Author's Note

This is my first fan fiction. It is a Teen Titans one, mainly about Raven. Its basically a fantasy adventure type deal, but there is going to be a bit of a BB/Rae romance subplot going on as well. So if you, for some reason, don't like that particular paring then go ahead and leave the building.

It must be said, therefore, that most of these characters are not my own, with the exception of a few. These characters were originally brought to this earth by someone in DC comics (the same guys who brought us Superman and Batman) so, know that I DID NOT CREATE MOST OF THESE CHARACTHERS. However, these stories are original, not retelling of something that I read in the comic or saw on television. Also note, that I will also make some references (and indirectly involve) the bizarre Outer Gods of H. P. Lovecraft, as apparently a bunch of writers have done before me. So what I am trying to say is, no I don't own Teen Titans, nor do I own anything from Lovecraft.

But there will be a few characters popping up which are my own, for now it has only been the Matron, The Black Fox and Dralor. These guys are MINE.

For those of you who are obsessed with accuracy of timelines (like I am sometimes) please not that these stories are set in the future of the Teen Titians universe, and I am talking about the cartoon version of events, not the comic book one. Sometime after that Tokyo movie, I think.

One last thing. I don't really read the Teen Titans comic books. So I know next to nothing about Azarath. So that means I'm going to do what I usually do in this kind of situation. I'm going to make up a bunch of stuff. Since the cartoon only addressed the place about once I consider it free territory. Sorry. If this somehow offends you, well there is the door…



On a certain planet Earth in a certain dimension on a certain small island stands a rather large building in the shape of a T. This is the Titans Tower, and it is probably the most conspicuous super hero lair on its planet. Perhaps there is another one more obvious in another dimension, but if there is it has yet to be discovered. It is, perhaps, a miracle that no one has managed to bomb the place into oblivion yet (though it was sat upon once).

We will discuss the residents of this particular monolith later, but right now our attention must turn outward towards space. In fact, it must go even further than the edge of this dimension's universe and into the dark and incomprehensible places between the spheres.

In this darkness there is music, but not the pleasant kind. The music of the spheres is as dark and wild as the creatures that create it. This is not something that should normally be heard, but some people do. And sometimes those people hear things that will shake the multiverse to the core.

In the darkness something stirred, something as vast as the universe itself. Something that lives in the darkness, but yet is far worse than anything that darkness has been able to produce.

A word was whispered, perhaps as a summons, perhaps as a warning, perhaps as an announcement.


The name of the Crawling Chaos reverberated throughout the cosmos, yet in the vast reaches only three beings heard it.

One was the Teen Titan known as Raven. She usually could hear the music of the spheres playing in the background when she meditated, though she never mentioned this to any of her fellow Titans. For one thing it did not seem that important, as the music had remained unchanged and harmless for the last fifty or so years. Supposedly it had changed seventy or so years ago, but she had not been alive to hear it. To her the music was just a part of the natural order of things, and since it never changed or seemed in any why harmful she felt no need to mention it to the others. However, this time she was sure she heard a voice, and she was pretty sure she heard the name.

She knew about the Crawling Chaos, of course, most of her people did know that he existed, but as far as she knew no one had ever mentioned hearing his name being spoken before. In fact, no one from Azarath ever spoke the true name of an Outer God at all.

Raven listened some more, now a bit nervous. If even half of the stories about Nyarlathotep were true then they could all be in trouble. She did not, however, hear anything else out of place.

She debated on whether or not she should tell the others about this. She doubted that any of them knew even the slightest little rumor concerning the Crawling Chaos, so she would have to explain a lot to them, including the music of the spheres and the Outer Gods. She really did not want to do that. The Outer Gods made her father Trigon look like a loving teddy bear, and she did not feel at all comfortable about having to discuss them. On the other hand if Nyarlathotep was stirring…

She decided to just keep listening and waiting. It could be that she was just imagining things, and it would be silly to go raving about evil alien gods if nothing was wrong.

If she heard anything else, then she would tell them.


Nearer to the Titans home world that would have been comfortable for Raven's peace of mind walked the trickster being known as the Black Fox. A troublemaker by instinct but a good being by employment, the Black Fox was one of the more unique beings in any universe. She was not an Outer God or an Elder God or any other type of god, although some foolish mortals tended to call her such. She found this annoying, but she could not really do anything about it sort of blasting some of the silly yahoos out of existence, but that would just leave more of a "godlike" impression. So she just tried to tolerate it as best she could.

