Title: Survivor

Title: Survivor

Chapter 4- Poison

Hermione stiffened, her once hunched and tired figure, now alert and straight as a board. She bit her lip, resisting the urge to say something that she would later on regret. Draco's breath tickling Hermione's ear was warm and inviting, making an incredible contrast to the freezing cold hands that were on her neck and waist. The young witch couldn't stop the shiver traveling through her body. In her mind's eye, Hermione could imagine Draco giving a lazy conceited smirk, enjoying her fear.

"Malfoy," whispered Hermione, her voice as hard as steel. She gave a silent prayer to the heavens that her voice didn't shake with fear, " Let me go."

No matter how quiet and soft her voice was, the demand didn't exactly follow very well with the blonde male.

"You see Granger, you're not exactly in the position to be giving orders," replied Draco, his voice just as soft and as quiet and dangerous.

To prove his point in showing whom truly had the power in their situation, the lazy and gentle grip on Hermione's smooth neck tightened. Brown eyes widened almost immediately at the message while tired and bloodied fingers immediately reached for Draco's cold hands, desperately trying to loosen the iron tight hold.

"Malfoy, stop," Hermione finally gasped, her will to live overlapping her hurt pride.

"There you go again, giving orders. What did I just tell you?" asked Draco darkly, ignoring Hermione's plea.

Air was leaving the brown hair woman's lungs and this time she clawed at the hand that wouldn't let go. Hermione started to slowly sink to the ground, her weight too heavy for her tired and injured feet. Unwillingly, the young woman leaned against the tall strong male as Hermione tried to suck in the precious air, her face turning red.

"Malfoy!" she barely croaked, just managing to send her plea. And yet it wasn't hard for the said wizard to notice the fear saturating Hermione's wheezy voice.

It wasn't until a full three seconds passed by that the ice-cold hand suddenly detached from Hermione's neck. The young witch coughed, both hands slowly going up to massage her neck. It wasn't until the brown haired woman had greedily taken five large gulps of air that she noticed that her body was against Draco's. Draco surprisingly didn't push to the ground but gently circled his strong arm around her waist.

This man is crazy, Hermione realized, a small ball of terror waken at her thought. She swallowed noisily as she contemplated what to do next. Hermione had a feeling that the longer she stayed with Draco, the more certain she was going to die no matter what he said.

Suddenly Draco turned her around and kissed her square on the mouth, one hand covering her eyes. Involuntarily Hermione's lips parted slightly from the crushing force and a strange, warm liquid filled her mouth. It burned like liquid fire as the unknown liquid made its way down her throat. The tired witch blinked, a wave of energy suddenly overpowering her. Her body, a few seconds ago numb was now ready and alert. Everything around her became amazingly clear as Hermione closed her eyes, the strength in her legs returning. Hermione immediately pushed herself from Draco's odd embrace and made certain that she was more than an arm reach away from the mysterious man.

A long pregnant pause stretched until Hermione couldn't take it anymore.

"What the hell did you just do?" she asked harshly, silently surprised at how strong her voice sounded.

Draco simply smirked at her, his gray eyes dark and glinting.

"Why, I think I kissed you Granger. Surely you're old enough that it wasn't your first kiss," he drawled.

Hermione's fists clenched at her sides.

"What did you put in my mouth?" she asked, her voice low and careful.

Her chocolate milk eyes burned with silent fury as Draco took his time to look up and down the length of her body. If Hermione didn't know any better and wasn't in such a crazy situation as she was in now, she would have thought that Draco Malfoy was actually checking her out. Hermione's body gave a shiver, her body slightly trembled at the thought of Draco enjoying looking at her body. It really didn't sit well with her. But the young woman kept her mouth shut, making sure that she didn't step across the invisible line and wind up with Draco's hand on her throat again. She never wanted to replay that again. Never.

In what felt like an eternity but was only a minute, Draco met Hermione's eyes, his gaze unwavering. Slowly but surely, he lifted his left hand. Hermione's eyes followed the movement and surprise flash across her face. There was a small empty vial sitting in the palm of Draco's hand. Hermione suddenly felt very sick. Draco's eyes never left Hermione's face as she tried to control the terror that was reining her thoughts. It was incredibly hard for the young woman to steer her gaze back to Draco's face when she felt like bolting. But the witch had her feet firmly placed onto the ground and she would be brave until the moment she died.

"Yes, it is poison," answered Draco to Hermione's silent question. He shook the vial for emphasis, showing how much was in Hermione's system.

"It's just to make sure that you don't try to run away from me. I've got a feeling that you don't really like my company," continued Draco, his lazy smirk back in place.

"I hate you," Hermione suddenly blurted.

To her utter astonishment and disbelief, Draco Malfoy laughed. The booming sound echoed the cave, making the hair at the back of Hermione's neck stand up.

Anger quickly followed.

Does he think I'm trying to be funny? thought Hermione furiously, not taking lightly at being laughed at. Hermione's anger made her body take a step forward.

Draco eyed her with sudden interest that Hermione almost backed away.

"You are going to stay with me for a very long time, Granger. I suggest that you don't even think about escaping because you will die without the antidote," Draco said, his voice smug and arrogant.

"Like you would give me the antidote," muttered Hermione darkly, the comment being meant for no one.

Draco gave Hermione a rare smile.

"No matter how ridiculous it may seem, I need you just as you need me," he said, the smile still on his face. "Let me show you how serious this is."

"What?" asked Hermione in confusion. She definitely didn't like the look in his eyes as if he was about to play a huge practical joke.

"Are you ready?" asked Draco, his voice too barely over a whisper. Hermione felt confused and annoyed.

What the hell is he talking about? she thought.

"Are you ready?" he repeated and this time he stood towering over her. Hermione gasped in realization as he pointed his wand at her.

"Avada Kedrava," he yelled as a beam of green light burst from his wand.

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