,,Redemtion" by GreatMarta

I remember the type you were

I remember the times we shared

But most of all that special bond I couldn't have with no one else

But suddenly I felt as if a knife was cutting through my back

I turned around and gasped in fear, cause there you stood

I refused to believe my eyes

Even when you rised up your sword

I jumped back crying from the pain

As you ran out the hell's havoc

But suddenly I took my pain and turned it into will to kill

One question burning in my head: Why did you do it?

Although far too much bitter words have been said

Though I'll never be strong enough to forgive you

Though the roads we chose couldn't've been more different

The same star kept on shining upon us

They say that the hope is mother of the fools

If it's so I'm more than proud to call myself a fool

Cause I still hope that one day the war will end

On the other side we'll find ourselves again

On the other side we'll be ourselves again

Prologue : Sasuke's Story

They say all stories, that have ever been made, have their origin within a song. The origin of this one, however, lies within silence.

If you'd come to the Village of the Hidden Leaf for the first time, and decided to take a walk along the riverside, you'd most propably notice a man sitting on the gang-board. If you'd decided to take a closer look at him, you'd notice he was a handsome, young, raven haired, onyx eyed ninja. Why would you know he was a ninja? Simply, judging from the shuriken holster attached to his right leg, another one attached to his belt, and a forehead protector with the sign of leaf on it. If you knew anything about the Konoha ninja, you'd recognize the emblem on the back of his shirt: the fan. Crest of the Uchiha clan. You'd know this man was Sasuke, the Uchiha survivor.

If you'd spend some time on observating Sasuke, you'd notice he comes to the gang-board quite often, usually at evenings. He spends a lot of time just sitting there and thinking. While he sits, his sight is abscent. He is so drowned in thoughts, that he doesn't even notice snowflakes falling on his head. He doesn't move one bit. He doesn't shiver from cold. One would think somebody has turned him into a stone.

Such person would not be much mistaken.

In fact, somebody did ,,turn Sasuke into a stone". His own brother. Nobody knows why. Nobody knows how. Even Sasuke himself has no idea, what were his brother's motives for whipping out the entire clan and leaving him alone alive. But again, Sasuke doesn't care. He wants to think he doesn't care. He wants to force all of the humanity out of himself, so there was nothing left accept for hatred and the will to avenge his family. He swore to avenge it. To put the one, who turned his life into hell, to merciless justice. To kill his brother. To make him suffer, the way he had suffered during all those years. Alone. On his own. Against silence.

If you'd ask Sasuke, what he hates the most, he'd be sure to say: Itachi. But just as much as Itachi, Sasuke despised silence. This cruel, painful silence of an empty household. The silence, that kept on reminding him he has no family left. The silence of loneliness.

To avoid the silence, he would devote his life to training. To becoming stronger for all cost. Even for the cost of breaking all the bonds he had left.

So he allied himself with Orochimaru, the number one enemy of Konoha. He gave up on his life. His homeland. His friends. He was ready for all possible and impossible sacrifices, just to get his hands on Itachi. Even the fact, that Orochimaru was planning to take over his body, didn't scare him. If it would make him strong enough to challenge his brother, he wouldn't be in two minds about it.

There was only one ,,but". His friends would not give up on him. They'd do anything, just to bring him back. He couldn't understand that. After he threw them away, they would still want him? Still consider him as a friend? How foolish. Friends. Friends are nothing more than chains that were binding him, making him forget his true purpose. His revenge. True power can only be achieved, when you devote yourself to seeking for it. It's something, that you need to do alone.

That's what he was sure of, until he lost to Uzumaki Naruto.

Uzumaki Naruto was his closest friend. Was, until he betrayed the village. Naruto was a total looser, one that could mess up most basic jutsus and had a bowl of ramen instead of brain. He was an idiot, who's only talent was prank pulling. Concluding, he was less than zero. Despite all of the above, however, he had a special ability. Ability of changing people into good. He made one pessimist kid believe heroes do exist. He made one cowardly girl find inner strength in herself. He made one guy, who believed fate rules everybody's lives, let go of his trauma and see, that people make their own destiny. Sasuke couldn't understand, what was so special about Naruto. He couldn't, until he was forced to.

Back then, the situation was getting hot. The Akatsuki, the terrorists his brother was allied with, were striking, kidnapping the jinchuriki and taking over their demons. After the death of Sarutobi Asuma, the third Hokage's son, Konoha was in the state of open war against them. For Sasuke, it only meant a perfect chance to take an attempt.

But the attempt was taken at him.

He could barely remember the person who came to his room back then. He didn't even bother to stand up form bed or even look at her. Assuming from the voice, it was a woman. Not a very cultural one. She would mention ,,fuck" about every two words. He could barely sense her chakra. It seemed that she wasn't even a ninja. But now he knew she must've been very powerful. He couldn't tell when, she caught him in some genjutsu. It must've been genjutsu, what else? All of a sudden, he found himself invisible, standing in the very middle of Orochimaru's room. One of the legendary three was talking to his right-hand-man, Kabuto. They agreed it's about time to use Sasuke's body and how naïve the boy is to believe they would help him with his revenge. The only thing Orochimaru wanted was the ability of copying jutsus, that would make him the most powerful ninja in the world.

