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Chapter 1. A small hiccup in the scheme of things

"What?" he barked down the phone, "This had better be important as I'm kinda in the middle of something here dude."

The fingers of his other hand, as he talked, continued working their own magic and the girl murmured appreciatively. All she knew was that she didn't want him stop so had leant up to whisper her annoyance at the intrusion "Make him go away baby. I need you!"

She didn't hear the caller's voice but saw how the man on top of her face darkened as he spat out darkly. "And you're ringing me to tell me this, now? Go get a life you moron and let me have one of my own for one night…"

Growling as the caller said something in return he snapped back, 'Jeezuz this could have waited till tomorrow. Hanging up on you now geek boy…"

Click. The phone went dead and he threw it onto the bedside table and turned his attention back to his prize and he shook his head in apology. "Sorry for that baby. Little brother has issues. It was so much easier when he was smaller and I could lock him in a dark closet and keep him under control. He just goes a little loopy this time of year and all."

"Lots of little boys do…"

He laughed softly at the notion of his brother as 'little' but cool hands wrapped around his neck and pulled his mouth down to meet her as she whispered up promisingly.. "Perhaps I can grant you deepest desires this year if you play your cards right tonight big boy…"


Despite the interruption at the beginning of his night he had managed to put all thoughts of his brother to one side enjoying the attention of the prettiest blonde he had seen in a long time, whose expertise and stamina matched his own. It was criminal having to leave her halfway through the night but duty called and a certain little brother would be waiting up anxiously for him to return he guessed.

Spook hunting at this time of year was just so freaky that he wished his little brother could just switch off and mellow out a bit. They both could do with some R & R for a few days he figured, and when he got back he was going to point out to his brother the error of his ways and get him into touch with what time of year it was.

Humming to himself he swung into the motel parking lot and realised that if he was lucky he could angle another few hours sleep.


A soft tug on his shoulder made him groan out loud and he shoved his face further into the pillow resisting the pull to bring him fully awake. "Go away," he growled, not willing to give up yet on getting more sleep. "Leave it out Sam. Go do your geek stuff and let me grab a few more hours shuteye."

Still the hand persisted in shaking him and whispered in a frightened voice. "Daddy, where's Dean?"

His eyes shot open in disbelief at the voice, a familiar sound that he hadn't heard in an age. Again the small hand on his shoulder persisted and the voice wavered, "Daddy where is he? Did he go to school without me? I think he's playing tricks again, cos I can't find any of my stuff."

"Sam?" queried Dean his heart in his mouth as he turned to face the voice. The scream that met him on turning made him physically jump as the small boy before him took in the fact that he was not John Winchester. And was most certainly not his daddy.

The little hand withdrew at lightening speed and the small towel clad figure before him disappeared in a mad dash to the bathroom, the door slamming loudly behind him.

Open mouthed Dean stared numbly at the locked door, hardly able to comprehend what his eyes had just witnessed. His ridiculously tall brother of twenty-three years was now a small skittish child of no more than six years in age. None of this was at all possible in the realm of all things normal. But then again when was anything normal for a Winchester?

"Sammy?" he managed to gasp out, still not quite believing his own eyes but that familiar glimpse of the dark mop of hair that had followed his brother throughout his life could not be mistaken. His little brother was exactly that again. Little.

Lurching to his feet to follow after the child he found the door firmly locked. Knocking on it lightly he heard the fearful intake of breath behind the thin wood and could only guess what was going through the youngster's mind right now. "Sammy? It is you, right?"

"Go away," came back the desperate response. "My daddy is coming back Mister, you wait and see, and then he'll be really angry and is gonna kick your butt."

He didn't want to cry and he fought back desperately against the tears threatening to spill. All he knew was that his daddy and Dean were gone, and he wasn't meant to be alone. Not ever. But here he was left by himself with a strange man banging on the bathroom door calling his name.

