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Chapter One

The school was buzzing with noise on the first day of school of the second semester. Ayame pushed through the people blocking her way toward the administrator's office. She cursed when the first bell rang. She was late. She hated tardiness. If she weren't still suffering from jet lag, she wouldn't have been late. Now, all these stupid people were just hanging around and not going to their classes. And here she had thought Japanese schools were more orderly and strict.

After 5 more minutes, she finally arrived at the office, where some teachers sat behind their desk while others were empty. One of the teachers took one look at her and recognized her.

"Are you the new student?" The teacher asked.

"Yes," Ayame answered demurely. She was wearing a pair of jeans with a tank top saying WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, definitely not even close to the school uniform that she still hadn't received in the mail.

"Hi, I'm Mr. Kagayashi, your homeroom and history teacher."

"I'm Ayame Ryuzaki. I'm sorry I'm late."

The teacher flashed her a smile. "Don't worry about it. Now let's go to class."

Ayame followed Mr. Kagayashi out of the office and down the hallway. They stopped beside the classroom 2-3. "Wait here," Mr. Kagayashi told her and walked inside. Ayame waited outside and looked around. The school wasn't something special, though definitely different from the American schools, considering it contained two or three buildings each having three floors. Not to mention, she'd have to wear that stupid uniform. It wasn't as ugly as she thought, but she still preferred jeans, not skirts. Besides, she didn't particular want all the guys to stare at her legs all the time.

The door to the classroom slid open again to show her the teacher. "You can come in now."

Ayame followed Mr. Kagayashi into the classroom. The chatter stopped when the students saw her. "Everyone, this is our new student Ayame Ryuzaki. She's from America."

"Do you speak Japanese?" Some guy shouted out.

Ayame was tempted to roll her eyes. Then she replied in perfect Japanese, "Yes. I'm actually half-Japanese. My mom is Japanese and my dad's American. We just stayed overseas all these years."

"Why are you back?"

This time, Ayame smiled. "I'm helping my dad with his company." She couldn't keep the pride out of her voice. Finally, her dad had decided to trust her with something important.

Mr. Kagayashi spoke before any one could ask another question. "Please treat Ms. Ryuzaki nicely. I hope that you will get along with each other. Ms. Ryuzaki, why don't you take a seat next to Kagome?" He pointed to an empty desk beside a pretty girl with black hair.

Ayame sat down at her new desk and smiled at the girl beside her. Even though she was only staying in Japan for one semester, she still wanted to make some new friends. Besides, she was also curious about her mother's native country. She'd heard so many things about it from her mother that she wanted to experience them all on this trip.

"Hi, I'm Kagome," the girl whispered so that Mr. Kagayashi, who'd already started on the lecture, wouldn't hear.

"I'm Ayame."

"I know." The two girls shared a smile. "Is your hair really that blond?" Kagome asked.

"Oh?" She knew someone was going to ask her that. "No, it's actually brunette. I dyed it before I came here." Ayame wanted to be special in this new country. In addition, if she was going to be a foreigner, she might as well live up to her image. It was really too bad that she didn't inherit her dad's green eyes.


Ayame listened to the history lecture with interest. She'd never been much of a history person, but now since she was in Japan, it didn't seem that bad. In her opinion, Japanese history has way more drama than the American one.

The day went by pretty quickly. Ayame learned that school was a bit different in Japan than in America. Instead of the students moving from one classroom to another, the teachers came to the classroom. Therefore, one person only had so many classmates. Yet, this probably also encouraged a sort of pride and unity within the specific class.

Ayame waited at the school gate once school was over. She wasn't sure where to go, since her boyfriend, Rick, who'd come to Japan with her, was coming to pick her up after school. Unlike her, Rick was 18 and already out of high school. He would have gone to college if their parents hadn't given them a chance to prove themselves by allowing them to work in the Japanese branch of their companies.

"Hey, Ayame!" Ayame turned around when she heard her name and saw Kagome with several of her friends running toward her.

"Uh… hi," she greeted them. She had become sort of friends with Kagome. She really liked the outgoing and funny girl. Kagome's friends weren't that bad either.

"We're going to the movies on Friday night. Care to join us?" Kagome asked.

"Yes!" Ayame answered with so much enthusiasm that Kagome and her friends laughed. She couldn't help it. She loved to go to the movies back in America. It was one of her obsessions. Now that she was in Japan, she might as well get used to Japanese movies too.

Then, a black Corvette pulled up beside Ayame and her friends. The window of the car rolled down to show a handsome young man with dark hair. "Rick, you're late!" Ayame complained, though the car stunned Kagome and her friends.

"Sorry, sweetie. I was caught in traffic." Rick took off his sunglasses, showing his captivating emerald eyes and giving his girlfriend a sexy grin.

