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Summary: What if Eragon wasn't the only new Dragon Rider? Right before Eragon finds Saphira's egg, a girl by the name of Sari finds a green egg deep in the wilderness. When she stumbles into Carvahall, she finds out that she's not the only one.

Chapter one: Encounter

It had been one day since Sari left her father in Gil'ead. She didn't know where she was going, but she'd rather be anywhere else. She knew that Du Weldenvarden was to the north; maybe she could rest there for awhile until she knew where to go. Once it was in view, she ran to it, but got tried quickly.

Sari had just entered the large forest and sighed. She has walked for about two days, nonstop. "I have to go in deeper, not much though, I don't want to get into more elf territory… who know that they'd do to me if they found out who I was… oh look, I'm talking to myself again…" she sighed and walked in a little ways. While she was walking, she tripped over a rock.

"Ouch… what was that?" She stood up and saw that it wasn't a normal rock. It was glossy green in color, and it looked as if spiders decided to decorate it with their white webs. "Wow… it's beautiful…" She started at it, "I like it, it looks rare and valuable, I wonder why anyone would leave it here" She yawned "I should sleep now, I'm far enough in the forest, I should be fine" Laying down, Sari rested her head on a small pile of leaves, falling asleep with the strange rock at hand.

Crack! In the dim moonlight, the rock started to splinter open. Peep! Was the next sound. Sari turned over a little in her sleep. Suddenly, the rock's shell opened, reveling that it wasn't a rock, but an egg. A little head popped out and peeped in excitement. It looked around and noticed Sari.

It started to sniff the girl and sneezed. Sari turned once again and the egg fell out of her grasp. The little creature—who was still in the egg—hit the ground, causing the shell to scatter as it broke, but still leaving the animal unharmed. Sorrow came upon it's face as it saw it's little home destroyed. Looking down, it realized, it has legs!

It put one leg in front of the other, (and soon you'll be walking out the door…sorry, I like that song) and it started to walk. The little animal walked up to Sari and jumped into her hand for some rest. Seeing that Sari was the first thing

--other then the egg-- that it saw.

Sari's hand started to tingle, then burn. She jolted upright and looked at her hand; the little creature was sleeping in her palm. The little monster noticed someone staring at it and looked at Sari. She stared at it too, and then noticed that the pain went away. It became a staring contest, the mini monster winning. "Are you… a dragon?" she asked, it peeped in reply

She smiled and placed it on her lap, then looked at her hand. It had a scar on it. It's the same as my father's… She looked back at the small dragon, which had curled up in a ball and stared at her. "I guess I have to name you, huh?"


"Are you a boy, or a girl?" she asked


"What? Oh, Peep twice if you're a boy and once if you're a girl, Kay?"

Peep peep!

"Boy it is! But what to name you…. Hmmm" she looked at his features

He was a Forest Green color with emerald eyes. His body was long and sleek, with many shimmering scales.

"How about…. Sukai you like it?" she asked, he peeped happily Sari smiled and rubbed his head. "I guess you're stuck with me, huh?"

He seemed to nod and started to walk towards her bag. Sari kept a close eye on him and he started nuzzling through the bag. "Sukai, what are you doing?" He took his head out, snorted at her, and then continued to burrow through the bag. Saris stood up and walked towards him, once she got over to him; she saw that he had a piece of hard bread in this mouth. He grabbed it with his small claws and ripped the bread with his sharp teeth. Sari smiled, "I guess you were hungry"

Sukai yawned, showing off his sharp teeth and long tongue. Sari picked him up and held him within her arms. He started to sniff her finger and then bit it, causing it to bleed a deep red blood. She withdrew her hand and held it. Sukai looked at it and started to lick it. The cut started to close as he licked it. "Thank you… We're going to leave the forest tomorrow, ok?" she asked


"What? Who sand that?''

That would be me, Sari looked over at Sukai, who had one of his arms in the air.


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