She also heard the voice speak the name of Nyarlathotep, but she knew that it was not her imagination. Her imagination did not usually stir up voices muttering the names of irritating beings. Mostly her imagination was occupied in planning something necessary to the survival of the universe, but often quite painful for any mortals involved.

She listened, but heard nothing else emanated from the Center, where that moron Azathoth listened to that annoying flute music while he sat drooling (the Black Fox has never been known for respecting others, especially those she finds an annoyance).

So. Nyarlathotep. It had been awhile since she had encountered him, and it was high time they came face to face once more. If he came around then she would have to find a way to stop whatever he was planning.

Not because she felt like being a hero, but because she found him rather trying.

She thought for a moment, then decided that it was time she manipulated somebody's life. Someone who could help with foiling the Crawling Chaos's plans…

The Black Fox focused in on the Teen Titans world and grinned. She saw the possibilities and the chances, and she liked them. Not only would this help, but it would also be a load of fun. And, as it turned out, it would also bring her a step closer to reviving the Seven Dragonborn, which was one of her main goals.

She could tell that one of the Teen Titans could become the Dragon of Magic, if the circumstances were right.

Her grin grew wider, and she started in with her favorite activity.


The last person who heard the name spoken lived in Azarath, the place where Raven was born and raised. In fact, the person who heard it was, at least partly, responsible for Raven's presence on Earth in the first place. She was the Matron, leader of the Temple of Azarath, the third child of the king of the Nazlar race, and Raven's aunt on her father's side.

Anyone who had seen Trigon, a large red demon with four glowing red eyes and antlers, would have been surprised by his older sister's appearance. It was true that she was tall, but she was only eight feet tall, while Trigon was roughly eight stories tall. As a Nazlar female she greatly resembled a human, but she had cloven hooves instead of feet, and her eyes were almost the same purple color as Raven's.

Nyarlathotep, she knew, was one of the most evil beings she knew of, surpassing her brother with almost comical ease. Though she knew that the creature must be coming soon, she could do nothing to stop him. As the leader of the Temple she could not break their laws and customs, and one of those laws was noninterference with the rest of the universe and annoying strict pacifism. Only the Makhar sect of the Temple priests were allowed to do battle, and there were only two left in existence, and one was an old minotaur way past his prime (the other was, of course, Raven). There was actually a very good reason for this, but sometimes it was also a great hindrance.

The Matron wished that she could contact her niece, but that was not a very good idea, at least not at this time. While she did have the power to establish the necessary mental contact and she did technically have the right to do so, she did not want to draw any unnecessary attention to Raven. Dralor was getting more and more agitated about Raven's actions, despite the fact that so far all his predictions of her becoming a monster were false. The Matron was afraid that someday Dralor would throw common sense out the window, go to Earth himself, and attack Raven directly, despite the fact that he was supposed to be a pacifist like the majority of the Temple. The Matron could tell that this explosion could be soon, and was afraid that contacting Raven would be the last straw for Dralor.

So, she could not contact her niece, even though she thought it was important. She could try to go to the Counsel and try to talk them into doing something, but that would also inevitably draw unnecessary attention to Raven, which would draw more anger from Dralor. That and the fact that the Counsel had a tendency to over talk subjects to their inevitable death.

For now all the Matron could do was watch the situation closely, and hope that Raven had heard what she had heard and do something about it. After watching her niece closely through a mirror the Matron was just about convinced that this group that Raven had joined could accomplish anything. They had, after all, defeated her brother when it seemed no one else could. If anyone could best the Crawling Chaos it would be them.

The Matron hoped.

(A/N: I didn't just pull "the music of the spheres" out of thin air, by the way. I read about it in an Edger Allen Poe poem. I think the ancient Greeks yapped about it as well…or was it the Mesopotamians? Well anyway…I don't really know what it is really supposed to be in the poem so…I'm making stuff up again. I do this a lot. Oh, the poem is called "The Conqueror Worm", and I don't own it either.

Warning: the next chapters or going to be much longer than this. This was just a prologue after all.)