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Chapter 19: Fight amongst yourselves

Sari pulled Eragon out of the alley; he was unconscious from using that magic to kill the Urgals, which she left dead in the alley. "Why are boys so god-damn heavy!" She snorted as she dragged his limp body into the dim sunlight. She spotted Brom, slumped over on Snowfire's back. Placing Eragon on the ground, she ran over to the old man. There was a long cut on his right arm, and it was still bleeding. Snowfire began to spazz, shaking Brom and loosening his stature on the horse, he fell out, Sari tried to stop him, but he weighed more then Eragon, and they fell to the ground. "Come on!" she pulled herself from under him and pulled a cloth from his bag and wrapped his arm.

After she found his sword and put it back in its sheath, Saphira and Sukai came down to earth. Saphira went right to Eragon and started nudging him until he woke up. Sukai landed and set out for Sari. He lifted her up and shook her, Baka! You could have been killed! Then I would die!

S-sorry! She replied when Sukai put her roughly down on the ground, she sighed and started collecting arrows that had missed it's target and placed it back into it's case that was on Sari's back.

What's up with you? The Dragon walked over and sniffed her head; she ignored him, Talk to me!

Nothing's wrong… It's just… Eragon used Magic…

he nudged a few arrows toward her.

"Can you carry Brom?" she asked out loud

"Let Saphira." Eragon answered from behind

"What's wrong with Sukai?" Sari asked, a bit offended

"Nothing! It's just that Saphira can go for a longer time with more weight."

You're a bit skinny… Saphira spoke to Sukai

And you're a bit bulky! Sukai replied

What are you talking about? Are you calling me fat?! Sari asked, not hearing Saphira

No, not you, Saphira!

What? Saphira asked

No, Sari!


ARGH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Sukai had a paroxysm with the girls in his head.

Eragon noticed that Sukai was looking a bit… off, "What's wrong with him?" he asked

"Nothing" Sari and Saphira said at the same time. He sighed and pulled Brom over to Saphira. She lifted him up by grabbing the cloth of his jacket and placed him on her back. Sari went over to find the horses; Twilight was at the other edge of the town with Cadoc. Once they were calm, she brought them over.

They decided that Saphira and Sukai would fly close to them on horses, just in case more Urgals were in the area. They left quickly because of that possibility as well. After a few minutes of riding, Saphira told Eragon that Brom was starting to wake up. They stopped, "Did Saphira and Sukai get here on time?"

Eragon shook his head, I'll tell you about it later, your arm was injured, and we need to get away from here, just in case there are more Urgals."

"In the time being, your going to ride Saphira" Sari said, Sukai huffed, "Sukai!" she snapped, he snorted and Sari sighed

"I can ride Snowfire"

"You'll hurt your arm more. Just stay on Saphira, okay?"

Holy Crap! Sari's being nice!

Shut up! I'll commit suicide!


"Fine then. I'm honored" He grabbed on to her neck with his good arm and the Dragons took off. Sukai kept a stern glare on Saphira. Eragon and Sari boarded the horses and started riding.

"Is Sukai mad at Saphira?

"Sukai's mad at Saphira?" Eragon asked, noticing his glare

"I heard Sukai's side of the fight; He was a bit pissed…"

"I guess he feels sorta useless. He's fast but…
"But not that strong. Yeah, I know…"

"Wait! Maybe… Maybe Sukai likes Saphira!"

Sari! Smack that little bastard!

"Eragon, Sukai wants me to smack you."

"Please don't."

"I won't"

Sari! I don't like her; SHE'S NOT EVEN MY TYPE OF DRAGON!

"He said that Saphira isn't his type of dragon"

"Saphira said that Sukai's an annoying little twerp"

"I agree!"


After a few hours of riding, when the sky was getting dark, they found a clearing in a group of trees. They landed there; the river wasn't far away, so they could refill their waterskins as well. When Sari and Eragon got there, Brom had already started a fire. They boiled water to wash Brom's wound and then ate a light meal.

"Have you used this power before?" Brom asked Eragon after dinner

"No. Do you know anything about it?"

"Not much…" he sighed, "You could have destroyed yourself and the whole town with that power" Sari tensed a bit; this wasn't the first time she had seen magic.

"Well I didn't know that, and I didn't have much of a choice…"

"Of course not, you had no idea what you were doing!"

"How did I use it in the first place?! No one had ever taught me nor showed me this magic!"

"You shouldn't even use it at all!" Brom yelled

"Well I did, and I may have to use it again! What is it? A Secret I'm not allowed to know until I'm as old as you!? You do you not know anything about magic?!" Eragon yelled


"Both of you!" Sari interrupted, "Both of you just shut up! Magic? He'll need to use it when he… When he fights The Ra'zac! So if you know anything, I suggest you teach it to him Old man!" she yelled, annoyed by their fighting. Brom stood up and slapped her across the face.

"Watch how you speak to you're elders. I don't have to do a damned thing you say." He whispered the rest, "No matter who your father is. Not that I would listen to a word that bastard said"

"… I wouldn't listen to a word he said either" She sighed and walked over to Sukai. "I'm going to bed."

The rest of the night, Eragon and Brom had another discussion about magic, calmer last time time. They talked about the words used to invoke the magic. About the word Eragon used, brisingr, fire, not only the word for fire, but fire itself. The word is the object, and so forth. After their conversation, they agreed that Brom would teach Eragon a thing or two on Magic.

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