"Yeah right." Ayame noticed that Rick was dressed in a shirt that showed off his washboard abs and jeans and not that suit he'd left the house in. She was sure that he had gone back home and changed before coming to pick her up.

"So who are they?" Rick pointed to Kagome and Ayame's other newly made friends.

Ayame told Rick that they were her friends and made introductions. "He's Rick, my boyfriend."

"Fiancé," Rick corrected her and Ayame blushed a deep shade of scarlet.

"Fiancé? But you're only 16!" Kagome squealed.

"Well, our parents wanted us to get married soon, so we got engaged before we came back to Japan," Ayame explained. "Anyway, we have to go. I'll see you guys tomorrow." She got in the car.

"Yeah, and don't forget the movies!" Kagome shouted.

Ayame nodded and waved them good-bye. Rick took her to a beautiful restaurant and they ate a romantic dinner. Then, they went back to the two-story mansion Ayame's father had bought them. Ayame started doing her homework while Rick worked on other things. He had plenty to keep himself busy.

After she was finished with her homework, she took a shower and then dressed in her pajamas. She found Rick downstairs watching TV and sat down next to him. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Ayame closed her eyes and enjoyed the simple delight of being next to him.

"I don't like this place," Rick muttered while they enjoyed a quiet moment with each other.

"Why? Japan's great, isn't it? Besides, we're alone." Ayame smiled sexily and gave him a soft kiss. Rick didn't fail to catch the implications of her words.

"Yeah, but something just doesn't feel right. I don't know what though."

"What? You're having sixth sense again?" Ayame laughed softly.

"It's just a feeing." Rick shrugged and didn't say anything more.

"It's OK, Rick. Trust me." You leaned against his shoulder and slowly fell asleep.

The next morning, the school uniform arrived. Ayame was sad to give up her jeans and tank tops, but she had no other choice. She changed into the blouse and the ultra short green skirt. Though the uniform was stupid, she had to admit that she still looked fabulous in it. The short skirt would give the guys a field day.

Rick was right. I look good in everything, Ayame thought. Sometimes she wished this wasn't true. It was kind of hard to have an intelligent conversation with the opposite sex when all they could think about were her boobs and legs. Not to mention, the jealousy and envy from the other girls could become such a hassle. It hadn't really made her life easier at all.

Rick dropped her off at school before he went to work. When he saw how many guys checked her out in her uniform, he gave her a passionate kiss that left Ayame's head reeling. Some of the guys took the hint while others didn't, but Ayame was glad for the PDA nonetheless.

School went by just as quickly as yesterday, though not easier. Ayame had to turn down several guys and finally decided to just avoid any possible admirers by staying in her classroom. Why did guys have to be so stupid anyway? However, she really did look forward to the movie, because not only would it provide her with relief from the constant badgering of the guys, but it would also gave her a stronger bond with her new friends. Maybe she could invite them over for a sleepover after the movie was over.

Ayame met her friends at the movie theatre at exactly 6 since they had decided to just spend the night watching random movies. She even watched some movies that had already came out in America but now just coming out in Japan.

It was about the third movie when Ayame noticed something strange. She had just come back from the restroom when she noticed Kagome, who had sat behind all of them, sneaking away from the movie theatre. Ayame quickly hid herself in the dark corner before Kagome could see her. Curious, she followed Kagome out, wondering what the girl was doing.

This is stupid. She could just be going to the restroom, Ayame thought to herself. However, if Kagome was going to the restroom, why was she always scanning her surroundings as if that somebody would be following her?

Ayame was right. Kagome didn't stop to go to the restroom. Instead, she went outside the building and met with a silver haired guy. Ayame couldn't see very well because she was far away, not to mention the lighting wasn't that great either.

Why is Kagome sneaking off with a guy? Don't tell me they are…

Now, Ayame didn't know if she should follow them or not. If Kagome and the guy were really sneaking off to do what she thought they were doing, then she didn't want to catch them in the act. However, she couldn't force herself to go back to the theatre. Somehow, a part of her knew that this was something different.

She followed them into a dark road in the forest. She tried her best not to make any sounds and lost sight of the couple several times. However, after about 15 minutes or so, she emerged from the trees into an old Japanese temple of sorts and kept on following Kagome until she saw the two of them going into a small shrine-like room.

Maybe this was their destination in the first place. Ayame hesitated to go in.

However, then the room flashed a bright purple. When there was no more sound coming out of it, she wondered what the hell was going on. She pushed the door open and entered the room carefully, lest Kagome and the guy were still inside. However, the room was empty except for a well in the middle.

"Kagome?" Ayame called out softly, but no one answered. Strange. I could've sworn they came in.

