Back to the Beginning

by taitofan

Rated PG for some language

Disclaimer: No yaoi? Dead Organization members? Certainly can't be my game! I don't own any of the Disney movies I mention either.

Author's note: So… We all know Organization members I-VI were scientists from Radiant Garden. XIII was the keyblade master from Destiny Island. But what about VII-XII? Where did they come from and what did they do? My mind decided, against my wishes, to fill in the blanks. And thus, my first ever gen fic was born. Though I've seen a couple of these ideas used before, most of these will seem crack induced… But I swear that I have very good reasons for all of them. And if you still don't get one, feel free to contact me. I'm not sure if I'll add more to these... I might, but I mainly just wanted mini-drabbles so I could point people here when I mention these ideas in my other fics. If you'd like to see me continue with any of these, please let me know!

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Ais moved smoothly, years of practice allowing him to dance without paying much attention to his actions. Besides, the Sultan had been drinking all night, and it would take nothing short of him falling on his face for the ruler to notice. Not that he'd make any mistakes though. He'd been raised to do this after all.

The music was coming to an end, and the blue-haired man slowed his movements in response. The silken cloth barely covering his body was shimmering from his perspiration—he'd put everything into his performance, just as he'd always done. He was the star of the Sultan's harem, the exotic dancer, completely pure so that his talents could never be tarnished. A beautiful young man such as himself couldn't move as gracefully as he did if he was being driven to exhaustion every night, now could he? No, that's what the sex slaves were for. He was above that.

"Wonderful Ais, simply exquisite, as always! Come here; keep me company while I eat." Ais nodded obediently and joined the Sultan, sitting submissively at his feet. He knew his place, and he wasn't about to question that. He lived to serve others after all…

And he always would.

Lea walked through the crowded streets of Paris, the bells on his multicolored boots jingling with every step he took. Though Paris was a busy city to begin with, it was even more so today. The Festival of Fools brought in people from all over France, and it was heaven. No fears of prosecution today! True, things were much better after the Minister of Justice had died a few years back, but regardless…

He still shivered when he looked at Notre Dame.

"Monsieur, monsieur! Le feu, nous montrent! S'il vous plait?" He laughed as the small children begged to see his tricks. He recognized them from earlier that day when he'd preformed for a crowd; they were the rich looking children who'd probably never even seen a gypsy before today. Well, any excuse to show off…

"Bien, mes enfants, observent soigneusement." The redhead held up his torch, amused by the children's rapt attention, and took out a match from his pocket. He lit it and held the small flame to the torch, causing the children to gasp at the now much larger flame. He then got out his flask and took a swig, holding the torch out and making sure he wouldn't hit anyone…

"Oh, il est beau!" they cried as Lea created the illusion that he was breathing fire. He smirked internally, wondering how much money he could get out of them by the time he was done…

Emyd swam lazily, not caring that he was getting awfully close to the surface. If the youngest princess could get away with it, then why couldn't he? Well, okay, he wasn't a princess… Prince, whatever. It was still a double standard.

The water grew warmer the closer he got, and if he looked closely, he could make out shapes above the surface. He didn't know what they were, but he was so curious… His mind made up, he swished his tail faster, determined to get there before anyone could stop him.

'So close, so close… Aha!' He popped his head out of the water, the fuzzy shape he'd seen earlier becoming clear—

A big white bird sitting on a rock.

"Hey, you're not the princess! What're you doing here kid? You could get in trouble! Merpeople aren't supposed to—" Emyd sighed and dove back underwater, ignoring the loud mouth bird. That wasn't interesting, only annoying. If he wanted a lecture, he would have stayed home.

Temporarily disenchanted with what lay beyond the surface, the blond swam off in search of amusement. Maybe he could find some singing fish…

Dulor sat in the cell, watching his fellow guards pacing back and forth. It wasn't as if he couldn't slip out of he wanted, but really, why would he want to? It was safe in the small cell. He'd heard what was going on out there—a little girl on trial for some ridiculous reason. Probably even more ridiculous then him being in there over supposedly stolen tarts.

Yes, he was potentially going to be beheaded because of tarts. That cat was right in saying they were all mad here… When your ruler would shout "Off with his head!" over pastries, you knew there was something wrong.

The ironic part? He didn't even like tarts.

"The girl ran off. The Queen demands we bring out the Knave of Hearts, or she'll have our heads."

Perhaps he should have left when he had the chance… Oh well, if he was found guilty, maybe the King would tape his head back on.

Lumaria smiled as he adjusted his grass skirt and purple Orchid lei, not caring what those idiots thought. If he wanted to mix the male and female's outfits, then he damn well would! But still, something was missing…

He smiled when his gaze landed on the Sunburst flowers on the table. That idiotic guy he worked with much have picked them for his stuck up girlfriend… Oh well, in his hair they went! Looking in the mirror, he confirmed that the flowers were a perfect touch. And not at all too soon!

"You're on Lumaria. Break a leg." The pink-haired male ignored his co-worker—that guy couldn't keep a job and would probably be gone by next week anyway—and made his way to the stage. When the music started, so did he—hips and arms swaying in utter perfection. Nothing could ruin this moment—

Except that ugly dog… thing that jumped onto the stage.

Up ran a little girl yelling something about stitches and oh, there was the idiot's stuck up girlfriend yelling at her sister not to cause trouble. Well, it was too late for that, wasn't it? But once security escorted them from the stage and kicked them out of the entire place, Lumaria continued on as if nothing happened.

He was happy to note that thanks to the rude interruption, his imbecilic coworker was fired the next day.

Relena watched the souls steadily flowing into the Underworld; there were a lot more than there normally were today. There must have been a natural disaster somewhere… And she'd missed it. Damn.

Hecate appeared before her, beckoning the blonde nymph her to follow, which she did. She might have hated the idea of the goddess bossing her around, but in return for her obedience, she got to torture mortals and live in the Underworld without being dead. Thus, she put up with it.

The other Lampades were already gathered once they reached the gates of the Underworld. Cerberus watched them pass, his three heads showing no concern. They did this every night. A witch and her companions couldn't very well haunt mortals without entering their realm after all.

Once their feet touched the soil of the earth, Relena's torch materialized in her grip, as did the other's torches. With their light, Hecate could find unknowing victims… And if a few Greeks went crazy in the meanwhile, well, all the better.