"Watch out!"

Inuyasha jumped away just in time before he was smashed under a giant paw.

"Damn it, Sesshomaru! Get a hold on yourself!" Inuyasha shouted as he landed on a tree branch. He glared at the giant dog demon that was his brother as he drew out Tetsusaiga. "Or I'm going to cut off your arm again!"

As always, the only answer he got was an outraged roar, but he hadn't expected anything else. Sesshomaru completely lost it when Ayame disappeared a week ago. He had turned into his demon form. Ever since then, Inuyasha, Kagome, and the others had kept Sesshomaru at bay, preventing him from going on a crazy rampage that would destroy humans and demons alike.

It had worked well so far, but Inuyasha was sick of it. He was tempted to kill this stupid brother of his. It was probably what Sesshomaru wanted, so that he could join Ayame in the afterlife or something.

"Kagome, get away from here!" Inuyasha shouted when poison started coming out of the TaiYoukai's mouth.

"Don't worry about us!" Kagome yelled up at him. Apparently Miroku had set up a barrier protecting them from the poison.

Another roar pierced the air as Sesshomaru leaped in the air, passing where Inuyasha was and heading toward the east.

"Oh, you're not going anywhere!"

Inuyasha leaped from tree to tree chasing Sesshomaru. "Kaze no Kizu!" he shouted when he was close enough.

The attack caught Sesshomaru's attention instantly. He whirled back and headed to Inuyasha.

"Why don't we just end this?" Inuyasha said as he raised his sword. "Kongosoha!"

The sharp spears shot forth from his sword like bullets. Sesshomaru didn't move an inch from his spot. Inuyasha was then certain that Sesshomaru was waiting for this moment, but just before the spears reached Sesshomaru, a purple energy beam came out of the forest below, shattering the diamond spears.

Shocked, Inuyasha looked down. Sesshomaru snarled toward whatever was in the forest below them.

"No, it can't be…"


The voice barely penetrated the haze of madness that had become his being since Ayame disappeared from this world. He was left with nothing. He didn't even have a body to remember her by.

She was just gone.


This time, he recognized her voice. No. He must be hearing things. But why now? After so long, why was he imagining her voice? The red haze covering his vision started to fade.

Sesshomaru, please, it's me.

The fog covering his eyes suddenly disappeared. Sesshomaru felt as if he'd been jerked awake from a bad dream. He knew that voice. More importantly, he knew that scent. He looked down, and there she was, but it wasn't really her… Her eyes had turned red. There were two red strips on each of her cheeks. Her long golden hair flowed down her back, but he could see her pointy years.

She was a youkai, just like him.

No, but she was still Ayame. Her eyes, despite the different color, held the same love and warmth as before.

It was definitely Ayame.

He felt whole again. The madness was gone in an instant. All he felt was completion.

He descended, transforming as he went, until he was back in his human form once he stopped in front of her. His eyes closed with relief and pleasure as she stroked his cheek with her hand.

Once that momentary pleasure passed, he crushed her to him. It was really her. Everything about her felt right.

She was back!

Neither of them noticed that Inuyasha was gone. She clung to him as she kept whispering, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

He pulled back, but just far enough so that he could cup her face with his hands and kiss her. He didn't care what happened before. As long as she was back, he was happy.

She kissed him back, craving the same intimacy as he was, but once again, he pulled back.

"It's really you," he said with wonder. "But how?"

"You," was her simple answer. "Because I love you, a demon, I can't destroy the Shikon."

There were no words to describe the relief that filled his entire being as he realized the Shikon will never take her away from him.

"I love you." The words poured out of him. He was afraid he would never have the chance to say those words to her again. He hugged her tightly. "I'll never let go of you again," he vowed.

"No. This is for eternity."

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