When he had woken up all his things were gone, even his pyjamas that he was sure he had been wearing when he went to bed the night before, and as strange as that was at least he had thought daddy was still asleep even if Dean wasn't here. He really had thought that Dean was playing a silly game again, just like when he had made his sneakers disappear for a day.

Biting his bottom lip his mind raced frantically trying to understand what was going on. Perhaps dad and Dean had gone out to get some breakfast and they knew this strange man. Was he a friend of daddy's like Aaron or Bobby? He shook his head firmly in denial trusting in his brother and daddy to have told him about this stranger before leaving him alone with him.

And just where were his pyjamas? Or his shoes even? Was his brother really trying to play a mean game on him, because this wasn't funny. Not at all. So despite all the times he had been told not to he started to cry, not able to understand why or where his dad and brother had gone. Now tears rolled freely down his face as he sat shivering on the floor, knowing that he was trapped alone with some scary guy on the other side of the door. And that he was scared.

"You have to go away," he sobbed softly through the wood. "My brother is coming back for me and he'll be really mad if he finds you here."

Dean could hear the painful hiccupping sobs coming from the bathroom and he knocked a little bit louder. "Come on Sammy, I don't know how this has happened but it really is me - Dean. Open up. Please."

"I don't believe you," screamed the small voice again. "Go away - you're not my Dean." Anxiously the boy searched the small bathroom for an escape but the only way out was through the bathroom door, which he couldn't risk opening it, not with that weird guy in the other room.

Persisting with the softly-softly approach Dean tried to coax his brother out of the bathroom, sensing just how afraid he was. "Honestly little brother it's me, Dean. You have to open up and let me see what I can do to fix this all."

"My brother isn't big like you," responded Sam hotly, brushing his tears away with his small fists. He kicked the door with the heel of his foot anger momentarily replacing his fear. "You're a big fat ugly liar and if you don't go away I'm gonna scream and scream until a policeman comes."

"Oh God," groaned Dean out loud. The absurdity of the situation hit home and he sat down on the carpet crossed legged shaking his head. 'This is freaking impossible.' he wanted to shout out loud, and but for the fact that the child behind the door was his brother, shrunk down in size and age, he would have headed for the nearest bar for more than a few shots of tequila to steady his frazzled nerves.

"Listen kiddo, I really am your brother. It's just that you got small again." Dean waited a moment for a response but the silence lingered and he tried to put himself in a six year old mind and body and realised just how difficult it would be for him to comprehend such a sweeping statement. "You know what we do, right? Hunt things that are strange and that sometimes weird things happen."

He could imagine his brother nodding his head silently in the other room. "Well Sammy I think something did this to you. Made you a little kid again. Weird, eh?"

"But I am a kid," answered Sam through the door, perplexed. He was the same age as he was yesterday. "And Dean's eleven - not old like you, not like daddy."

Dean wanted to laugh at the reference to being considered old but being only six Sam would think him near ancient no doubt. "Well Sammy, I know your smart and you can think things through. But if I wasn't your brother how would I know what your favourite things are."

"You don't know…" answered Sam, now standing with his ear pressed to the door listening as the man spoke to him softly as a familiar connection gnawed in his tummy. Could this really be his brother?

"Oh yeah kiddo? Lucky Charms for breakfast, macaroni for dinner and gummie bears in between no matter how many times I tell you not to. Or that your favourite cartoon character is Lion-O from Thundercats." Pausing he smiled at another memory adding. "Or that the first girl you kissed was called Jenny …"

He heard the gasp of surprise through the door, and he quickly added. "Listen dude, hell I know this must be really scary for you but trust me I would never ever let anyone hurt you. I'm your big brother after all."

Stubbornly Sam shook his head not wanting to be persuaded by the softly spoken man. "I don't care what you say Mister. Daddy's says just cos I'm little doesn't make me stupid, you know. You just can't be Dean…."