There was something cold and dark about the room. And evil, if she believed in such things. It was after a few moments that she realized the feeling came from the well. Leave. Leave now. A voice inside her mind warned her, but to no avail. Her feet continued carrying her toward the dark and abandoned well until she was right next to it. As if drawn by an invisible hand, she leaned down and stared into it, wanting to see what was inside.

Then, suddenly, something dark shot out of the well and dragged her down. Ayame screamed as she fell, always expecting to get soaked in water with a big splash. However, there didn't seem to be an end to the fall. Finally, when she landed after what seemed like forever, she realized that she had landed on solid ground without breaking any bones. With a fall like that, she should be dead by now.

When Ayame looked around, she noticed that the inside of the well looked different. Before, at the temple, the walls were empty and devoid of anything. However, now, there were green vines climbing up toward the top of the well. Not only that, sunlight illuminated the inside of the well. But that's impossible. The entire room was dark.

Not really knowing what was happening, Ayame grabbed one of the vines and climbed to the top quickly. Despite her average size, she was an outstanding athlete, so the climb was pretty easy. When she emerged at the top, what she saw was beautiful but also unbelievable. Everywhere around her was green except for some flowers. The temple had disappeared. Actually, civilization seemed to have disappeared. She was in a real forest.

Even though she had no idea where she was, Ayame decided to explore the place, but she always kept track of where she was going. Just in case. If she came upon a predator, she could always jump back into the well and hope that whatever happened before would happen again.

The beauty of the forest was lost to her as she analyzed what had happened. It just seemed impossible that she was here, wherever "here" was. She had been following Kagome and a silver haired guy. They'd gone into the little room with the well and disappeared. Something had pulled her toward the well and then down into it. Now, she was at god-knows-where without a clue as to how she arrived or how to go back.

Could she be dreaming? Maybe she'd fallen asleep at the theatre and was dreaming right now. It certainly felt like a dream. Ayame pinched herself. Hard. Nah, I'm not dreaming. She decided when pain shot up her arm.

Finally, she decided to stop analyzing everything and just enjoy the scenery. She'd grown up in the cities because of her parents' business, but she'd loved the European countryside whenever they could go to their villas in Europe. Though she could never imagine living without all the technologies and improvements of the twenty-first century, she still liked the peace and tranquility found only in nature.

Ayame walked aimlessly until she came upon a river and heard someone sobbing. Once again, curiosity got the better of her and she walked into the clearing only to see a little girl about 6 crying her eyes out. She was a pretty adorable little girl, but her hair was a mess and she was dirty.

"Is there something wrong?" Ayame bent down and asked kindly.

The girl looked up at her and was shocked, probably by her blond hair. Ayame continued to smile, knowing what the girl was thinking and not really bothered by it. After all, she'd dyed her hair and was expecting people to be surprised.

"It's OK. I won't hurt you. Now, what's wrong?" Ayame kept her voice even and gentle even though she had thousands of other questions. Like, "Where the hell am I?" But she couldn't very well ask the little girl right now.

"My… Mi'Lord, he…he's hurt… and I… I don't know… how… how to help him…" The girl sobbed.

"Oh really? Where is he? Maybe I can help him," Ayame offered. No matter where she was, she could always find something to help. Her mom had come from a very traditional Japanese family. As a little girl, she had been taught all the different healing herbs before Western medicine became the norm. When Ayame was little, she had in turn taught her daughter all she knew.

The girl shook her head furiously. "No! You can't… He…He'll kill you if you go near him!" She was very serious too.

Rather than being scared like any normal person, Ayame only became more intrigued. "He's hurt, isn't he? So how can he still be strong enough to kill me? Don't worry. He won't lay a finger on me. Now, where is he?" She was very convincing about this, so the little girl finally nodded reluctantly and pointed to the other side of the river.

Ayame carried the girl across the river, which only went up to her thighs. She learned that the girl's name was Rin, who looked kind of happy now that someone was there to help her, or rather, to help her "lord." When Ayame didn't know where she was going anymore, Rin pointed her to a wall that was covered with vines.

"It's behind the vines," the girl whispered.

Ayame pushed through the vines and saw the little dark cave inside. It was so well hidden that if Rin hadn't led her here, then she would've never found the place by herself. There was barely any light that illuminated the place, but it was bright enough that Ayame saw the unconscious silver-haired man lying on the floor.

"Is he the lord you were talking about?" Ayame asked as she put down little girl on the ground again.

"Yes," Rin sniffed.

Still as curious as ever, Ayame walked closer slowly. When she saw the man up close, she gasped. No, it can't be!

Staring at the "man's" features, Ayame somehow knew she was in big trouble, as in italicized, bolded, and capitalized TROUBLE.

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