screamed Sam's conscious mind.

" I'm making things better for you. So much better." Came the breathy, gnarled voice of Ellicott.

" GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD!!!" Screamed Sam's mind once again

Then, Sam felt a wave of indescribable agony wash over him, like millions of hypodermic needles piercing his skin, all at once.

Meanwhile, in the physical word, Dean lay staring up at his baby brother, waiting with baited breath to see what Sam would do. Then, Dean felt a jolt as something flickered within his brother's possessed eyes. Then, he heard Sam let out a tiny gasp as a look of indescribable agony washed over his face.

" Dean." Came a plaintiff whisper as Sam began to tremble, the gun shaking in his hands.

" Sammy. Don't let him win Sammy. Fight him!" Grunted Dean as he tried feebly to get up. Dean let out a small groan as the pain in his chest increased.

Through his own haze of shear agony, Sam felt himself momentarily gain the upper hand on Ellicott's hold.

With his mind momentarily clear, Sam looked down at Dean, green eyes filling with regret as he spoke.

" I know what I have to do." Whispered Sam, suppressing a grunt as he used what little control he had over his motor functions, he pulled his arms back and to the side so that Dean was no longer in the line of fire.

Dean felt a wave of relief wash over him despite knowing that he wasn't in danger of getting shot by the gun in his brother's hand.

Relief however, quickly turned to shocked horror at what Dean now witnessed before him.

With another gasp, Sam turned the gun around in his hands, with his thumbs now on the trigger as he slowly, shaking brought the gun closer.

" Sammy, what the fuck are you doing?!" Yelled Dean with another groan as he watched his baby brother aim a gun at his own chest, a direct hit to his heart.

Dean felt his own heart stop dead in his chest when Sam turned his pain filled gaze so that he was staring at him. What Dean saw in Sam's eyes when there gazes met froze him with terror.

" Sammy." Said Dean and he pushed himself up onto his elbows, his own eyes growing even wider as he watched Sam's well with salty tears of pain and anguish. One managed to escape his left eyes, cutting a slow, salty trail down his cheek and then falling off his jaw to the dirty floor of the building. Then, Sam looked away and stared at the gun he was pointing at himself.

" Sammy, no!" Cried Dean as he tried to pull himself up further.

Sam let out a shaky breath, inside his mind was a maelstrom of pain, anger, fear, and most of all anguish as he continued to fight against Ellicott. But, his will and strength were fading, fast. Ellicott's hold was slowly reestablishing itself around him. He couldn't let this thing hurt his brother any further.

" I'm sorry Dean." Said Sam, as he let out a shaky breath and closed his eyes as he steadied his hands around the gun and squeezed the trigger.

Click…Click- Click- Click…

The sounds was hollow and empty. A confused Sam opened his still tearful eyes to gawk at the newly discovered to be empty gun in his hands.

Sam turned towards where his big brother was laying, only to feel a solid fist connect with his face, the force of the blow knocking him off his feet.

Sam felt his head spin, and darkness pull at him as he fell in an undignified heap onto the Sanitarium floor with a distant but familiar weight pinning him where he lay.

With his vision swimming and blood cascading from his nose, Sam stared up at the ceiling before Dean's haunted and immeasurably concerned face came into view.

" Sammy." Said Dean, his voice urgent.

" Dean, I... didn't mean... it." Whispered Sam before his eyes rolled up into the back of his head and he succumbed to the darkness.

Dean watched and felt as his baby brother's body lost all tension beneath his hands.

" Sorry Sammy." Whispered Dean as he reached out to push a few of the bangs of hair from his unconscious baby brother's forehead before biting back a groan and climbing to his feet.

With a lingering look at the young man laying unconscious before, Dean pulled himself together despite the agony his very abused chest was giving him.

As he looked around, he picked up the shotgun Sam had dropped and pulled out his flashlight.

Ignoring his pain and going into full hunter mode, Dean warily made his way over to the tattered plastic curtains, using the muzzle of the gun to push it aside and see if there was something there to shoot.

Seeing nothing, Dean ventured further behind the curtains and looked around, till his eyes caught the miniscule hairs sticking out of the white metal medicine cabinet on the floor a few feet away.

Dean came to kneel before cabinet, slowly reaching out to grasp one of the rusty handles. He twisted it and pulled.

The second the door opened, a pungent odor assailed him, so vile it seemed to set his nostrils ablaze, adding to his agony.

" Shit." Swore Dean softly, turning away from the grisly, mummified corpse of Dr. Ellicott.

Swallowing another wave of naseau, Dean reached into the bag laying open of the floor beside him, pulling out rock salt and some other highly flamable items and begain pouring them onto the rancid body before him.

He was so focused on salting and then incinerating the corse, he didn't see the old gurney a few feet away from him start to move, in mere seconds it was plowing straight for him.

" OOFF!"

Dean was sent flying backwards as the gurny connected with him.

As he lay in a daze, Ellicott seized his chance.

" AAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Screamed Dean as the dead man's ginger all but burrowed into his face, setting his whol head ablaze with pain.

Wide green eyes stared up into dead, demonic ones as Dr. Ellicott cooed to his latest 'patient'. Dean continued to struggle feedbly against the supernatural hold, one of his hands frantically searching through the bag until he found the silver lighter.

Flicking it open, Dean let out a scream as he threw the now flaming device into the medicine cabinet, and it's shriveled occupant.

As the corpse burst into flames, Spirit Ellicott's grip fell away from Dean's face, much to the living man's relief.

Dean watched as Ellicott disintegrated into dust onto the floor. A distastful pile of grim, much like he had been when the good doctor had been a living, marginally human being.

Dean let out the breath he wasn't even away that he was hold, nearly collapsing on the floor.

This collapsed had been welcome, until Dean remembered the events preceeding Ellicott's demise.

" Sammy!" Groaned Dean as he climbed to his feet, running back to his baby brother.

Sam was still laying where he'd lost consciousness as his big brother reached him.

For the first time, Dean felt cold terror settle over him as he gazed on Sam's face, lax features mingling with lines of red blood, still streaming from his nose.

Dean gripped Sam's shoulder and began shaking him, trying to rouse him from whatever darkness still gripped him.

" Sam? Sammy, c'mon wake up! Sammy wake up!"

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