,,You won't be fucking able to fucking avenge your fucking family, if you stay with that fucking child molester" said the woman ,,I may fucking be just a fucking black sheep, but I fucking believe in your fucking intelligence" having heard those words, Sasuke woke up. He wasn't even sure whether the whole event was just a dream or not. The uncultural woman left just a single piece of yellowish paper behind. ,,Uchiha-no Ho" said the message written on it. ,,Uchiha-no Ho". The fire of the Uchiha.

Who was this whole ,,Fire of the Uchiha", how did she manage to sneak into the hideout unnoticed, why has she visited him, why would she care for him, he had no idea. She might've been a spy from Konoha, ordered to make him leave Orochimaru. But if she was, why wouldn't she kill him? This woman wanted to help him. To make him see Orochimaru was not going to help him with his revenge. But what for? She wouldn't just do it ,,for the heck of it". It was just too fishy. But somehow, Fire was convincive enough. Just in case, Sasuke left his master the following day.

For the next two years, he lived the life of a lone nukenin, escaping from his ex-master's minions and Konoha oinins, seeking new ways to gain power, which he could use against Itachi. He traveled all over the Country and fought many opponents of various kinds. He sometimes heard rumors about the situation of Konoha. As far as those were true, the battles were bloody, but the Akatsuki were slowly starting to loose especially since the Suna decided to give the Konoha a helping hand. It was good news, cause it meant that Itachi was loosing too.

Finally, in the 17th year of Sasuke's life, the critic point came. Konoha and Suna decided to defeat both Akatsuki and The Hidden Sound once and for all. A Great War was going on. And Sasuke decided to act. He had to send his brother to hell, before somebody else did it.

The young avenger couldn't find his desired victim anywhere. Instead, he came face to face with the number one hyperactive ninja in the world.

Uzumaki Naruto.

They fought. And Sasuke had to admit: the fight was worth his time. That guy, who once was the greatest baka of the village, was able to challenge him. He has developed many new techniques, and even appeared to be more mature than he used to, which was truly amazing. Amazing, but still, not enough.

Naruto soon was backed up by their teammate: Haruno Sakura. The Uchiha survivor had memorised the pink haired girl as a weakling. She was nice, kind, devoted and all such, but still, she was weak. Or, shall I say: She had been. Back then, he could see she improved a lot. Hell a lot. It should be no wonder, since the Fifth Hokage herself supervised her training. But to come this far? That was quite an achievement. For both teacher and student.

They fought long. They fought well. And while thye did, Naruto and Sakura would keep on telling Sasuke how much he means to them and how they would do anything to save him from the darkness he had drowned himself into. That was surprising. After all he's done, they would still want him back? They would still believe there was anything left from the Sasuke they knew? Those people. How else could he call them if not idiots?


Analyzing the last few years of his life, he had to say: he was not happy. He was not satisfied. He hated his life. Her hated silence. He hated loneliness. But he had to live it. To avenge his family. To put his brother to justice.

But that was exactly what his brother wanted.

Sasuke promised to himself, that he won't be Itachi's puppet. That he would gain power in his own way. And that's what he's been doing for the last couple of years.

And, as he could see, that was also what his ,,friends" have been doing for the last couple of years. They were seeking power. Power to bring him back. Their goal was built with love. His was built with hatred.

In the end, he was the one confused. The one, that batlles always choose. The one who'd never be alright. The one who had to break his habit.

He wasn't entirely evil. He wasn't able to force all of the humanity out of himself. He was unable to become another Itachi. There still was a bit of the old Sasuke inside. The forgotten child, who just wanted to be loved and cared for. He would never say that openly. He would curse the old Sasuke. But no matter how hard he tried, he could not get rid of him. And he feared, that one day, this old Sasuke will make him break and give up. But deep in heart, he wished he could just be normal. As normal as he used to be before everything he held dear was torn apart right in front of him.

Because of the doubts the old Sasuke created, he had finally lost.

But that defeat was in fact a victory.

For a very long time, the hospital room in which he lied, has been the most guarded place in the entire village. Her pretendet to be in come. He could think. Make a plan. Make a decission. His friends have been there for him, bringing fresh flowers and fruits, in case he woke up and was hungry. They talked to him, or simply sat by his bed. More and more, he was feeling uncomfortable.

They told him, that they couldn't find Itachi's cropse. That meant he was still alive. Knowing this fact didn't make Sasuke feel much better.

In the end, he had to understand. He won't be able to achieve his goal on his own.

In the end, he had to stay.

If you'd see him sitting on the gang-board, you'd think he's very lonely. But if you waited a bit longer, you'd see a pink haired girl, or a blonde guy, or both, coming to him. The girl would bring him a jacket, which he forgot to take with. The guy would offer treating him for ramen in the local bar.

And, in the end, Sasuke would smile.



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