Sighing Dean searched the room to see if anything might convince his brother of the truth. On the nearby side-table was yesterday's newspaper and he leant across to snatch it up. "Okay, kiddo, let me ask you one thing. Do you know what today's date is?"

"It's nearly Christmas," answered Sam suspiciously. "Dean promised me that we would see Santa if I was really good today."

"Did I?," answered Dean, trying to recall making such a promise, and guessing that he must have or his brother wouldn't have said it. Still he needed to get his brother to open the door and he persisted. "But do you know the year Sammy. Can you remember that?"

Snorting at the notion that he could be thought dumb enough to forget such a thing he answered grumpily. "It's 1989 – why don't you know how to count Mister?"

"Well see that's our problem Sammy because it's not 1989 anymore kiddo, but actually 2006." He waited for a response but was only met with a stubborn silence. "Look I'll push the newspaper under the door and you can check the date. Okay?"

The rustling of the newspaper being picked up pricked his ears and he heard the small gasp of surprise sneak through the wood. "Look Sam, I'm gonna turn the TV on and you can listen to the news. That will let you know that what I'm telling you is true."

Hastily he got back on his feet and pulled the television unit closer to the bathroom. When he pushed the on switch the screen fuzzed noisily to life and the room filled with a newscaster reporting on the financial markets and the date like magic was mentioned.

Thanking the heavens for such a lucky break Dean quickly waded back in. "Now do you understand brother? It's you that's been made small and not me made bigger. Open up now and let me sort this out."

Not wanting to kick down the door and frighten the child even more he fought down his natural instincts but having this divide between him and his brother was not going to get this frigging mess fixed.

He hadn't realised that he had even been holding his breath until he let out a large exhale as the lock clicked and the door slowly opened. A scared head popped around the half open door and confused eyes looked up at him questioningly through a sea of dark hair. "Dean?" he stuttered out, daring to believe that this was all true.

"Yep – the one and only." he kneeled down and reached out a hand and beckoned for him to come out. Hesitantly the young boy timidly stepped out from behind the door, struggling to keep a towel around his body, shivering slightly in the cool room.

Dean studied the small form in front of him and balked again at the knowledge that this truly was his brother. Seventeen years had been wiped of the clock it seemed and the small figure before him just looked so confused and lost. Instinctively he reached out and brushed the hair away from the boy's eyes ignoring the way he flinched under his touch. "You need to get that cut Sammy…."

Tear filled eyes met his, and the quiver on the young boy's chin as he fought down the need to cry made him remember too many times in the past that he had seen that same look on his brother's face. Trade mark Winchester suck it up and don't let it out mode in full play once more.

Slowly he folded the boy into his small hug and whispered on the crown of the child's head. "It will be okay. I'll get this all sorted out Sammy. Don't be scared. Okay?

He felt the child give into the hug and his small voice suddenly asked. "Why have I got no PJ's?" Suddenly his lack of clothing had become his primary concern, accepting now as fact that this tall man was his brother made big.

Dean laughed brokenly and shrugged his shoulders. "Damned if I know little brother. The way this morning is going I can only guess at what else we're gonna find has gone missing…"

Curiously Sam pulled out gently from the warm arms to study his brother's older face and gave a soft sigh of relief noting the familiar greenness of his eyes. Tentatively he reached out with his small finger to trace a pattern across the bridge of his brother's nose and whispered in surprise. "They didn't go away."

"What didn't?" asked Dean curiously allowing the fingers to tickle his face just glad that it seemed he had gained his brother's trust.

"Your freckles, " he answered with a shy dimpled smile. "You said that you would grow out of them…. Remember? But they're still there…"

"Guess they didn't little man." Tiredly he scrunched his fingers through his short hair puzzling on the 'how and why' this might have happened to his brother. Sam sunk down onto the bed his little legs dangling halfway down to the floor looking up expectantly at him as if he would have all the answers at hand, chewing absently on a fingernail.

A memory popped into his head and Dean stood up suddenly his face dark with anger. "Damn it to hell, that little bitch…"


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